Sunday, May 01, 2011

Hauling Sunday XLI

Another week is over, time really flies!! And May is upon us!! Woohoo!!

So nothing very new this week except for the fact that I signed-up to the gym and have been working out and am all sore ^_^; It's really sad how out of shape I am, especially compared to how sporty I was in my teens ^_^; Also, since the presentation, I've been feeling pretty much lethargic and unmotivated. Sigh. Hopefully, the nice weather we're having is going to last and pull my out of the blues.

One thing that has sustained me is books :) My reading was pretty good and my book-buying, pretty exciting :) Want to know what I got?

A Growing Passion by Emma Wildes - This is a very short novella available in e-format only. I've become a fan of Ms Wildes' historical romance and so, there was no question I was getting it :) Hopefully, this short story will tide me over till RWA where I plan to get Ms Wildes' new release, One Whisper Away.

Warcry by Elizabeth Vaughan - Wooohooo. I love, love, love Ms Vaughan's Chronicles of Warlands series and so happy that she's re-visiting this world :) I'm hoping for many more books in this series!! Please, please, pretty please Berkley!

Hounded by Kevin Hearne - New urban fantasy series. I was first attracted by its cover, I think it looks great! Then, I learned that the hero was a druid and I was sold :)

So there you have it, my new books for the week :) What about you? Any new good books?


  1. I gave up on Elizabeth Vaughan's second trilogy, though I really liked the first - you'll have to let me know what Warcry is like.

    And I'm keeping an eye out for Hounded myself :-)


  2. Nice!! :) I think I'll check out Emma Wildes book, since you seem to like her historicals. :D

  3. Great books this week!
    I really like Emma Wilde's books too. I think I still have the second and third books in her latest trilogy on my tbr pile.
    I pre-ordered Hounded and am just waiting for it to arrive. I'm hoping it will be similar to the Dresden Files in awesomeness.
    Happy reading.

  4. I forgot all about Warcry coming out so thanks for reminding me.

    I just read Rowena's review of The Espressologist by Kristina Springer and felt this spark to read it. Since my reading mojo's been on the ground lately I'm picking up this book and going to order it quick. It's currently 60% off at Amazon too! Hopefully the spark is still there when the book arrives. Lol.

  5. Oh I'll check out the novella by Emma Wildes. :) Can't believe it's May already!

    I bought quite a few books this last week and already read the new release -- Any Man of Mine by Rachel Gibson. I did pre-order Carrie Lofty's Portrait of Seduction which releases tomorrow, and One Whisper Away by Emma Wildes. But most of the books I bought are backlist books that I want to read.

  6. Weren't we all sporty in our teens? LOL Good for you for getting back to the gym!

    Woohoo for Warcry! I'm getting that for sure. Curious about the Hearne series. Looks interesting and since I rarely read male authors, I'd like to give this one a try. Plus, I like the cover!

  7. Li - Li, I think you should really give a try to Warcry. I really enjoyed the book and loved the world. I know what you mean about the 2nd trilogy, it wasn't really up par with the first, but Warcry is :)

    I've started Hounded. So far, I think it's promising :) Atticus is quite funny :P

    Alex - I hope you enjoy Ms Wildes writing, Alex. I'm not sure if A Growing Passion is the right place to start though, because it really was so short ^_^; But truly, Ms Wildes is a breeze of freshness in my opinion ;)

    Sally - The third book was my favorite in the trilogy, Sally. So I hope you'll enjoy it :) Did you receive your copy of Hounded? I am getting a similar vibe to Dresden a little.

    Tabitha - No problem Tabs! I hope you enjoy Warcry :)

    I haven't read Rowena's review, but I'm glad it sparks you into reading!! let me know if it's good!

    Hilcia - It's really short though... so I've warned you :)

    And yes, it's May... only two months left till RWA... well actually even less! Can you imagine?!?

    I've been trying to be a good girl, but it's really hard ^_^; LOL. I'm being tempted by so many books!! The MacLean has been getting good reviews!

    Leslie - LOL, perhaps we were :) and the gym is painful! LOL. Hopefully, this time, I stick to it :)

    I really hope you enjoy Warcry, Les! :) As for male authors, I read only a selected few... but it's not as bad when it's fantasy or UF. And ain't the cover great? My favorite though is the 2nd one, for Hexed.