Monday, December 04, 2006

I hate Mondays...

Seriously, Mondays suck.

Woke up this morning, the cellphone and the battery recharger were missing. My room is a mess and all my sis' homework is on my desk. MY desk. One of my boot has a hole in it and the other, the zipper is broken. There's snow outside... The first snow and so I wanted to wear my boots, but obviously, i have to bring them to a shoe repairman first. Then, been looking for a compound since last week and couldn't find it. Finally asked the guy to make some more and what happened? Of course, he finds it in the common stock and tells me I should look with my eyes. Argh. Mondays truly suck.


  1. Poor nath, cyber hugs for you!

  2. My mom tells me that all the time. OPEN YOU EYES she'll screech at me, as if I'm walking around looking for something with my eyes closed.


    Monday's do suck Nath, I agree with you on that one.