Thursday, December 07, 2006

Long day...

Okay, where to start. Wow, my last post was on Monday... it's been like 3 days. So let's start this way:

- bought more books. Was bored and waiting till it was time to go pick up my sis. So went to the new Indigo, cruised around. Was looking for Eye of Heaven by Marjorie Liu, but still didn't find it. In the end I went home with the Dresden Files series... hmmm, so that was like 5 books.

- went to pick up my sis and then rushed to Best Buy and then Future Shop to buy Pirates of Carrabean II. It was 2$ cheaper at Future Shop and they were giving away this box to contain the DVD, really cool box. So I watched the special features. It's really worth it. It was fun and there was lots of information and stuff.

- So what did I do? Oh yeah, I went to Indigo downtown and bought books. Yeah, I know, I keep doing the same. I went a bit crazy tho and bought like 5-6 tradepaper books. Forget it, there's now a hole in my wallet. THe good news tho is that I finally found Eye of Heaven, which I read till midnight. So what books did I get? I don't even know ^^; Let see, Cast in Courtlight by Michelle Sagara, Curse the Dark and Bring it On by Laura Anne Gilman, some books by Christie Golden. Okay, I'm going to stop here, cos it's getting really scary. I went to the cash and the guy was like: Your X-mas shopping huh? and I'm like: not even ^^; Then I went to the French manga store, cos finally, some of my manga arrived. AFterwards, rushed to the library where I had to look for some CD for my sis. (the library and manga store are close to each other). Then, I had to rush and pick up my sis again.

-All right, this is where things get worse and why I'm so exhausted at the moment. So it start with, I had an appointment with the garage for my car... just a check up. Appointment was at 3h30, so I was planning to leave work at 2h30. My mom calls me at 2h15 and told me my debit card got cancelled and I had to go to the bank to get a new one... and also call this 1-800-xxx-xxxx to know what happened. So I call and the guy is very nice... but he has to verify my identity and ask me questions. Seriously, i'm totally ignorant. Do I have any investment at the bank? Well I don't know! my mom takes care of that... How much $ in those investment? How the hell do I know? so well, I flunked the questions and he couldn't get access to my profile. However, he did told me it was security issues so either I lost my card and someone found it or it got cloned and someone else used it.

So okay, was all ready to rush back to the South Shore. Talked to my supervisor a bit to see his opinion on the experiment and he's like: can you read the plates with the other reader. So I did and lost 30 min. So I left work at 3h... no way I was going to make it on time. finally got there at 3h50. so I was late and I kind of lost my priority and so it'd take more time. Anyway, they drove me home. I got into my mom's car and rushed to the bank where I got a new clerk who didn't really know what she was doing. Later, I found out that my card was indeed cloned and someone has taken 1000$ out. Urgh. Ouch, that hurts. The worst is that the lady who usually takes care of situations like this is on vacation. Anyway, got a nice lady and I should get my $$ back within the next 48 hours. (well maybe early next week). BIG SIGH OF RELIEF HERE! Now the problem is... I went to 2 stores yesterday: Indigo and the french manga store... which means that that's where the highest probability my card got cloned. Youppi, those are the two places I spend most $$... Gotta be extra careful now ^^;

After the bank, I rushed to pick up my sis. Got home and my mom was like: Honda called almost as soon as you were out of the door. Your car is ready. So I had to call for the car service and wait for them to pick me up... and finally got my car and went home. So that's pretty much my day, but I'm totally exhausted. And there's this guy in my lab, he makes me feel so incompetent. Every time I ask him a question, he's like: you should know, you're a master student or you should understand this! and blablabla... and he'll never give me a straight answer. anyway...

So what does all this mean? Hmmm, I haven't started my report yet? I know I know, procastination is bad! Especially when I'm not even having fun while procastinating. Also, a random fact: I have 22 books in my bed... I've been sleeping in my single bed with 22 books and cushions on the side so those books wouldn't slide between the cracks and fall down. I can't stand having my books under the bed, I'M like: poor them, so much dust (yes, very dusty under my bed). so every morning, my left side's been pretty sore. The worst is that I didn't read 3/4 of those books in bed... and there's more on my nightstand and on the floor. Sigh... man.

