Sunday, October 02, 2011

Hauling Sunday LVIII

Hey everyone!!

October arrived yesterday and with it, fall. I mean, seriously, the temperature dropped about 10 degrees Celsius between Friday and Saturday. Brrrrrr.

I've been pretty quiet since coming back from my week-end away. One of the reasons is that I've been meaning to write up my Monthly Reads post for August. My plan was to have it up before the end of September. Yes, epic fail ^_^; Then, I switched gear and tried to have a review up... but I didn't know what to review ^_^; Sigh. At least, our New Releases post went up without a hitch over at Breezing Through. Yay!! LOL, I'll take it. One of the reasons I haven't accomplished much is that the whole week, I went to bed early. I just fell asleep. I think the past few weeks combined with the week-end has just wiped me out. 

Yesterday was Doctor Who's season finale!! I don't know if I've written on the blog how I've become a fan of the show. Well at least, the last two seasons of the show. I really like the River Song storyline... Anyway, the finale was okay. I liked the big twist, but I thought they could have finished the season with more bang. I hope Alex Kingston is coming back in the next season.

Anyway, I'm all good now :) Ready to start a new blogging month and catch up on everything! So I'll start by my Hauling Sunday :) I had hopes to buy some books in the States... Take advantages of their cheaper price. However, the Walmart and Target's selections were sadly disappointing. As a result, I made it up when I came back home :) Ready to see my haul?

Spider's Revenge by Jennifer Estep - Wooohooo, the conclusion of this story arc! :) And the reasons I'm still so happy? Because Ms Estep has two more books contracted! :) Yay!

Flawless by Carrie Lofty - I've been meaning to read Ms Lofty's books, but yeah... just never happened. I'm happy that this new release is in print :) Plus, for some reasons, I'm really excited the story is taking place in South Africa. I'm not one for exotic locations... but South Africa and diamonds = exciting :)

Utterly Charming by Kristine Grayson - I didn't realize that this was a re-print. Ms Grayson has a new release, Wickedly Charming, coming up soon and to celebrate the occasion, Sourcebooks is re-releasing the two books in this series. In any case, I'm happy I picked up this one. I've always liked Sleeping Beauty's story more than Cinderella :)

Blood Trails by Sharon Sala - Fan of Sharon Sala I am :) Hopefully, this one will be different than the previous two books in this trilogy though.

Slow Ride by Erin McCarthy - Liked the cover and the blurb :) Diesel sounds like a yummy hero!

Heartstrings and Diamond Rings by Jane Graves - Sounds like a cute contemporary romance and I usually enjoy Ms Graves' books.

Every Scandalous Secret by Gayle Callen - Okay, this book was totally NOT on my radar. However, it was on the cart when I was looking for Slow Ride and Animal Attraction and it just caught my eyes. I really like the cover for some reasons. Plus, in my  mind, I was confused LOL... I was thinking Gaelen Foley for some reasons... and I thought the blurb sounded familiar. Well yeah, it's familiar, because I did read the first book in this series: In Pursuit of a Scandalous Lady! Anyway, impulse buying LOL.

Animal Attraction by Jill Shalvis - Sigh. I wasn't planning to get Animal Attraction. Thought that Animal Magnetism was okay and I'm not a huge fan of Ms Shalvis. Her writing is good, but her books are just not grabbing me. Then, I read Leslie's review... and I have to say, I really was curious about Dell and Jade when I read Animal Magnetism. So yes, I caved LOL.

So this was my week :) Pretty good all in all :)

Now, let see if I can start some posts for the blog this week and squeeze some cleaning before the week-end ends. Oh and I've been looking for new blogs about books. Any new bloggers or blogs out there? If you know any or if you are one, feel free to leave links in the comment section :) Big thanks!


  1. Nath, the temperatures here dropped between Friday and Saturday too! You're watching Dr. Who and I'm watching the baseball playoffs this weekend. Yankees v. Tigers and other games. ;P

    That's a good haul you have there. I will definitely be reading Flawless by Carrie Lofty -- I've loved the books I've read by her so far. And, I'll eventually read Animal Attraction since I haven't read Animal Magnetism yet! You know I like Shalvis. :) Same goes with Estep, I still have the first book in my TBR. :(

  2. Great loot, Nath!
    I'm holding off on the Shavis' books, I haven't picked any yet, I don't know why, I just never seem to get around to it.

    Utterly Charming sounds cute! And I hope you like Slow Ride - I didn't like the previous book in the series but the others were quite good.

    Can't wait for your reviews!

  3. Love the cover of Flawless. So pretty and lush.

    I'm almost wishing you hadn't bought the Shalvis. Gah, the pressure is on! LOL

  4. Sleep is one of my favorite things! I'm glad you're catching up on yours. ; )

    I think I want to read Flawless, too! You'll probably read and review it before I get around to it, so I'll be looking for your thoughts.

  5. Hilcia - LOL, Hils, I think we're in the same weather zone. Well I guess we can't complain as we had a very nice summer. Now, it's time for fall.

    So how's the baseball going?

    I liked Flawless, just so you know :)

    Alex - Well my advice is don't force yourself :) And only pick one at a time LOL. But if I was you, I'd try her newer stuff :)

    Utterly Charming does sound cute right? that's why I picked it up :) Now, whether it lives up to the blurb... Slow Ride, well... I haven't read the last one with Evan and Kendall, so it's hard for me to tell. But I'd graded it about the same as Hot Finish, or a tiny bit less.

    Leslie - Indeed :) and I think it fits well :)

    LOL. Well all I can say is that I tried :) But you know, it's most probably is me ^_^;

    Christine - Right? :) Sleep is just great LOL.

    I'll try to review Flawless soon... but seriously, I'm way, way, way behind on all my reviews ^_^; sigh.

  6. Awe, man... I hate to say this but maybe you should just give up on this author. Sorry. :(

    We still have Kate Daniels right? Can I take credit for turning you on to that series? Please? LOL

  7. I kind of gave up on the Fast track series by McCarthy. I love some of her other series but the Fast track just...doesn't keep my interest, for lack of better word.

    Have you read the Graves book yet? And the cover of Utterly Charming reminds me of some book Kate Noble. I think it's the half body and elbow showing. Lol.

    I have to get to the Estep book! I hear lots of good things about the showdown between Gin and Mab but sadly I don't want to read it, I don't know why.

  8. Leslie - I think I will have to. Ah well, there are others :)

    And LOL, yes you can take the credit for the Kate Daniels series :)

    Tabitha - I think it's a good choice, Tabitha. I feel the later books don't live up to the first two.

    I haven't read the Graves or Utterly Charming yet. Maybe soon...

    Well just so you know, it's not the end of the series :) I'm actually happy that we're finally rid of Mab, we can pass to something else now ;)