Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hauling Sunday CII

So how was everyone's week-end? :) Mine was good, but could still have been better. It was our annual gift exchange yesterday :) Lots of fun and laughs as usual LOL and I got a new scarf! However, we wrapped up early because everyone was tired and we were actually meeting for brunch today. Alas, I missed brunch! :( I went to the emergency to have my foot checked out. On Friday, I said that I've been experimenting twinges in my left heel right? Well I ran some errands yesterday and it became pain when I put my weight on it and it hurt a lot when I walked :( Since I figured I wouldn't have time to see the doctor this week before Wednesday and I was afraid it could become worst, I went to the emergency... Sigh. As I was not a high priority case, I did wait a long time. I totally understand, but I have to admit it was frustrating... Anyway, my heel is inflamed apparently and it's most probably due to change of footwear ^_^; Also, the doctor asked me if I've taken something like Tylenol and I was like: "Euh no." Felt really stupid... I didn't even think about it. Guess because lately, I've had a few health issues where there's nothing I could do except wait, so it didn't even cross my mind. Plus, I didn't it would help because frankly, it feels like something is tight... but it is. The pain was better than yesterday and with the Tylenol, looks like it'll go away. Sigh, I'm just so tired of all this crap!! It's always like that it. It seems that whenever something happens to me, it's never just one thing, ugh.

Okay, enough about all of this. It just depresses me! Let's talk about something cheerful. Books. I'm still slumping, but I really hope something will pull me out soon :) Hope these books will do it:


The First Prophet by Kay Hooper - It finally arrived!! I pre-ordered this book back in November, but I guess they had some issues at the warehouse... The First Prophet is the first book in Ms Hooper's new series, Bishop Files, which is kind of spin-off series of the FBI SCU that I love so much. Hey, if I mean I get two books by Ms Hooper per year, I won't be complaining :)

The Other Side of Us by Sarah Mayberry - This is Ms Mayberry's next release coming out in January. I requested it on Netgalley hoping that it'll pull me out of this slump. Seriously, this lack of release is killing me!


That's it for me this week. Pretty slow. What about you? What did you add to your TBR pile? Or they waiting patiently under the Christmas tree? Again, suggestions to get me out of my reading slump are welcome :)


  1. Oh boy! I'm glad that there was nothing seriously wrong with your heel, Nath. :) But I know what you mean about being tired of all the crap. *g* I can sympathize.

    I am also really bumbed out that there's really nothing out there that I want to buy at the moment. I'm just taking the opportunity to read some books that I have in my TBR... but frankly? I think this is also contributing to a serious blogging slump... just not in the mood! at. all. :(

  2. I'm glad there wasn't anything seriously wrong with your heel, too. I was going to guess that you have the beginnings of planter fasciitis, which can be the reason for some of the symptoms you described and perhaps brought on by not only new footwear (like your curling shoes), but also due to tightening of the Achilles tendon and calf muscles. Don't rule it out if the pain comes back. I suggest you see an orthopedist or sports doctor if it does.

    Stay well! xo