Friday, December 08, 2006

Mailyn's X-mas gifts from Blogland

Okay, Mailyn, please don't read this post! Instead, stare at HK's hottest boyos :D

All right, for the others! Hello :D Please highlist the text to read!

I want to be discreet about this, but really, I have no idea who's going to do what. Anyway, I just want ppl who are planning to buy Mailyn's a X-mas gift, please send me an email (natuschan[at]gmail[dot]com)... so we can coordinate stuff and not get her the same thing twice :D

Thanx a lot!


  1. Don't worry about me! Tony and Andy got my full attention right about now!!! I think I need to go re-watch Infernal Affairs!!!!

    I should take piccies of my special edition goodies. It's sooooo awesome!!!!! It has a booklet with lots of Tony and Andy. Oh and postacrds too! But I hear now there is ANOTHER special edition. Ugh!!!

    Now if I could only have Nic Tse the world would be allright. Gawd he's just so hawt!!!!!

  2. Hey Mailyn!

    oh, I'd like to see the piccies too! Those two are just awesome. I was watching The New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre which is a TVB series in the 1986 where Tony plays the lead :D He hasn'T really changed that much in 20 years!!!

    As for Nic Tse, he may be hot, but I don't like his personality that much.