Saturday, June 18, 2011

I survived... barely

Hey everyone!

I survived!! Woohoo!! While I survived, I'm beat ^_^; These past two weeks have been really bad and I'm determined not to do anything this week-end. Just stay home, relax and plan my trip to NYC. Can't believe it's one week away only!! I don't know where time has gone!!

For those who are interested, Thursday was indeed a very, very, very long day. The free walk-in clinic part was a success. Between 150-160 men participated and we got about 80 samples which is really good :) Tell you the truth, if we had more, we wouldn't have been able to process them all. I really liked the free walk-in clinic part, interacting with the people and all. Also, we pretty much finished on time, which is always a bonus :)

What I'm annoyed at is the processing part of the samples. I don't mind helping out with that part... what I mind is my boss telling - no, obliging!! - my co-workers to take a break... Because they're doing it so fast! Seriously?!? Seriously?!? Why does working fast is synonymous of sloppiness instead of efficiency in his head? Like what better proof that he doesn't trust us? I can do with micro-management. I mean, not fun, but I can deal with it... but lack of trust? Ugh. Also, I'm really starting to wonder if my co-worker and I haven't spoiled him too much? I mean, as an employee, I should be efficient. However, when's the limits? You couldn't believe with all the "ideas" he came up with for that day ^_^;

Anyway, guess till what time we stayed at the lab? 12.40am. Ugh. I'm happy it happens only once a year... but that's one too many in my opinion. I was dead, my back was killing me so much as I've been on my feet the whole day. But we got it all done! At a cost...

Now, I want my life back to normal. I want to go through the list of authors I want to meet at the literary autographing event... I want to blog-hop and prepare reviews... I want to read! I want my life back :)


  1. LOL @ the last photo - and yay for finishing!!!

    I'm looking forward to hearing all about your RWA trip *jealous*


  2. Yikes - if I'd done what you just did, I think I'd be sleeping until it was time to board the plane to NYC.

    Have fun!! I can't wait to hear about your trip :-)

  3. That last photo says more than a thousand words!

    I hope you get to relax and that things get back to normal.


  4. Li - It's a great pic, no? :)

    LOL, I'll try my best to keep track of everything I do in NYC/RWA :) and post a lot of pictures :)

    Dev - I wish, but I still have to work :( and I'm driving down to NYC :) Hopefully, I won't get a ticket this time ^_^;

    Alex - Exactly :)

    I hope everything gets back to normal!

  5. I hope this is an easy work week for you!

  6. I'm glad you are done. Just relax and get ready for your trip!

  7. Glad that's over. Ugh. Too stressful... especially your boss' attitude. Maybe you two do spoil him, but given his higher position, he should know better, right?

    Have you gone through the author list for the signing yet. Nath, my head is swimming. I don't know how I'm going to get to everyone. I need to prioritize and narrow down my list of authors. So hard.

  8. Leslie - I was hoping so too, Les. But turns out it was a very busy week :( Had to get some stuff done before I could enjoy the vacation :( Boooo.

    Isabel - LOL Izzy, it's going to get down to the wire. I'm leaving Saturday and I haven't packed. Actually, I need to do laundry!! and I'm hoping to get some stuff for some people... the thing is tomorrow is a holiday in our province so everything is going to be close!!

    Christine - I wish he would know better! but seriously...

    I haven't yet, Christine! it's insane, I just don't have the time :(