Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hauling Sunday XXIV

Two days into my vacation and my to do list is half-way done LOL. Watched White Collar and really enjoyed it. I now have a crush on Matthew Bomer :P Seriously, those eyes... and the Rat Pack look. One word to sum it all up: sexy :) I've half-cleaned my room and please, don't ask me when the other half with be done LOL. I've also managed to go to the UBS today and bought some books, but those will be in next week's Hauling Sunday :) Shopping is scheduled to be tomorrow and so, all in all, I'm having a very fruitful few days. The only thing that's going so-so is my reading :( My reading mojo is taking a hike somewhere... hopefully, it'll come back very soon.

Okay, here are my new precious for the past week:

Seduced by His Touch and At the Duke's Pleasure by Tracy Anne Warren - Seriously, I'm starting to wonder if Chapters/Indigo are having a slow holidays season sale-wise this year and that's why they're trying to encourage people to buy, but in any case, I've been receiving a lot coupons by email. It's really unfortunate though that there's so very few new releases this month. Do you know how frustrating it is, to have coupons bu no books to buy?!? I was determined to be a good girl, but I got tempted... I got an email from Indigo suggesting me some books and Seduced by His Touch was in it... I've been on a historical kick in the past few weeks and it sounds like the kind of historical romance I enjoyed so much. Then, I read the blurb of At the Duke's Pleasure, and same thing... so I got both of them. I've had the first book in this series, Tempted by His Kiss, in my TBR pile for a few months now though and I have to admit, I'm having a few doubts on my purchases ^_^; There was a reason why I told myself to read the first book to see whether or not I enjoyed the writing, but it's a bit too late now ^_^; Ah well, hopefully, I didn't act too impulsively.

And that's it for me this week :) What about you?


  1. LOL, it's good that your getting your "to do" list out of the way. More time for reading. :)

    I'm just now purchasing my November/December reads, so I don't have that problem. Getting great deals ATM. :D

  2. "I got an email from Indigo suggesting me some books"

    You're so easy Nath! LOL

    I'm shopping like crazy online. Today is the last day for Christmas guarantee delivery so I'm getting a few last things. :P

    Taking my mom grocery shopping tomorrow. 2 of my brothers will be here this week & my mom's having about 20 for Christmas dinner. Busy cooking & baking this week. And wrapping all those presents. :)

  3. I finally bought and read my first full length novel on my iPad, which is really sad since I've had my iPad since Oct. 1. LOL! It was Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning.

    This week I'm reading two Christmas themed books--a young adult and a Nora Roberts (The Gift). In between last minute shopping, baking, cleaning the house, wrapping gifts, and all the other regular stuff I do. Phew! Nothing like a little pressure... ;)

    Enjoy your haul!

  4. I really need to read these. I think I have them...yep I checked, I do. Someday. *sigh* lol

    And yes it's frustrating to have coupons and nothing you want! lol

  5. Hilcia - LOL, yes :)

    Lucky you. I'm thinking I have to learn to be more patient... also, buy less in bulk, because I'm more of a new releases reader. Hmmmm.

    Leslie - Well yes, I am ^_^; But actually, most of the time, I don't buy anything that they suggest... this is like the first time LOL.

    Good for you. I wish the shipping was better in Canada, then perhaps I'd shop more online.

    Sounds like you're going to have a pretty busy holiday season! :)

    Christine - LOL, it's okay. I think it took me longer to buy a new ebook for my Kobo :)

    Oh that NR was cute if I remember correctly.

    are you hosting this year for Christmas/New Year?

    Tracy - LOL, too many good books to read, right? :)

    And finally, someone that understand my pains about the coupons!

  6. Yes, we are hosting Christmas Day dinner to my husband's cousin and his family, and two of his second cousins and their families. We all live in different states (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania & Delaware), but our house is centrally located--no one is more than 2 hours from us in any direction. There will be 16 of us all together. I'm cooking mostly Filipino food. Mmm. Fried Lumpia! You wanna come over? :D

    How about you? Are you guys hosting? Hence the cleaning of your room? ;)

  7. I think Wena likes this author. I like the covers but I'll wait to see what you think of them before buying. :P

  8. Hi nath! Merry Christmas and enjoy your vacation. :)

    Hopefully your reading mojo comes back soon! Mine's gone for around the last three months. And the same goes for my book buying mojo. Which might actually be a good thing. LOL

    Best wishes,


  9. Christine - That's really nice, Christine :) Hope you had a lot of fun :)

    LOL, my room is just a work in progress. Always in the state of being cleaned, sigh.

    Ames - Yes, I remember Rowena reviewing and enjoying the latest book in the series :)

    Taja - Taja!! Where have you been?!? Miss you :)

    LOL, well it's a good thing if the reading and buying book mojo are gone at the same time. It's even better if the reading is present, but the buying book is gone... but the opposite is pretty bad LOL.