Sunday, December 05, 2010

Hauling Sunday XXII

Another very lazy week-end for me. It really sucks that it gets dark so early nowadays, really throws me out... especially when I wake up from a nap LOL. I was able to re-read some of my favorite authors, which is a good thing... Plus, there was some curling on TV which was lucky for me, otherwise, it would have been a very, very boring week-end.

Here are my new books for this week:

The Spirit Thief and The Spirit Rebellion by Rachel Aaron - New fantasy series that caught my eye. I started reading The Spirit Thief at the bookstore and needed to bring it home with me :) It was pretty good, the only problem is that it's going to be more than the 3 books I thought it would be. Ah well, we'll see if it's able to keep my attention :)

Dukes to the Left of Me, Princes to the Right by Kieran Kramer - This book looks fun. I still haven't read Ms Kramer's debut novel, but I intend to.

Thieves Like Us by Starr Ambrose - I enjoyed Ms Ambrose writing, so I decided to get this one. Plus, it has an ex-con/cat burglar and I like that kind of characters.

You know though what I really want? A straight contemporary novel... that's what I want to read and that's what has been keeping me from picking up books to read, sigh. Thieves Like Us seems to fit, but at the same time, it feels a bit more romantic suspense-y. I want something a bit more a la Nora... Any suggestions?


  1. See if you like Lisa Gardner's books... She writes suspense thrillers. Also Sandra Brown's books are awesome. She is my auto buy author... lol

  2. I'm definitely not the right person for contemp recs! Though I finally got around to Erin McCarthy's racing books and really liked them, which I did not expect. I know you've read them already though.

    I have been curious about Rachel Aaron's series - will look forward to your review. It's getting some good publicity.


  3. Oh, no! I also thought the Rachel Aaron books were a trilogy.

  4. The dark makes it hard for me to wake up. It's dark, I wanna stay in bed. LOL

    Straight contemps - a few authors that come to mind are Jill Shalvis, Toni Blake, Carly Phillips and Louisa Edwards who I've been meaning to try. What do you have on the tbr pile?

  5. Brahmin - I tried some of Lisa Gardner's books and they didn't wow me.... I haven't read Sandra Brown for a while, maybe I should check it out again :)

    Li - LOL, no, you're not :) I read the McCarthy's books already ;) I enjoyed the first two, but was disappointed by the latest :(

    So far, I like the writing of the Rachel Aaron's series and I love thief. Yeah, I should read the 2nd and 3rd book LOL.

    Kat - Nope, we were fooled by the back to back releases!

    Leslie - I know, I feel the same way!! and now, snow. Sigh.

    Hmmmm, Louisa Edwards... I don't know, I love the theme of her books, like cooking... but the actual writing. I got the first book and just couldn't crack it open :(

  6. Oh look, a dissimilarity in our reading taste! I'm not fond of cat burglar stories. :)

    I love Sandra Brown's older releases. There were quite a few straight contemps in there. Which of her books have you read? I can go through my list and tell you what I like that you haven't read. Lol!

    Sadly, I don't recognize any of the authors of your new haul. I'm curious about the Aaron books so let me know what you think of them after you read them. Thanks. ;)

  7. Hi Nath
    I've been on a major contemp kick after a run of rom. susp. A lot of them are old ones from the UBS - ones by Wendy Wax and Marianne Stillings. I bought up more of Rachel Gibson's backlist & I've been enjoying them. Loved Simply
    Irresistible by Jill Shalvis. I love the three sisters & the little wisdoms that start each chapter.

    You have to try Louisa Edwards. I had her first 2 in my TBR pile forever. When I finally did, I read the first 2 back to back luckily just before the third one came out because I couldn't wait.

    If you check out Marie Force's blog for Book Club Thursday's
    I'm cohosting & the book we're dicussing is the third one Just One Taste. I've never done a reread of a book so soon (after 7 weeks) That's how much I loved it.
    Also my book is full of sticky notes because her prose is so amazing. I've posted some examples for Thursday's blog.

    Louisa's 3 & Maya Banks The Darkest Hour are my treasures of 2010 - books that were so much more than I expected.

  8. BTW - I wish we lived close. I'd lend you a ton of books & my hubby would be so happy LOL.

  9. Tabitha - LOL, perhaps I can get you into it :)

    Hmmm, I haven't read many actually. Tuesday Child and some others, can't remember ^_^; LOL, perhaps you should indeed suggest some of her books to me :)

    Rachel Aaron... Hmmm, I like her writing and as a whole, I think the series is good. However, id ont' know, they're not grabbing me as I wished they would.

    Mary - I own pretty much all of Rachel Gibson backlist :) Wendy Wax and Marianne Stillings - read a few of the Stillings. LOL, I guess I need to make a trip to the UBS, seriously.

    I have the Maya Banks in my TBR pile... and I should try the Louisa Edwards books... but you know what, it's not simply that I want to read contemp romance, but at the same time, I have blocks when it comes to certain authors or books. I have no idea why and it's really annoying.

    LOL, I would love to live closer to you, seriously.

  10. Have you read more of the Spirit books yet? They look kind of different, which of course, makes them appealing... Looking forward to your thoughts!

  11. Christine - I read book 1 and skimmed through book 2 and 3. Eli is quite interesting and there's a lot of mystery in the story. The writing style is engaging... but the actual events are so-so.