Wednesday, October 12, 2011

When TV gets in the way...

There's a review on the way, I promise! I've been working on one, I swear... but I've stumbled across a new chinese TV series on Monday. Seriously, why not Thursday when I started my days off? Of course not, it had to be by the end of it. Anyway, the TV series is Bu Bu Jing Xin aka Startling Early Steps. It's a 35 or 40 episodes novel adaptation... The story is about a modern 25 years old woman being electrocuted in an accident and waking 300 years ago, in the body of a 16 years old girl during the Qing dynasty. She becomes the Emperor's maid and is embroiled in the court intrigues as the princes fight for the throne. And I'm watching it with subtitles... Vietnamese and English, LOL. Whatever I can get my hands on... which is why it takes more concentration and time to watch... If I don't pay attention, I basically don't know what's happening!!

The series is pretty good. I like the court intrigues and the series is quite faithful to the novel and the novel, to history :) I's not a comedy and it's not about the modern girl trying to changes things up in ancient time, so that's really good with me :) Aside from the court intrigues, well it's all about relationships... Take a look at the map fans made :P

I'm a bit annoyed that all these guys are in love/develop feelings for the heroine. Makes the heroine a bit too Mary Sue for me. The acting is also pretty superb and spot on :) And to add to everything is the decors, sets, costumes... It's  so authentic and gorgeous. The embroideries on what the princes wear... Make them even more handsome! And there are several eye candies in there... Of course, I'd rather them to have more hair LOL... but that what happens when you watch a TV series set in the Qing dynasty.

 I got to catch up with two of my favorite actors...  Nicky Wu and Kevin Cheng:

Jeez, hard to believe they are 40-something :) And I've become a fangirl of Yuan Hong!

Just love, love, love his role of Prince 13th!! :)

Okay, I'm going to finish watching what I have and then work on my review. Hopefully, sometime tomorrow... In the meantime, I leave you with the opening. Enjoy!


  1. Wow Nath that's a gorgeous opening! I love the costumes and scenery. A lot of eye candy there too (hot), but the girl is gorgeous too. How many episodes? It looks angsty, and full of emo... just the way I like it. :D

    BTW my vote goes to Nicky Wu. ;P

  2. Hilcia - Yeah, I think they did a great job on the opening. It doesn't give too much away and quite balanced :) I always love to see the costumes and well the set... the palace is always impressive :)

    LOL, I think that if these actors can look cute with their heads half-shaved, then with full hair, they are definitively worth drooling over LOL.

    Yeah, the heroine is pretty. But I don't know. I prefer the older sister in terms of look.

    Original series has 35 episodes of about 45-60 minutes. And it is full of angst and emotions. Heroine falls in love with 8th prince at first... However, as she's a modern girl and paid attention to her history class, she knows that the 8th prince will lose the battle for the throne and ask him to not fight... However, 8th prince's mother comes from humble background and so he's always been a bit looked down... So he wants to prove to everyone that he can achieve something great and cannot give up the throne... So heroine turns him away... And then, she goes and falls in love with the 4th prince who will become the Emperor. Thing is, the 4th prince loves her dearly, but as an Emperor, he has to make sacrifice and takes hard decisions... and the 4th prince can be quite ruthless, especially once he becomes Emperor... So at the end, heroine is just tired to see all the brothers fighting and agrees to marry the 14th prince so she can leave the palace. Lots of stuff happens in between, but you get the gist :)

    LOL, is the body that won you over with Nicky Wu? The guy is a personal favorite though... and he's so talented: singing, acting, kung fu, calligraphy and he even plays the zither!! Anyway, he was great in the series and I'm so happy his career got another boost with this TV series...

    but Yuan Hong? He really is the one who won me over in this series. Loved his acting at the 13th prince.

    LOL, okay, this was quite long... LOL.

  3. Uh, you're making me want to read this. I haven't seen a good drama in a while! :D
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh yeah! I know this one! I've watched like 2 or 3 other series all dealing with the same idea and yes...the acting is much more authentic here.

    Such good stuff.

  5. Also - Horray to finding fellow drama addict. >_<

  6. Alex - Read or watch, Alex? LOL. I think there's some fan translation of the novel, but I don't think they are that far in...

    Well if you do watch it, let me know what you think of it!

    little alys - You're referring to Gong which is more focused on the 8th prince? The one with Yang Mi in it right? I caught a little of it, but didn't watch it all.

