Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hauling Sunday XLIII

As you can see by my lack of post last week, I'm having the blogging blues. As if that's not enough, I also have the reading blues :( It cannot get worst than this, really, sigh. Personally, I blame the gym for it, because it robs away time that I could put to better use LOL... but really, I don't go to the gym 7 days/week so it doesn't explain it all, right ^_^;

Work is okay. The new summer student started this week and I've been training her. A bunch of other students in the department have gotten their response back from med and pharmacy school applications... All rejections ^_^; It was quite bleak at work on Friday :( I say the selection system is rotten anyway.

The good thing though is that I went shopping yesterday and actually bought something :) Woohoo! I need new clothes badly, but seriously... I don't know, everything has gotten so expensive and a lot of it is not worth it ^_^; I'm really looking forward to my trip to NYC to replenish my wardrobe :P

This week, I only got a new book...

Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes - I first heard of this book at last year's RT convention during one of the YA panels. Then later, Ames read and really enjoyed it, so it sealed the deal for me. By the time Ames read it, the paperback release was really close... so I decided to wait for it :) LOL, I'm impressed at my will this time :P

What good books have you read lately?


  1. Even loving books doesn't prohibit the "blues." Life really crashes in sometimes but you'll get your "groove" back - - those of us who live to read always do. Just keep on keeping on . . .

  2. No reading by me yet - I'm still waiting for my Singh book then I hope I find my reading mojo. So no worries - it all happens in it's own time. Sorry about the rejections - certainly sucks. Hope this week brings joy and some reading!


  3. *hugs*
    I hate when I have the bloggy blues.
    Hope you feel more like blogging soon, if not just take your time :)

  4. I hope you find another nice purse in NY! :P A good summer tote to hold lots of books and a camera because I'm going to want to see lots of pictures!! No, I'm not demanding...not at all. LOL

    I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. :P

  5. Dr J - I hope so. Usually, I go buy books to get out of a funk... but I can't even now ^_^;

    Cindy - Did you end up pre-ordering Kiss of Snow? I can't wait for it!! :P

    Alex - ((hug)) I hate blogging blues with a passion! But then, trying to get over it seems a bit forced at times ^_^; Guess I just need to go with the flow..

  6. Ames - Actually, finding a purse has become more important today as I've got a tear in my current purse ^_^; Right where the handle is...

    I hope to enjoy this book as well... but I'm not in the mood for YA, so I'm going to wait a little...

  7. I really liked this one. Interesting characters and story.

    I got a new purse a few weeks ago. It's canvas which is a change since I usually stick with leather. It's more casual and summery.

  8. Leslie - I should get to it really soon. I've been looking for something good to read and this one seems to fit the bill. The only rason I haven't yet is that I'm not in the mood for YA...

    Nod nod. I don't have many purses and this one has to be durable and needs to get me through winters as well, so I'm looking for leather. And I really need it soon!