Sunday, December 09, 2012

Hauling Sunday CI

Hi everyone!

Here is what I got this week:

Steel's Edge by Ilona Andrews - Actually, this came last week, but I forgot about it because I haven't opened it ^_^; I'm a big fan of Ms Andrews' Kate Daniels series, but her other works leave me lukewarm. Still, I bought Steel's Edge because I wanted to support the author... and on the off case this one would be a wowzer :P

The Weird Girls by Cecy Robson - This is a new author to me. I've already pre-ordered her debut novel, Sealed with a Curse, which sounds really interesting and is the beginning of a new urban fantasy series. This e-novella is a prequel and I decided to get it to have a taste of Ms Robson's writing :)

And that's it for the week. Not a lot, but I can't be blamed! It's all the release schedule's fault! Believe me, with all the promotions, if there were more books to buy, I would in a heartbeat! Especially since I seem to be heading in a reading slump. Ugh :( I've been looking for something to read and I just don't know what to pick up T_T Any suggestions?


  1. It was a good haul, I hope both books turn out great for you

  2. Alex - It was an okay haul. I don't feel like reading Steel's Edge though... but the good news is I do feel like re-reading.

  3. Why is December so slow? LOL

    Good haul though. I really need to read more Ilona Andrews. I only ever read that first Magic book. I liked it though.

  4. Ames - I really don't know Ames!! and it doesn't make sense to me, ugh. The worst is that January is not better T_T

    Well the good news is that you actually liked Magic Bites, so that's a good start :) I only fell in love with the series from Magic Strikes.