    This one though, I'm liking much better. Perhaps because there are actors I like better... Plus 13th Prince!! I just love how considerate and nice he was, and his friendship with the heroine and brotherhood with the 4th Prince!!

    What did you like best?

    And LOL, yay on finding someone who also watches drama!! What kind do you usually watch? I admit, I've been mainly watching the TVB dramas... but mainland China's ancient series are really attractive because of the costumes and scale :P

  7. Yea! Gong was the one I watched. It was more comedy (in the beginning) so I jumped onto that first. This one I heard about because my sister read the book back in the day and she already spoiled the whole thing for me. >_<

    I'm so conflicted about this series. I just felt like the heroine kind of brought it all on herself trying to meddle and whatnot. Also, like you said, she's kind of like a Mary Sue that really annoyed me. O_o Also, she kind of switched guys a little too much for my liking. Ergo, she brought it on herself.

    I liked the 13th prince too. :D I watched some of his other films before. So cute! Oh! And I also liked the 14th prince a lot. Not so much the 8th prince this time around.

    As for the 4th prince, he totally brought all this on himself. No matter how loving he was of her...I felt he still chose power first thinking that with power, should come love. Does that make sense?

    The ending was a little too sad for me, but oh well. I'm a romantic comedy girl. And eye candies. Lots of eye candies please.

    TVB dramas are great. I used to watch more Taiwanese dramas for the romantic comedies. Mainland stuff, omg, not just the costumes but the location, the acting. Soooo good. I get shivers watching sometimes.

    My parents got me addicted to a new one, the historical re-telling of the creation of "The Art of War." Holy smokes, I have my parents hide the dvds during the week or else I don't get anything done. O-o I am so addicted.

    What else are you watching right now?

  8. Also, forgot to add, loved the Emperor (the father). I watched that actor while I was growing up...awesome! :D

  9. little alys - Hey there! I wrote to you a really long reply yesterday and blogger ate it ^_^; Sigh. Let me try once more :)

    Okay, where to start. I watched only a couple of episodes of Gong, I didn't go through the whole series... The beginning was great because of the comedy, but afterwards, I just lost interest. I prefer this one because it gave more screen time to the other princes which is more realistic in my opinion. I also think the male cast of Bu Bu Jing Xin is much better (they're better looking as well LOL) than Gong. Although I have to admit, I do prefer Yang Mi.

    I definitively agree that the heroine brought it on herself. I understand meddling at first, but at some point, she should have stopped. All the princes had tried telling her many times to just step back. It's okay for her to love them, but she knew history and knew she couldn't change things... Why suffer for it?

    I don't really get why she switched from 8th prince to 4th prince. Seriously, she left 8th prince because he was going to lose the fight... and she knew the 4th prince was going to win and she knew how ruthless he was. Had i been her, I would really try to avoid him. I know sometimes you can't help who you love, but I think she could have at least tried a little. Perhaps get married to the 14th prince much sooner and enjoy life. Why did she pledge herself to the 4th prince?!?

    The 4th prince also brought it on himself. But you know, he's the Emperor. Would you really have wanted him to always let her get her ways because he loved her? As it is, he let go a lot for her already. Some of the things he did, he really didn't have a choice because he had to secure his throne. Although he was ruthless, he still goes in history as a good emperor.

    This is the first time I really watch 13th prince. I know he played in Legend of the Condor Heroes with Hu Ge... but I didn't watch that version. I'm glad I'm discovering now though! Looking forward to his future series!! And I think this was 14th prince debut role?!? Seriously, he's in for a great career I believe :)

    I grew up with TVB kung fu series. The 80s and 90s were really the golden years for it. I know mainland has started making kung fu series and I have to say, most of the time, the locations and costumes are just awesome... but if it's not a novel adaptation than the storylines are weak - and even then sometimes... and the kung fu scenes? Meh. Too much CGI. I really prefer contact.

    Hey, do you know the title of the series you're watching? Let me know :) Always looking for good dramas :)

  10. You have really good taste in men Nath! I can't believe Nicky & Kevin are in their 40's.

    Love the concept of the time travel. It's a period I'd like to see more of in books.

  11. Leslie - LOL, thanks :) And yeah, they don't look their age! :)

    Hmmm, it's tricky. I think that's why not many authors do it...

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  13. Christine - But Christine, you know you want to!!! LOL.