Wednesday, February 15, 2012

TBR Challenge 2012: Conor's Way by Laura Lee Guhrke

Wooohooo, I made it! Not only I've read the book, but I've also reviewed it! No mad dash to have this review up before midnight LOL. In fact, I even have something special... a buddy review with Leslie! It turns out that we both read Conor's Way by Laura Lee Guhrke, so we figured why not? :) You can head over to Breezing Through or click here for the review.

Wait, wait, wait!!! Before you head over to the review, please take a look at the poll on the sidebar, under the search box!! The poll is to decide which book(s) I'll be writing a mini-review for this week-end and it ends today!! So if you haven't voted, please do!! So far, My One and Only by Kristan Higgins is leading, but I'd like to break the tie for the 2nd place book :)


Conor's Way by Laura Lee Guhrke
published by Harper Torch in April 1996
A courageous woman

In the aftermath of the Civil War, beautiful and stubborn Olivia Maitland was determined to save her family and their new-bankrupt Louisiana plantation no matter what - even if it meant taking in cynical ex-boxer Conor Branigan in exchange for help. It wasn't long before she discovered the secret pain hidden beneath his rugged ways. And his ache touched something in her, lighting a fire in her heart.

A hard-fighting man

Conor Branigan had seen his family and his hopes destroyed in Ireland and had sworn never to care for anyone again. But now he dared hope for a love greater than any he'd ever dreamt of, with Olivia and her three adopted children - and a future that he would fight to keep forever.


  1. I actually have this in my TBR pile, I love all things LLG, so I hope I love it too, I'll definitely go check out your review!

  2. I missed your poll! LOL!

    Off to read the buddy review..

  3. Alex - Is it the ebook that you have? In any case, read it! read it! LOL.

    Christine - It's fine :) There'll be a new one tomorrow :)