Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hauling Sunday LXXI

Another quiet week for me when it came to books - both reading and buying. I was really hoping to buy some books for this week-end, but they haven't shown up in the bookstores :( Now, I only hope they'll be out this week!

So my only loot this week is these two ebooks:

Conor's Way by Laura Lee Guhrke - Decided to get a digital copy of the book :) I mean, why not when it's only 0.99$!

Ride with Me by Ruthie Knox - Nice cover, positive reviews and interesting premise are the reasons I picked up this book :)

Told you it was quiet. I definitively need to get my hands on new books this week, otherwise, I'm heading for the reading slump. It wasn't too bad this past week because I had curling to watch... but there'll be none this week :( Sigh.

What are you all reading? Anything good that I should rush to the bookstore and get? Let me know!!


  1. Have you checked out I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella? Remember, I enjoyed it. :)

  2. Both book sound absolutely awesome!
    I can't wait to read your reviews :D

  3. What about digging into your TBR pile to get you out of the reading slump? You must have some good ones in there. :)

  4. I thought Conor's Way went up to $3.99? Did you get it at 99 cents? I hope so!

    I just finished Archangel's Blade by Nalini Singh and loved it! I wasn't so crazy about Dimitri, but his story was very good.. and it helped that I loved Honor [the heroine]. I can't wait for the next book in this series... September I think.

  5. Tabs - I'm checking it out right now! So far so good! Thanks for the rec, Tabs!!

    Alex - Well the review for Conor's Way is already available :) It's over at Breezing Through. You can find a link to it from the review index/archives or if you check out older post :)

    Ride with Me will also be a buddy review :) Hopefully, we'll get it up soon :)

    Leslie - I know! that would be the ideal solution... but nothing from the TBR pile appeal! That's the problem :(

    Christine - Well I can see both on Kobo, the 0.99$ and 3.99$... I chose the 0.99$ LOL. I think it's the same :)

    Glad you enjoyed Archangel's Blade :) Honor was a great heroine indeed. For me, it's the feel of the series that's not working. There's an anthology coming out tomorrow... A compilation of the Guild Hunter series' novellas + a new one. The next full book indeed comes out in September.