Sunday, November 07, 2010

Hauling Sunday XVIII

The past week was very quiet for me, not really a surprise considering my past haul LOL.

I was actually expecting two books, but one is still not in :( As a result, there's only one book to my haul this week,but it's one that I've been anticipating, so all is good :)

Happy Ever After by Nora Roberts - Last book in the Brides Quartet series, I've been looking forward this one, because well, I've enjoyed the series so far :) Now, I'm wondering what Ms Roberts will write next...


  1. If you had to get one book, that's a good one to get, Nath. I was wondering the same thing. Will she continue with another romance series? I hope so. :)

  2. One book is still good and you can't beat a NR new release. :)

  3. Quality over quantity. :)

    Did you already read it? I should get this one tomorrow. :D

  4. I already read HEA and I enjoyed it just as much as the other books in the series.

    Looks like Nora Roberts new series will play in Boonsboro and will center around three brothers who own a construction business. And her new single will be about smokejumpers.
    Looks like 2011 will be another great year for Nora Roberts fans.

  5. Good pick. :P Can't wait to see what you think of it.

  6. I'm jealous! I'm first in line at the library, if they ever get it in.

  7. Can't wait to get hold of this one!

  8. Hilcia - True, true, Hils.

    Well Sabrina seems to have answered our question! :) I like the idea of three brothers working in the same construction company... :P Toolbelt, *dreamy sigh* LOL.

    Tabitha - Except perhaps for the In Death book :P

    Leslie - LOL. Yep, I already read it :) However, I'm so behind in my reviews, it's not even funny ^_^;

    Sabrina - Glad you enjoyed the book, Sabrina!

    and thank you so much for the news!! :) It sounds awesome!

    Hmmm, smokejumpers?

    Ames - I'll email you :)

    Marg - Hope you enjoy it, Marg!

  9. A single haul, but an exciting one!

    ... still waiting for my turn at the library. I seem to say this with every book from this series. LOL!

    Hope you enjoy! :)

  10. Christine - Exactly!! :P I hope you get your hands on it soon!