Saturday, December 02, 2006

Reading Blues...

Hey everyone!

Hmmm, what was I going to say? Oh yeah, remember: because of the presentation, I got a bit off schedule with my blog hopping and this is probably going to continue till December 15. So basically, I do go on other blogs and read messages, but I can't seem of think of comments... so I'm sorry if it seems like I don't read your blog... I actually do, but I don't know what to say because my brain is switched off or dead ^^; By the way, it also seems like the reading slump has caught up to me. I've bought so many great books, but I can't seem to get into them. I'll start one and won't feel like continuing. It really sucks.

Onto other news... i got new glasses. Glasses are so expensive. Also, how come ppl are so dense? First there's my parents that don't understand everything or decide to suit their interpretation to their taste... Today, I went home and ask my mom if she was washing clothes and what was she washing.... She answered clothes. Euh, yes mom. I know it's clothes... I meant what kind? Underwear, Pjs, casual clothing?

Yesterday, I went to the bookstore again. I was looking for Eye of Heaven by Marjorie Liu, because apparently they received it according to the computer. So I went and didn't find it. So I asked a lady to help me... That lady led me back to the shelving in romance to look and after that, in fiction. Yo, I'm a regular at bookstores... I wouldn't bother you if it was simply misplaced. Hey, I even looked under "M" because, she writes under Marjorie M. Liu. So we couldn't find it and she told me: you should order it. You'll receive it in about a week. Hello lady... the reason why I go to bookstores is mainly because I can't wait. If I could wait a week, then I would order all my books.

That reminds me of that day I was at the library. I was looking for Eragon; however, at that time, I didn't know it was Eragon. I mean, I've been seeing Eragon and Eldest's covers everywhere for years. Anyway, I wanted to read the two books because recently, Mailyn has commented on it (okay, so maybe not that recently). So I was at the library and I was: they probably have it, let's go check. I asked the lady at the desk and I'm like: I don't know the author, don't know the title. I only know it's two volumes, hardcover. One is blue and the other is red and both have dragons on it. I thought that as a librarian, she might recognized it. Turns out the lady wasn't a librarian, she was in charge of the multimedia (assigning computers and stuff). So she's like: can't you do a search? I was very polite and answered: Don't know the author or title. She answered: well you can enter a subject. Subject is often enough. Hello!!! What am I going to put under subject? Fiction? Young Adult? with no title and author? yeah, I so going to get THE result I want. And how am I going to know it's really that book I'm looking for. Anyway, I was a bit frustrated, because hey, I'm a regular at libraries and bookstores and I know how to search and look for books... What do I look like? stupid?

Anyway, that's it tonight. I'm going to do some re-read and perhaps try to get into my new books :P See you guys soon!


  1. I had that same problem when I went to buy "Digging for the Truth" - the website said the bookstore had it in stock, I went there and they had it (it was Friday) but it wouldn't be on the shelves til Tuesday. Huh? It's in the store but you can't open the box til Friday, even though the release date was actually the Thursday before?

    Hope everything goes great with your presentation. It's almost over....

  2. That sucks you caught the slump too. :( I feel it creeping back sometimes and so I do a reread. Linda Howard is really good for that. :P Read Mr. Perfect! Or a Jennifer Crusie-I reread Bet Me last week and I LOVED it all over again.