Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hauling Sunday LXI

It's Sunday again!! Why do week-ends go by so fast, but not weekdays? It's definitively unfair in my opinion. I was planning to do a bit more of blogging, but this week turned out to be quite busy. Part of it was work as usual, but another part was that I went to see The Three Musketeers on Wednesday evening. Yes, going to the movies has disrupted my routine... Doesn't take much LOL. That and my sister hijacking my computer.

I've had a bit of the blues this week. I just don't know what to read ^_^; The usual dilemma LOL. To cheer me up and spur my reading, I went to the bookstore on Friday evening. I've been planning it out the whole week ^_^; 1) I had an additional 20% off if my purchase was over 35$ and 2) I wanted that blanket that is 30$ if I spend more than 50$... Tell me, why do the books I want never come to the same bookstore?!? Most of the releases was available at bookstore #1 and one or two, at bookstore #2 ^_^; At the end, I was lucky a friend  came with me and bought a travel book as one of the new releases I wanted was on strict release date. Plus, the sale person just couldn't find it ^_^; Okay, enough babbling. Here is what I got :)

Until There was You by Kristan Higgins - I'm a big fan of Ms Higgins. I've read some so-so reviews on this book and I've actually read the Netgally e-ARC. Well in the end, I enjoyed it enough to get my own copy :)

Beauty Dates the Beast by Jessica Sims - Found this one out thanks to blogland :) It's been getting some good reviews. It sounds very funny which is what I've been in the mood for :)

The Famous Heroine and The Plumed Bonnet by Mary Balogh - These are re-prints. I've fallen in love with Ms Balogh's this year and so am collecting her backlist :)

The Fall of Lucas Kendrick by Kay Hooper - Another re-print. Unconditional fan of Ms Hooper here. I've read the first two books in this series and enjoyed it. I have to say though, I'm really looking forward to her next FBI SCU book... When is it coming out?!?

The Shadow Reader by Sandy Williams - This was a calculated risk. It has faeries in it... but KMont seems to have enjoyed it a lot. She's a big reader of UF as well and if she enjoyed it so much, I think it's worth a shot.

There is my week :) I'm hoping to get some more this coming week, hopefully my 20% off coupon will still be usable :) What about you? What did you get this week?


  1. Oh, I got Beauty Dates the Beast this week too! I found it through Blogland too!
    LOL it does sounds like it's oging to be cool!

    And I consider Mary Balogh one of my guilty pleasures, her books are kind of so old fashioned and sometimes they piss me off but I still read them.

    :) I'm reviewing her An Unacceptable Offer for my Retro Friday this week.

  2. Nice haul - I see a few to add to my list. :)

    So how was the movie? Worth seeing or wait for dvd?

  3. Kailana - Thanks!

    Alex - LOL, did you start it? That's why I love blogland LOL.

    It's nice to still have authors writing old-fashioned you know. And I like that Ms Balogh takes risks with her characters and her storylines. It's what keeps them and her a step above most historical books in my opinion :)

    Leslie - Thanks Les :) and LOL, wait till tomorrow for the new releases post to add to your list!

    The Three Musketeers - definitively DVD.

  4. Oh, the Breezing through monthly release post? I love and dread that post at the same time. LOL

    Figured it could go either way but still kind of expected that of the movie.

  5. Leslie - LOL, I think most of them are already on your list :)

    I just didn't like the actor for D'Artagnan. Ugh... and to a certain degree, Athos. I love the Three Musketeers... so it was a bit heart-breaking ^_^;