Monday, November 08, 2010

Book News: You Belong to Me by Karen Rose!

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Karen Rose and am always looking forward to her new releases :) I thought that I'd have to wait till June 2011, but turns out I am going to be able to get my hand on her new book much sooner than I expect :P

First, I'd like to thank Tabitha for sharing the news with me :) Since I haven't read about it on any other blogs so far, I figure a lot of people are in the dark as well and this might cheer everyone up :)

It turns out that Ms Rose's next release, You Belong to Me, is going to be released in hardcover in the UK in January 2011!!! Woohoo!!! The US will completely bypass the hardcover release and so, You Belong to Me will be available only in June 2011 in paperback format. The news has been confirmed by Ms Rose here.

When I saw Ms Rose at RT last April, I asked her about Silent Scream being released in paperback, since her last three releases prior (Scream for Me, Kill for Me and I Can See You) have been in hardcover... and she told me that due to the economy crisis, her hardcover books haven't sold as well and thus she was back in paperback. Well I have to say that I am really happy she's big enough in the UK to warrant the hardcover release :) I have to admit, I'm a bit surprised at the decision - it's usually the opposite you know (HC in US, but paperback in the UK), but whatever!! LOL. I'm just happy it means I can read her next book earlier than I thought :) And yes, suddenly, I really, really love Book Depository :P

Plus, I think the UK cover is pretty nice :)
(No US cover yet)

From and Fantastic Fiction:
When forensic pathologist Lucy Trask stumbles across a mutilated body by the chess tables in her local Baltimore park, its face so badly damaged it is unrecognisable, her sole concern is that it might be her old school teacher Mr Pugh. When the corpse is identified, Lucy is shocked to discover that the victim is actually another man from her past. Who killed him and why his skin is burnt with the number '1' is unclear but it's evident that someone is demanding Lucy's attention. The discovery of a second branded body raises worrying questions: how many more lives may be at risk before the killer's final message is revealed? And can Lucy solve the killer's gruesome puzzle before their thirst for revenge is complete?

From Ms Rose:
Years ago, a young girl was beaten and raped while onlookers did nothing. Now those witnesses are becoming victims themselves…

Baltimore city Homicide Detective JD Fitzpatrick has seen a lot of horrific violence, both as a cop and during his deployment in Afghanistan, but nothing like the trail of tortured bodies that are turning up throughout the city. He’s up against a brutal killer with a very personal vendetta. And now JD is beginning to suspect that his medical examiner may be shielding some crucial evidence linked to the case.

Medical Examiner Dr. Lucy Trask is intrigued by JD’s compassion, but she isn’t about to mix work with pleasure. Not while there’s a ruthless killer on the loose. And definitely not while she’s keeping a dark secret that could connect her to these vicious killings—and put her next on the killer’s hit list…

Woohoo, I just can't wait... and January is really not a long wait at all!! :P


  1. OMG - want so bad! Thanks, Nath!

  2. Thanks for the heads up Nath & Tabitha! Only 3 more books & I'm caught up. :)

    Are Lucy & JD new characters?

  3. Awesome news, Nath! Thanks for posting this because you saved me from drilling my brain for a write-up. I don' think I can write anymore, even easy I can't do... :(

    Anyhow, I hope to pick up this cover too because I quite like it! It'll be my first time ordering from BD so we'll see! While I would love to revisit old characters *cough* Todd *cough* I'm excited to see new ones because that just means Ms. Rose will be writing even more. Lol!!

    Leslie, Lucy and JD are new characters and the Baltimore PD is a new setting Ms. Rose is taking us to. Ah, I'm jealous that you have 3 more books yet to catch up. I've re-read her books so many times that they're getting ragged. hehe!

  4. I still haven't read this author!:(
    So many books so little time!!!! I'll get to her eventually! :D

  5. Lori - I know, Lori!! Me too! :P

    Leslie - Woohoo, what is the latest book you've just read? :P

    Yes, as Tabitha answered, Lucy and JD are new characters. Actually, the setting/team in Baltimore is all new :P

    Tabitha - I'm glad you don't mind :P

    The UK covers are quite nice :P

    LOL, I'm sure Todd will have his story eventually :)

    Mollie - I hope you will pick her up one day, Mollie :) She really is worth it :)

  6. Ah sorry, I should've checked with you first if it was alright to answer Leslie's question....I was just so excited about KR that I forgot. lol!!

  7. So happy for you and Tabitha, Nath! I'm still at book 2 with Ms. Rose. I need to get the rest of the books and get moving. :) (But I'm really glad to hear this one is going to be a paperback).

  8. Tabitha - Awww, Tabs, you should know me enough to know that I don't mind LOL. Whoever is the fastest and has the answer :P I'm really looking forward to it and I'm so glad it's not too far away! :P

  9. Hilcia - Thanks, Hils! You're so sweet :P Yes, you need to go read the rest of her backlist. Which book are you at? :P