Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Art of Packing...

Sigh, I'm not done packing yet ^_^; The worst is that I'm not even home right now. My sister has her final exam from 9am to noon and so I'm in town. Going to run a few errands shortly - such as going to the library LOL. Initially, I was planning to just get home, grab our stuff and be out of the door... but now,  we're going to rush home to finish packing ^_^;

I have a love/hate relationship with packing. I love folding stuff, figuring out how everything will fit in the suitcases... and I'm a wiz at that LOL. Ask Cindy if you don't believe me! When I went to visit her, I only had one suitcase and my backpack... So it was bursting at the seam, but hey, I brought back 58 books! So coming back home is not a problem... the hate part is packing up to leave :( It's a very fine line between over-packing and under-packing ^_^; So I'm having difficulties figuring out what to bring with me, especially because of the weather ^_^;

Every time my sister looks at the suitcases, she gives me a weird look... Although she's not a reference since it happens every time we're going on a trip. Also, this time, I'm figuring I can just throw the stuff in the car and not worry too much about it since I'm driving... But then, I remember I'm leaving my car with Hils... Ugh.

So I think I have the basics... of course, it's hard to tell because the last load of laundry was still drying when I left the house ^_^; But hopefully, we can finish packing as fast as possible... without forgetting everything!!

I'll post some pictures later today... once I make it to Hils LOL. I didn't think of taking some this morning and it'll be a mad rush.

EDIT: And this is what we ended up taking with us... Mind you, taking with us!! Seriously, what was I thinking? LOL. By the way, the suitcase you see there? It's not the same suitcase as in the pic above. That suitcase is hidden under my pillow LOL.


  1. LOL Nath! You'll be fine! I love the art of packing as well... but I always, always under pack. I hate carrying too much. ;P

  2. Have an awesome time and check out all those fabulous authors for me as well!

  3. *lol* I remember being very impressed with the backpack and 1 suitcase! I'm a horrible packer but I usually over pack and that includes books.

    For me it's that packing for the trip back that undoes me ;)

    Have a great time Nath - you've earned it!


  4. I can't just throw things in - I have to have a list & check it off as I go. LOL Then I lay everything out on the bed, double check the list then pack. OCD much?! LMAO

  5. 58 books? I am in awe at your packing maestro-ness. Also your ability to port said suitcase, omg. (Thinking of my experiences trying to transport suitcases on the tube!))

  6. Hilcia - LOL, you're lucky then, Hils. I always over-pack ^_^; I think too much, thinking about possibilities and options LOL.

    Tabitha - Thanks Tabs!! We really wished you'd be there with us! :)

    Cindy - LOL, have Bob do it then :)

    Yeah, I remember that day. Man my backpack was huge, LOL. Probably if I fell on my back I wouldn't have been able to stand up again LOL.

    This time I was really a good girl. I didn't bring that many books... cos I figured, you know LOL...

    Leslie - That's good actually, Les. It's organized!! I just throw in everything, then take it out and re-pack... at the same time, I also debate - do I really need this or not? LOL.

    FD - Yeah, 58 books ^_^; Suitcase on wheels with a handle - best invention ever, FD :)

  7. Packing to go anywhere is one of those things I am good at so leave until all the other stuff is done before I have to leave. The last couple of trips I took, I just stayed up all night--we were leaving for the airport at 4 am, so why go to bed? But it also frustrates me because of needing to know weather, activities, etc, and I inevitably take way too much stuff. I am going to try the rule the airline employees use: Pack what you need and then take out 1/3 of it just before you leave. I think I would have done well to remember that the last few times out the door. Enjoyed your post lots.

  8. Hmmmm the title of this post reminded me of Jerome K Jerome's short story.

    I love his humor! :)

    My husband is better packer than I am. I tend to fold and keep things as I reach them. And if they don't fit. I will sit on the suitcase to shut it. LOL!

  9. Dr J - Oh, that's a good strategy, Judith! I always end up staying up to pack as well. I can't help it... and really, it's hard packing when you don't know what's going to happen... of course, on some trips, you can easily say: Oh, if I'm missing something, I'll buy it.

    Brahmin - LOL, making everything fit in the suitcase is my favorite part of packing... there's a reason I'm so good at Tetris LOL!