Saturday, October 08, 2011


Hey there everyone!

Sorry to have been MIA in the past few days... Sigh. Once again, my plans had gone awry. As you all know, Ames was supposed to come over this week-end, but she had an accident :( The good thing is that her trip is not cancelled! Just pushed back... probably till after the New Year. So yeah, a little disappointed, but the most important is that Ames is okay :)

Since I already asked for Thursday and Friday off, I decided to keep them! Seriously, I need a break from work. Was really looking forward to this extra long week-end! So first thing I do on Thursday is as usual, to turn on my computer... and I get this error message that Windows cannot load because config32 has been deleted or corrupted. WTF?!? I panicked during a moment, because I haven't back-up my stuff for a couple of months and I thought I'd lose everything! Finally went on my dad's computer, typed the message and followed the instruction. That got me into Safe mode. Yay! Started backing-up everything... the reason I don't like to do that is because it takes sooooo freaking long!! In the meantime, I had to drive my sister to school and my mom decided she wanted to go shop... Then, I came home and back to the computer it was. So I was able to access safe mode; however, I couldn't carry out the next step to repair config32. So I tried to restore my computer to an earlier point - all the restore points had been delete. Ugh. That meant only one thing was left to do: re-format the computer. Yes, again. This is probably the third time I had to re-format my computer ^_^; Once Windows was up and running again, that meant re-installing all the programs and etc. So yeah, it pretty much took me the whole day :( Then, in the evening, we went out to eat for my sister's birthday.

Speaking of my sister's birthday, well it was on Thursday which was when Ames was supposed to arrive. When my sister learned that Ames wasn't coming, she was a bit bummed... She was like: "Oh, I could have done something with my friends then." Seriously, I admit I still don't get it, because hey, even if Ames was here, my sister could have done something with her friends. But whatever... So I told her to do something and she was like: "But this is too last minute, you know my friends." Well I don't see why she shouldn't try, so on Tuesday night, I started calling her friends and try to do a surprise party. Of course, I'm not very subtle so yesterday night, when her friends arrive, she knew LOL. But at least, we had a good turn-out and she had a good time :) So that was pretty much my day yesterday, running around to get ready for the surprise party.

But now, now I'm free!!! Woohoo!! Still have three days of freedom ahead of me :) With absolutely no plans! I've been re-reading the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher the whole week. Next is going to be Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan... Maybe I'll finally do my Monthly Reads post LOL... Get ahead in my blogging. LOL, a girl can dream, right? :)

In any case, I hope you have a nice week-end!! :)


  1. First things first, Happy belated birthday, Emilie!!! Hugs!!! XOXOXO! I'm so glad you had a great time with your friends. :) Isn't Nath a great sister? *g*

    Nath, I'm sorry your plans with Ames were derailed. Again. And that you're having computer problems. Again. Wow... what a bummer.

    On the other hand, you have three days to read and blog, lol! I have a three day weekend too (Columbus Day), yay! Reading and blogging for me too. Hopefully. *g*

  2. That's too bad about Ames visit being pushed back. But you are right, as long as she is ok.

  3. Great picture of Emilie! Happy belated birthday. :)

    Sorry about the change in plans, poor Ames! But at least you had a long weekend to take care of the computer & surprise party.

  4. Weeee, happy birthday Emilie!

    And seriously, what is up with your crappy computer luck Nath? Did you anger the computer gods?

  5. Hilcia - Thanks Hils and she better thinks so! LOL.

    Ugh, I'm about to throw the towel with my computer, seriously. Probably going to wait till Thanksgiving sales or Boxing Day. Sigh.

    LOL, I ended up reading quite a while in the last two days... but no blogging. Oups! LOL.

    Isabel - Yep, as long as she's okay. Plus, it's not canceled, just pushed back :) Better :)

    Leslie - Thanks for the wishes, Leslie :)

    I wished I hadn't had though LOL. Okay, I was actually happy for the surprise party... but the computer, I could have done without... but you're right, at least, it wasn't when I was rushed.

    Wendy - Ugh, I think I just got a lemon, Wendy :( No angry computer gods, just my bad luck.

  6. Happy Birthday, Emilie!! That cake looks yummy! :)

    Sorry you didn't get to see Ames as planned, but so exciting that she's going to come in a few months instead. Now you have that visit to look forward to! :)

    That stinks about the computer troubles. Yuck.
    *cough*youneedamac*cough* ;)

  7. Christine - It was! Her friend made it :)

    True, true. But I was already looking forward for her to come over :)

    LOL. Nah, too expensive :P