Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hauling Sunday XL

Happy Easter everyone!!

Who here celebrates? For me, Easter is a nice 4-days long week-end and I'm sure going to take it LOL. Sorry I've been MIA last week. That presentation really took a lot of my time and even after I was done, I was beat ^_^; Notice that it's when we or actually I have a plan/schedule for blogging during the week that things happen and my plans go awry. Ah well. Should stop me from planning, right? LOL.

All right, let see. The presentation went okay. I got cut, because I was over-time; we were on a very strict timeline, especially since we were already 40 minutes late because of the fire alarm and ensuing evacuation ^_^; The presentation was supposed to be only 7 minutes, but even reading very, very, very fast, I was at 8 minutes. So getting cut was unavoidable... not that I really cared. I think what mattered is that we got our results out there, people in the department got to know what we were working on... and in any case, my presentation was almost identical to my co-worker's. Actually, our work is the same, just different context. And he won a prize :) So that was all good for the lab! (I was not in the running, because I'm a research assistant, not a student or resident, but then not being able to finish my presentation, I doubted I could have won anyway...) Otherwise, it was a nice day and the dinner was great :)

Now, onto books right? Well I was lucky to score some books quite early this time around... and the books are:

Dark Descendant by Jenna Black - This book caught my attention with its cover and the blurb. Love, love the cover and the story is about children of gods, a bit a la Riordan, but for grown-up :) Plus, I've been wanting to try Ms Black's writing, but her other series didn't seem to suit me.

Tangled Threads by Jennifer Estep - A given, no question asked :)

Master of None by Sonya Bateman - This book has been on my radar since it was released last year. It's the cover, I really love the wolf on it :) I just wasn't sure on the story... The second book has been released and well, reviews have been favorable. Plus, both Dark Descendant and Tangled Threads were Simon & Schuster Urban Fantasy novel... so I thought another wouldn't hurt if it's in the same vain. Yes, that's my logic LOL.

So yes, instead of memorizing my presentation, all I wanted to do was read... which is what I did LOL. Dark Descendant and Tangled Threads were both quick reads and enjoyable books and reviews to come :P However, now that my presentation is done and I have time to read - 4-days long week-end!! - I'm kind of hitting a wall and I'm not feeling the books I'm picking up. Sigh. You know, stress is not good, but post-stress seems worst! The good thing though is that there's still a week to April :)

By the way, I have a little ERRATUM for last week... Chasing Fire was not the only book I've bought. Indeed, I forgot that I picked up at the UBS:

The Texan's Reward by Jodi Thomas - Seems like reading the Texas trilogy by Lorraine Heath has put me in the mood of western... Who would have thought LOL. I've had Texan's Wager by Jodi Thomas in my TBR pile for a couple of years and decided to give it a go. One of the interesting character in that book for me was Lacy, which gets her story in Texan's Luck... but only found The Texan's Reward.

So yeah, that's my week. Book-buying-wise, it was great, because I really scored some of the books early... but hey, I can always hope for an even better one, right? :) What about you?


  1. Really nice haul there, Nath! I didn't buy or read anything last week. First time ever that happened in my reading time, not reading a single book. Lol.

    Can't wait for your thoughts on Dark Descendant and Tangled Threads!

  2. Nice books!
    Hey, do you recommend the Jodi Thomas books?
    I think I'm in a bit of a western binge right now :D

  3. Oh I'm so glad your presentation is over and now you can relax, Nath. Four days off? I only got three! I'm back at work tomorrow, and those days went too darn fast.

    I like your haul. Ahhh, Jodi Thomas... I'm in the mood to read her books too. I'm picking up her contemporary Twisted Creek soon, since it has been sitting on my coffee table for a few weeks. And, after reading Texas Blue, I'm also looking at this trilogy since I've had the Texas Wager in my TBR for a loooong time too. LOL!

  4. Hey,
    Glad your presentation is over and that it went OK. Hope you are enjoying your mini holiday I am working every day so not much reading time for me.

    I got an email yesterday saying Tangled Threads has been dispatched so I am beyond excited for that. Looking forward to your review.

    I haven't liked the look of Jenna Black's previous series so I look forward to your review of Dark Decendant. Maybe this one might suit me.

    Happy reading.

  5. Hi nath. :)
    Glad the presentation is behind you. Those things can be so stressful.

    My girls were off from school for spring break last week and just went back to school today. I miss them already and it's only lunchtime. The house is so quiet...

    Enjoy your latest haul. What book is Tangled Threads in that series? #4? I actually FINALLY have the first book! lol!

  6. Tabitha - Thanks LOL. I was very happy when I got my hands on those books :)

    Awww, sorry to hear about your reading slump. Hope it goes away soon!

    Hopefully, I'll get to Dark Descendants and Tangled Threads this week! I'm crossing my fingers... and my toes LOL.

    Alex - Hmmm, for Jodi Thomas, I actually prefer her contemporary books. I really loved Twisted Creek and I would recommend that one. Then again, keep in mind I'm a fan of contemporary romances more than westerns. The thing with her western is I find they lack the punch, the wow factor, the impact.

    Hilcia - Yeah, I'm lucky the hospital gives both Friday and Monday off... but seriously, I blinked and they were gone :(

    Yay!! Read Twisted Creek! Twisted Creek!!! LOL.

    Sally - Awww, sucks about working :( What do you do, Sally?

    I hope you get your hands on Tangled Threads soon. If you like the series, you'll enjoy this one as well :)

    Hmmm, I know what you mean about Jenna Black. I tried picking up one of her other books, but didn't feel like it. However, this one really worked for me. Perhaps it will too for you :)

    Christine - Ugh, tell me about it. I really hate public speaking. The hardest is to care ^_^;

    Awww, LOL. It shows you're a mother :) You'll get used to it really quick! What did you do for the week-end?

    Yep, book #4! I love it when they release so many books in such a short time!

  7. My weekend was same old... workout, relax with the family, read, nap, watch a movie. Can't complain about that!

  8. Well, at least the presentation is over and you got a free meal. LOL It could have been worse.

    I've seen the Bateman around took, thought about picking it up but didn't. I'll wait and see what you think.

    Hope you've got your reading mojo back. :)

  9. Christine - Sounds like a great week-end!! :)

    Leslie - True that :) Yeah, the presentation could have sucked LOL.

    LOL, pressure is one for Bateman. I'm crossing my fingers for that one :)

    And it seems the reading mojo is back, but the trick is new reading material ^_^;