Saturday, May 28, 2011

How's everyone?

Hey there!!

Today's post is not going to be about books. Instead, it's going to be about you and me :) I'm just wondering how everyone's doing? :) Blogland has been quiet lately and I wonder if it's because a number of us are too busy or suffering from blogging blues or what?

I've been a good girl not spending too much money on books. However, I had the urge to spend money and so I went shopping with my sister :) And boy, did I spend :) The good news is I'm all ready for the summer! Found some nice shorts, reasonably priced at RW & Co. My jaws almost dropped, because while they have nice stuff, it's usually a bit more expensive than what I'm willing to pay. Anyway, very happy with my purchases. Of course, that's not going to stop me from shopping in New York, but really, that's another story :P Now, all I need is a new purse. I've been actively shopping for one, but so far, haven't found any that suits...

Speaking of New York, RWA is exactly a month away :) Woohoo! I can't wait! This is the time when I usually start to plan my trip :) I'm not totally anal-retentive as in I don't need to have every minute planned, but I like to have a loose outline :) Plus, the list of authors present at the Literacy autographing event is finally out!! :) I can finally go through it (more than 500 names!!) and make a list of authors to meet and books to get... LOL, so maybe there's some books I'll be able buy

By the way, if you're going to be in New York City on either June 27 or June 28, be aware that Wendy is hosting the 2nd Annual Blogger Bar Bash!! All the details are here :) Feel welcome to join the fun!! The more, the merrier, right? :)

So in preparation for NYC, I brought my car to the garage this morning  to have the brakes checked. There's been a screeching noise lately every time I brake, so I wanted to make sure it was okay... and it was :) Yay! Now, I can focus on other stuff... like getting a haircut LOL.

I really hope everyone's doing well and is having a great time!


  1. Oh, looks like you've been having fun! and RWA sounds awesome!!! have double the fun there!

    I dunno, but you're right there seems to be a general bloggy blues going around. I just thought it was me because, I dunno. sometimes trying to run the blog on a schedule gets to me.

  2. I have RWA-envy! Sigh.

    I've hit the summer blogging slump, I think. It comes and goes...

    Am planning to hit the shops myself tomorrow, hoping for some good sales :-)

  3. I think I've been both too busy and too tired to blog lately.

    I'm so happy for you, heading to RWA.

  4. I have blogging, reading, and life blues. LOL.

    Will you do a write up about RWA? I saw Wendy's post about the Bar word -- intimidated! Lol.

  5. Nath, you're getting ready! Yay! You know I'm not making it to the Conference itself because of work (boooooo), but I'll be there for the Literacy Signing and the Blogger Bar Bash on Tuesday Night! Yay...

    Thanks for posting the list of authors, now I can begin making a list of books and authors I want to hit! LOL!

    PS: Tabitha! Come up to NYC and you can hang out with Nath and with me on Tuesday night. Come on! :D

  6. Alex - Well to some extent yes :) It's always fun when you come home from shopping with bags :P And then, I always enjoy doing a bit of planning LOL.

    I don't try to stick too much to a schedule, because it's so hard ^_^; and it can really be depressing. So that's why I only have a few fixed features like the Hauling Sundays and the Monthly Reads and even then, it's sometimes too much. Blogging should not feel like a chore, because then why do it, right? The problem is you want to tell people stuff and want them to comment and all... so it's a fine balance ^_^;

    Li - Summer blogging blues, already? Are you getting nice weather? Because here, it sure doesn't feel like summer yet.

    LOL, I'll post about RWA :) Maybe one day, you'll attend one?

    Lori - I know you've had a lot going on in your life lately, Lori! So it's understandable. I hope things calm down for you soon!

    Next year, RWA is going to be in Anaheim if I'm not wrong... :P

    Tabitha - LOL. Too much blues, Tabitha!!

    I will probably try to blog about RWA :) We'll see.

    Come one, Tabs! You have to come!! it's like the sky-diving!! And really, it's an experience you don't want to miss! :) and I assure you, meeting blogger friends is totally different than meeting strangers! :)

    Hilcia - LOL, the list is really long! I've tried tackling it a few times already and haven't. Need to really sit down and go through it... was planning to do it this week-end, but other stuff came up ^_^;

    I think just the Literacy Signing is something Hils :) Because it is really, really awesome :P

  7. Shopping for clothes is good too - you'll want some new stuff for NYC. Have you looked online for purses? Maybe you'll find one in NY.

    Please take plenty of pics at RWA. Are you going for the whole conference?

    I've been catching up on review writing and trying to get well for Denver next month. *fingers crossed*

  8. Leslie - Nod nod or in New Jersey since there's no taxes :P

    Nah, I'm not much of an online shopper. I need to see, inspect, touch...

    LOL, I'll try :) and yes, I'm attending the whole thing :)

    Do you have to do special things or follow a diet?