Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hauling Sunday XLVI

Ugh, is it possible to have a hang-over without drinking? Because I think that's what happened to me ^_^; I woke up on Friday with a sore throat and an achy ear... Not the most promising start of the day. I went to work and at least, Friday was a very relaxed day - very welcomed after the bad week I had. The clinic went well - I was able to recruit patients and there was low drama. Then, once I came back to my lab, I only had to take care of a few details :) That evening, we were all supposed to eat out - all-you-can-eat sushi - to celebrate our friend finishing his master program :) I have to say, I was looking forward to it, as we've had very few opportunity to hang out after hours...

So the reservation was at 7.30pm. I showed up early, which was okay... Unfortunately, the celebree - let's call him K - was revising his thesis with his supervisor. K was done on Tuesday with his thesis and he's been so happy and cheerful... till Friday. When I saw him on Friday, he looked all deflated, so sad :( Anyway, when we left for the restaurant, he was stuck with his supervisor... His labmate decided to wait for them and the other master student who was still not done with her thesis was going to come together with them... and they showed up at 8.30pm... and K and his supervisor were not even done yet ^_^; So after eating, they went back to the lab ^_^;

The rest of the group and I went to a bar, we figured they couldn't have much more to discuss and we should hang out a bit more, i.e. minus the supervisor. Also, another of our co-worker who couldn't make it for dinner was joining us afterwards. So we got to the bar at around 10.45pm... and waited while sipping drinks (Coca-Cola for me :P)... and waited... and waited till 2.45am and he still hadn't shown up ^_^; At which time, we called it quit. Seriously, being a graduated student is hard ^_^;

And because I'm not used to staying up so late, it screwed up all my week-end LOL. Felt really bad yesterday and therefore slept most of it. My sore throat is still not gone, although my ear is better. It also means I've barely done anything ^_^; No cleaning... no blogging... no planning :( Ugh.

So that's the story of my week-end. Hopefully, I'll have recover by tomorrow to start the week on a good footing!

LOL, enough about this boring stuff! Let's talk book. Unfortunately, this is going to be very short, because I only got one new book...

Hexed by Kevin Hearne - This is the second book of the series. Enjoyed the first one and was really looking forward to this one, partly to see how the series would evolve, partly because there's tons of witches in the story and partly because of the cover :)

Hexed was supposed to be the last book I bought before RWA... however, there was a 25% off at Chapters/Indigo... and I couldn't resist ^_^; So I went and bought some books today... but to find out what I bought, you'll have to come back next week :)

Now, to an excellent week!... I can always dream :P


  1. Oh Nath... poor, poor K! He didn't even get to celebrate. At least you guys got to hang out for a while and have drinks (Coke for you, lol). I love the comic strips, btw. I hope you took enough naps to recover from your late night.

    You bought this Hexed, and I bought the other one, lol!

  2. Hilcia - I know!! I don't know how he did it :( Sigh. he's submitting tomorrow morning, so will stop by the lab to say goodbyes to everyone and then, at night, he's boarding a plane for Lebanon. He's going back home for the summer... and after all he's been through, I don't think he'll want to step back at my work place! And I don't blame him ^_^;

    LOL, funny how both books were released on the same day. I wasn't planning to get your Hexed till I found out it was Jim and Dali!

  3. Wow - what a long night! 2:45 is even late for me!

    I knew you wouldn't be able to hold out until RWA! It's so good to know someone with less control than me. :) Loves ya Nath!

    Hope you're feeling better. There must be something going around - me, Ames and now you. Maybe something "viral"? haha

  4. Leslie - If it was long for you, it was definitively way too long for me! I came home at 3.30am. Ugh, now I know - never again! My limit is upward to 1.30am LOL.

    I would have been able to if it wasn't for the sale!! Seriously, 25% off! But glad I could make you feel better!

    LOL, i know! You know what though? I bet it's because my body knows I'm going to be busy this week... so it's saying: why not shut down early? Actually, my sister was sick a few years ago... maybe the sickness lingered around...

  5. You taunt me!!

    And I knew there was a reason why I refused to go back in for a masters - all my friends were like, straight after graduation, I shall enter a master program.

    And I was like nope, I shall get a job first. and no one got it. They were all "But you have to get a masters," and I'm like, noooooooooo, I don't have to.

    It just sounds like too much work. :P

  6. Sucks about your weekend. At least I know you took some naps in there. ;P

  7. I hate "eh" weekends like that! Definitely no fun.

    And I'm waiting for you to mention that you've picked up Susan Mallery's Already Home. I just found out she has a novella in the antho, The Knitting Diaries, loosely connected to AH.

  8. Alex - What? LOL.

    I think in sciences, master is just the right amount of study :) However, I refuse to do a PhD.

    And doing master is work/job...

    Ames - Yeah, at least, I didn't have more plans LOL.

    Amy - Nah, not picking up Already Home yet. I'm debating whether to get it as an e-book or perhaps in the States... :P

  9. Those comics were PERFECT for this post. What a night, huh? I know how you feel about staying up late. I sometimes have to set my alarm while Maria is out at night to make sure I'm awake when it's time to go pick her up. lol! SO different from the all nighters in college. How did we DO that?

  10. Christine - Right? LOL, I thought so too :)

    Gosh, Christine! I'm so happy I didn't do a master with thesis LOL.

    I know!! but you know what? Bars and going out are overrated LOL. I like my bed and my sleep :P