So is this everything I wanted to say? I think so... I talked about my days, my report, books buying... hmmm, yeah. There's only two things left: Contest and reviews.

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Eye of Heaven by Marjorie Liu: 4/5

So after many trips to the bookstore, I finally got my hand on the book and it was quite worth it.

Blue is part of the Dirk & Steele agency and is tracking a man named Santoso in Indonesia who is the leader of some human trade business (that incl. prostitution and organ black market and etc.) Near his goal, Blue meets this older woman who almost kills him with a bomb.

So after being saved by Elena, one of the most gifted psychic healer, Blue returns to the USA... what's better excuse then his father's death? Not that Blue and his father was close, actually the man's a real SOB. The ick is that Blue's father is not dead. He only staged his death so his other son, Blue's half-brother Daniel would show up. However, Daniel has disappeared and the father's best shot is asking Blue... or actually blackmailing Blue. So if Blue doesn't agree, the father will reveal all of Dirk & Steele secret to goverment and scientists. Anyway, Blue doesn't have a choice if he wants to protect his real family. He finally finds Daniel in a circus in Las Vegas... but once there, Blue is more interested to Iris, this lady with golden eyes and incredible affinity to BIG cats.

So where to start... Blue's psychic power is electrokinesis as in, he's able to command anything that works with electricity which means the human heart as well. I mean, it's a real interesting power and I think it's the first time I've come across something like this power. However, he doesn't really explain how it works and so on. As most of you could guess, Iris is a shapeshifter, wow big surprise. Now, that's something I'd like Ms Liu to stop... stop adding shapeshifters everywhere. They're supposed to be rare... Yet in every book of the series, you get to meet one or two. So this dragon lady could go a 100 years without seeing anyone of her "kind," but Dirk & Steele just happens to stumble over 2 or 3 ones every months?

Aside from that, I quite liked Blue's character. He's not tortured, but his life wasn't easy, especially with the kind of father he had. However, interestingly, life wasn't easier for Daniel either. Blue and Daniel have never met and very reluctant to trust each other, but that's a given given their father. I wouldn't say Blue's such an alpha either. I guess in this book, focus was more on the plot than characters. I've never felt much affinity to Ms Liu's character. As for Iris, well she's fine. Not too strong, but not whiny or TSTL... A decent heroine. But really, thanx heavens the book was filled with action, because with only those characters... I probably woudn't have continued on.

So this book is full of action and it gets quite complicated. There might have been a bit too much coincidences, but I guess, there were necessary. What I actually like about this book is that altho it's part of a series, the book was focused on our two main characters. Ms Liu wasn't trying to set-up her next book. Another interesting thing is that you usually don't see the other from previous books. I think that we saw quite a few of the previous characters and I was quite happy. I like to have updates on characters I liked. So story is more action-filled and there's plenty of conspiracy again. As for the love story, a bit bland. Too quick attraction between Iris and Blue and I thought there wasn't much chemistry between them. Oh and Elena's twist was quite interesting.

Finally, I think there was something else, but I can't remember... it's 11pm. and my breain just shut down. So the book was quite interesting and much better than the last. Still a bit confusing, I think Ms Liu should make her "master-plan behind the scene" a bit less complicated. If you're a fan of this series, you'll really want to read it.

Last thing... I read Kay Hooper's short story in Guardian Angel's anthology. It was really the only one I was interested in. So it's mostly romance with a touch of paranormal: Alex is an earl who's been working as a spy. He crosses to France and come back with critical information. However, during once of his voyage, it doesn't go well when smugglers confuse him for someone else and shoot him. Luckily, this woman appears in front of him and saves his life. She'll appear a couple of more time, everytime when he was in danger... and he'll reach a point where he puts himself in danger just to meet her. Anyway, cute story, you can see Kay Hooper's soft style... I wonder where the Romance Kay Hooper went and left for Psychic Kay Hooper. Anyway, the problem with the anthologies is always the same: way too short.


