Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Quick updates

Hello everyone...

sorreh for not posting much or commenting much on your blogs... I'm pretty much exhausted. Writing the report is in progress and hopefully, I'll have time to finish it up. So yeah, been writing and reading the Tir Alainn trilogy by Anne Bishop, which requires some staying up late and so, I'm very much tired.

I still haven't started by X-mas shopping ^^; and have some stuff to send by mail. Well sorry folks, I don't think it'll be there in time for X-mas. By the way, one question... is there a lot of packages lost during X-mas times?

What else.. Oh, I've been reading a bit... still slumping a bit, but it's better, well I think. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish Staying Dead by Laura Gilmann, but perhaps, that's just because of my mood. In addition, I really didn't enjoy On Fire's Wing by Christie Golden. So now it's pretty sad because I bought the sequel to it ^^; same thing for the Laura Gilmann's book by the way. The only good think I read is the Tir Alainn trilogy by Anne Bishop. All I can say at this moment is that if you enjoyed the Black Jewels trilogy, you'll want to give this trilogy a try then.

So that's pretty much it for me at the moment. I'm going to pick up my new pair of glasses after work and make a quick stop at Indigo/Chapters and see if I can't come up with any gifts, since Kristie sent me a 20% off coupon.

ps - I need some HELP! Although my English is okay, I still do some grammar and other mistakes ^^; and I was wondering if someone could be kind enough to go over my report and proof-read it for me. You'd be a sweetheart and my life saver!

pps- I have another favor to ask... Anyone who read With No One As Witness by Elizabeth George and still remember the story?


  1. I'll go over your report! (I do it for guys at work here too!) I'm no editor, but a scond pair of eyes always helps ...

    send it too if you haven't found someone already ...

  2. thanx a lot Zeek! will be sending it to you :D

  3. Me too! I don't mind helping if you need an extra checker.

  4. I suck at grammar and such but if I read it aloud I can normally figure out if something doesn't sound right so put me on the list if you need a third set.

    CindyS (Blogger is refusing to recognize my account at any of the blogs so I'm just putting my name up)

  5. Hi Nath--I'm a couple days late here, but if you'd like to send me your report, I'll look it over. Grammar and editing is my life. Sad as that is. ;p