Monday, December 27, 2010

Hauling Sunday XXV

Late again ^_^; What can I say, I've become a huge procrastinator LOL.

Vacation is going well and is quite relaxing :) You know you're relaxing when you start losing your grasp on time - what day it is, what time is it? However, I have to admit that it's been a bit lonely... that's usually how it is for Christmas as everyone spends it with family. Still, it should get better since I'm going to spend the with my friends. It's our annual gift exchange and one of us is going to cook up a feast :P Then, in the next few days, my plan is to re-shelve my books :) Going to be load of fun!

Here are the new books I'll be adding to my shelves :)

Rampant and Ascendant by Diana Peterfreund - These two books have been on my radar for quite a while actually. I think the first mention I've read was from Li, as Li is quite a fan of this author... Then, last week, Ames read Rampant and loved it :) So I got Rampant and since I had a 40% off, I got Ascendant as well :P

Promise Canyon by Robyn Carr - I loved Virgin River and ever since, Ms Carr has been on my auto-buy list. I have to admit though, I'm not as enthralled with the series as I was in the beginning...

The next few books, I got from the UBS.

Stealing the Bride and It Takes a Hero by Elizabeth Boyle - I like her books, but never got the chance to read her older ones. Now, I do :P

Absolutely, Positively by Jayne Ann Krentz - LOL, I have a JAK addiction. I think it's because you know exactly what you're getting... although after a while, it does get a bit too repetitive ^_^;

The Touch of Max by Kay Hooper - LOL, very old book :) This is part of her Men of Mysteries Past series. There were 4 books in that series and two of them were combined, edited and re-released as Once a Thief and Always a Thief. One of the characters in that book is Max and his wife is mentioned and it took me a while to figure out that he had his own book. LOL, quite frankly, not sure I'm going to read it... but now if I want, I can :P

So there, my haul from last week :) I'm slowly starting to read again - woohoo!! I'm planning to get a few new books this week and hopefully, that'll help me regain my mojo LOL.

What about you? How are the holidays going? :)

PS - Did I mention I really hate my computer? Sigh.


  1. What's wrong with your computer? Maybe it's time to get a new one ;-)

    I love Diana Peterfreund's Secret Society Girl series like crazy. Ahem. I haven't yet read Ascendant, actually, though I just bought it the other day.

    And JAK is totally a comfort read.


  2. After reading Ames' love for the Peterfreund, I've requested both from the library.

    I'm trying not to think about the Carr series, I'm so far behind. :( She needs to stop releasing so many at once & let me catch up. LOL

    The holidays are going well, crazy busy, lots of family in town. But so much fun. It's good to see everyone. And my mom loves having so many here.

    Those new books should help get you out of that slump. :)

  3. Li - I don't know about my computer! I got a message telling me that Windows was missing some files to run properly and that I needed to pop in the Windows CD, but I didn't feel like it at the moment it happened. And now, my Windows XP is wonky, Google Chrome is not running. Ugh. It's the same story again as this past summer - computer is quite new, don't really want to buy a new one :( Ah well, we'll see.

    LOL, I know. I still have that first book of the series to read!! I bought it because of you, LOL, but it's still just sitting in my TBR pile. I should do something about it, right? :P

    Leslie - You're so lucky to have the library, Les :P I'm just happy that the books being YA are cheaper LOL.

    Where are you in the VR series? Maybe it's not a good thing to say that I'm kind of losing interest in the books... Sigh :(

    So cool for you, Les! :) And yes, I bet your mom is happy to have everyone around :)

    Well let me tell you, I had very little sleep last night, but for some reasons I feel energized!! I think I'm back :)

  4. Oh I have RAMPANT on my shelf. I won it from Angie at Angieville ages ago and have always wanted to read it. I hope you like it. The covers are quite striking!

    I have a handful of YA from the library here that need to get back to the library, so I'm going to try to read at least ONE of them in the next few days. Hard to do with the family around... always wanting to snack, play video games, watch a movie.. doesn't leave so much alone time for me to read or blog! LOL!

    How was your holiday party with your friends? Got any plans for New Year's Eve?

  5. I hope you enjoy both the Peterfreund books...and then tell me about it because I need a YA fix! :D

    I know what you mean about JAK. For awhile there, I keep buying her backlist, read them, and then chuck them. Her stories are repetitive...

    Ah, Kay Hooper. I was addicted to her SCU series for awhile and then I stopped. I still have the Blood series to read and then I will be caught up...but the Blood books are in paperback and you know what that means...hehe!

  6. I have only discovered Robyn Carr this year, and have glommed her Virgin River series. Now I think I am almost at saturation point, which is a bit of a problem as now I have two of her books that I have to review! Whoops! Once I start reading them I can't put them down though, so I am sure it will be fine.

  7. A Virgin River Christmas was the last one I read. So 7 books behind? LOL

    I might do my own personal challenge for 2011 of catching up with all these series I've started. Although I'm sure someone probably hosts a challenge like that already. :)

  8. Nath, did you finish re-shelving those books? ;P

    I used to have a JAK addiction, but haven't read anything by her in a while... I should do some re-reads. And I'm with Leslie, I need to catch up on my Virgin River series... hit the books in my TBR in 2011. Maybe join her on that Challenge. :D

  9. Happy New Year Nath!

    Best to you. :-)

  10. Ohh, cool books.
    I have heard about Rampant and Valiant, but not many of the others, - except for the Virgin River series one, I read the first few of those. :D

    Have fun re-shelving, I like doing that myself.

  11. Christine - LOL, so are you going to read it? :P yes, the covers are striking and I like them a lot. Quite simple too!

    So, did you manage to read one of the YA books?

    Tabitha - LOL, Tabs. I don't know when I'll get to them. Hmmm, YA fix... I'd say give a try to Dash & Lily's book of dares... but it's a HC...

    Yeah, they are very repetitive... good for once in a while, but glomming them... yeah ^_^; Also, did you notice how some authors start their career with category romance and later, wrote full novels and that some books were really similar? It as if they take their category romance book and flesh them out into full books. I notice that with JAK's The Family Way and the Golden Chance ^_^;

    LOL, hopefully you'll enjoy them. I think the best Blood book was the last one. The first was pretty okay, but the 2nd was pretty weak ^_^; I can't wait for her next trilogy...

    Marg - I'm glad you enjoy Robyn Carr... I hope you'll get past the saturation point :P

    Leslie - LOL, yeah, pretty much LOL. The question is do you own them and do you really want to catch up?

    LOL, probably. Me, I'm just going to continue reading what catches my fancy :)

    Hilcia - LOL, no, not really. I didn't get to do a full re-shelving of my books, but at least, they are less on the floor and I was able to make a bit of space :P

    Lea - Happy New Year to you too!!

    AnimeGirl - Thanks :)

    The other books are quite oldies, so no surprise you haven't heard of them.

    I need more time to re-shelve my books!! LOL.

  12. Of course I'm going to read RAMPANT... someday. ;p

    I did read one of the YAs before the end of the year. I read THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by Jandy Nelson and LOVED IT ! It's actually one of my favorite YA books of 2010. It's a contemporary young adult novel.

    I had to return one of the other YAs without reading it and a mystery too.. both because people had it them on hold and so I couldn't renew. But I put myself back on the list. LOL. And got new stuff. :D

  13. Christine - LOL, yeah, me too, Christine :) One day.

    Oh, that's good. I know Ames really enjoyed The Sky is Everywhere... but I don't know, don't think it's really a book for me.