  1. Wow. That day flat out sucks. Okay, it could have been worse and the card could still be being used.

    I don't really know how they trigger the banks/lendors because luckily for Bob and I, the two times it has happened we have recieved a phone call asking if we bought 'such and such at so and so' and it was a resounding NO!

    It was at Christmas time.

    The guy in your lab also sucks and you shouldn't let him give you grief. He's obviously got an immense ego and needs to feel superior. What a wingnut.

    Oh and buy a bookcase! ;)


  2. Sorry your day was so crappy yesterday. :( Something bad always happens to me with the bank-so I hate all banks, but you must do business with them. At least you're getting your money back. That is a big relief. What about finding the person who cloned your card?

    And the dude in your lab? He's totally on a power trip. Squish him like the bug he is. LOL

  3. Nasty day yesterday!! And I'm so glad to hear that they are getting your money back for you!

  4. OK, how about you clean under the bed so it's not dusty? :-P LOL

    YOU NEED BOOKSHELVES!!! Do like I did and just drill holes on the wall and place some boards on top of the brackets. ANd there ya go.

    Wow that was one manic Thursday. I am exhausted just from reading that and bummer on the stolen card. Now THAT sucks.

    You read ur manga in French?!

  5. P.S. I agree with Cindy and Ames, that dude needs you to tell him to stop being such a smart ass.

  6. Nasty day yesterday!! And I'm so glad to hear that they are getting your money back for you!

  7. OK - how the heck did that happen??? Same thing posted twice - with Mailyn in between?

  8. Cindy - Yeah, my day sucked. True, could have been worse, but it's way too sucky to my taste. I got lucky they did realized it quickly... although, I have no idea why they knew it wasn't me. Anyway, good bank. That guy at the lab, I really don't know what he thinks... He can be "nice" sometimes, but most of the time, urgh. As for the bookcase, no place!

    Ames - I don't have that much problems with bank usually. Although, I have to say most of the time, I don't deal with them... my mom instead. Not nice of me tho...

    Kristie - Yeah, I know! I'm so glad I do get my money back! cos 1000$ is a lot to me. Need to check on the bank tho, make sure that they really do. I'm quite glad tho that it wasn't such a hassle.

    As for the duplicate post, weird! You want me to delete it?

    Mailyn - I know, I need to vacuum my room. Laziness and procastination... you know! As for bookshelves, I really don't have space! Even just for floating shelves!

    As for manga, well I read them both in French and English. Manga and anime have been popular in Europe, esp. in France for a long time... So they have a lot of them licensed. Also, when I started to read manga, it just started being popular in America, so you didn't have lots of choice in English. Although, that's been changing lately... but I still like the French format more, because it's more similar to the original one. Plus, French is more formal than English so I think that the translation is a bit more accurate from Japanese to French than English. However, I prefer to read scanslation in English... go figure ^^; So my manga collection (real books) is both French and English (I buy the english version when a series I like come out in English first)...

    As for the guy, it's like I told Cindy... I really don't know if he means it to be such a jerk. I mean, he wants me to understand what I'm doing and I understand that... but still...

  9. I went to the cash and the guy was like: Your X-mas shopping huh? and I'm like: not even ^^;
    LMAO! Yeah, that's me too.

    Sorry for the crappy day. I hope your weekend is good!

  10. Dude I should get you to translate this one song for me. My French is nowhere near as advanced and I think I got the gist of the song but I'd like to understand everything. Not just the overall meaning. LOL.

    You need to take pics of your room. I am wondering how much stuff you have everywhere and now I am so totally nosy and curious I just wanna see ur room! LOL. I should take pics of mine and post iy up as well.

    Hey maybe we all should!!!

  11. Yeah, i'll post some pics of my room soon, as soon as it's a bit cleaner ^^;.. hmmm, may take awhile then LOL!

    as for the song, no problem. Just send it over!

  12. Jennie - I hope my week-end is going to be better too. although, not sure, because I have to work on that report :P

    so, how's your : not buying books going? have you been able to resist?