Monday, December 04, 2006

My Wishlist!

Okay, about 2 weeks ago (Thanksgiving week), Mailyn emailed me demanding where my wishlist was. Wishlist? What wishlist? I never keep a wishlist, because well, I usually buy books as they come out. I have my list of authors and titles and when the books are coming out and you'll see my at the bookstore within a week of the "date" to buy them. Or I check the web to see which stores have it in stock, at least twice a day ^^; Same thing for the manga. Yeah, I have no self-control...

Anyway, 2 weeks later, here is my wishlist :P
(I'm going to put the covers in the WANTED section on my sidebar as soon as I get home)

Anne Stuart
- A Rose at Midnight
- To Love a Dark Lord
- Lord Danger

Elizabeth Doyle
- Beyond Paradise

Holly Black
- Tithe

Stephanie Meyer
- Twilight

Marth Wells
- The Death of the Necromancer

Sharon Sala/Dinah McCall
- Amber
- White Mountain

Christopher Paolini
- Eldest

Katherine Stone
- Roommates
- Bel Air

*The books are in no order*

So that's my wishlist... I'm kind of proud of myself that I could come up with at least some books :P

So does everyone have a wishlist or is it only me?


  1. Oh, I have a very looong wishlist, I did not realize how long it was until my husband hased me to write it down for Christmas, I think I need to cut it back some.

  2. I don't have a wishlist!!

    Can't be bothered. I'm obsessive compulsive remember. LOL I just buy whatever catches my eye. I went to the store this weekend with a list. Think I followed it? HELLS NO. LOL

  3. I have more of a Wish I Had Time to Read It list since I'm very bad at "if I want it, I will buy it."

  4. I just read Anne Stuart's The Devil's Waltz and loved I'm going to have to read some of her other historicals.

    As for wishlist...yeah, I pretty much buy books when they come out, as they come out. But sometimes if I see something on Amazon (like a research book), I might put it on a wishlist for later.

  5. I'm a lot like you in that I am all about instant gratification and usually don't have a wishlist, but there are a few because of recs I've gotten and they are hard-to-find books.

    I have to AS books but haven't read them yet. Are her historicals as dark as her contemps, do you know?

  6. Hey everyone :D

    I'm glad that many are like me, i.e. that you don't have a wishlist and that you buy books as they come out :D

    Kris - why cut it back if eventually, you'll want it? also, why don't you just print it out? :P

    Ames - I know! i'm the same!

    Kristie - haha :D so how is work? I think that once you'll settle more into a routine, you'll have more time.

    Colleen - Research books... wow. I stay so far away from those ^^; Still have to read The Devil's Waltz... soon, soon.

    Stacy - I know... me too. Most of my wishlist are books that I can't find in bookstores and would have to order them :P I haven't read much of AS books so I can't answer you... but I think yes, from what I read from others' reviews.

  7. Yay you did it!!! I have a list!!! Mehehehehe

    Oooooh Anne Stuart's historicals are the best evah!

    Once again, yay you got a list! LOL


  8. I have a long wishlist too! I'm hoping after the holidays to finally BUY some! heee!

  9. My wishlist is actually to have more time to explore my TBR pile :)

  10. Mailyn - ain't I a good girl :D Now, hopefully, all the books there will remain on the wishlist till after X-mas, cos I have to admit, I was tempted to buy some of them yesterday. But I resisted! So hopefully, it'll help you and me :D

    Zeek - Oh, I wish you'll be able to get those books soon. I also hope you'll receive a couple of them as X-mas present :D

    Racy - haha, same as Kristie :) Well I hope your wish will become reality!

  11. I do both. I have a wishlist and then I also buy on a whim. I think I have over 500 books on my wishlist right now. Like I'll ever find the time to read them :-)