Sunday, October 09, 2011

Hauling Sunday LIX

Nothing much going on with me this week-end :) I'm just relaxing LOL. 

Here are the books I bought this week:

The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan - And Percy Jackson is back!! :) I wasn't too sure about this book, because I thought The Lost Hero was okay... However, I just finished reading The Son of Neptune yesterday and it's really good!! If you're a fan of this series, you don't want to miss The Son of Neptune!!

A Touch of Crimson by Sylvia Day - I picked up this book because Ames enjoyed it. Plus, I heard Ms Day talking about this series last year at RT and I'm a sucker for reincarnation :)

Bring Me Home for Christmas by Robyn Carr - I was looking for A Touch of Crimson at the bookstore, looking on the cart, when I stumbled across this book. LOL, I jumped on it since it's supposed to come out only later this month! The Virgin River series has its ups and its downs and I'm hoping that Denny's story is going to be an up :) High school sweethearts reunion combined with Christmas spirit :P

And there you go :) A quiet week for me, but better than no books at all!


  1. *grins*
    good luck with Bring Me Home for Christmas, I kind of lost track of the series already.

    And hey, I'm reading Touch of Frost soon! Can't wait for your review.

  2. Good for you for relaxing!

    Glad to hear the Riordan book is better than the last. :)

  3. How is it that this is the first I have heard of a new Carr book! My information sources are failing me it seems!

  4. Nath, I'm so glad you enjoyed The Son of Neptune! I already have it and hope to read it soon too. I see you're reading Lola and the Boy Next Door. I picked up that one too.

    Hope you're enjoying your day off. I'm certainly enjoying mine. ;P

  5. Alex - LOL, yeah, the series is long :) If you're up-to-date, I say it's worth it :)

    LOL, okay, I'll try to review it soon then!! :)

    Leslie - I know, right? :)

    Did you read the series, Les?

    Marg - LOL. Well this book is coming out only later this month. October 25... so it might be a November book. However, I feel it hadn't had as much buzz as the other books... perhaps because it's only one release, instead of the trilogy release?

    Hilcia - I'm sure you will, Hils!

    You picked up Lola and the Boy Next Door? Any particular reason? :)

  6. RE: Lola and the Boy Next Door. The blurb reminded me of books I used to read and enjoy a long time ago... nostalgia? LOL!

  7. Hi nath,
    We picked up The Son of Neptune over the weekend, too. Anna is reading it now and I think she likes it so far. She is a girl of so many words, you know. ;)

  8. Enjoy your new books! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

  9. Hilcia - Ahhhh. Makes more sense now :) I was wondering, since I don't think you picked up Anna and the French Kiss and that one got a lot of buzz.

    Christine - Glad Anna is enjoying so much! It's really a great book :)

    Kailana - Thanks Kailana! Hope you did too!

  10. I liked Denny’s book, it wasn’t the best of the series, but it was entertaining. I was wondering if he was going to get his own book and then was surprised when I realized that this one was it. I’m really happy to see the new direction the series has taken, I was fed up with all the babies and crazy drama (and also with Mel) but the past books have been really good.

    I’m just about to start Hidden Summit, I did a happy dance when I saw it on Netgalley, hopefully this one will be just as good!

  11. Brie - LOL, I have to say when I picked up the book and read the blurb, I was like: Who's Denny?! Took me a phew minutes LOL.

    Yeah, I think it's good that Ms Carr has taken a step back from previous characters. It's one thing to see them again, it's another when they steal the spotlight :)

    Looking forward to see what you thought of Hidden Summit!