Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Four Things meme

Four Things Meme...

Yes, I'm alive. I'm trying to get some things done so I can blog. Sigh.

I've been tagged for this meme by Jill and Brie and it just slipped out of my mind ^_^; Major oups... but here it is.

4 Jobs I've Had
volunteer librarian
sale clerk

4 Movies I've Watched Over and Over
Lord of the Ring
Back to the Future
Pirates of the Carrabeans

4 Places I've Lived
Montreal island
*only lived in 3

4 Shows I Watch
House M.D.
Grey's Anatomy
Amazing Race

4 Places I've Been
Hong Kong
Las Vegas
Los Angeles

4 Things I Love To Eat
Ice cream
Libanese potatoes with garlic sauce

4 Places I'd Rather Be
In bed
On a trip
At the bookstore
Anywhere else other than work

4 Things I Look Forward To
Easter (it means 4 days week-end)
Getting my book order
My next trip

So whoever is up for the meme is being tagged :P


  1. Hi Nath, What research did you do as a scientist? I totally forgot about Heros. I love Peter!

  2. I love ice cream too. What is your favorite flavor?

  3. Jill - LOL, I'm still in research... actually scientist is my main job and receptionist, my side job :P I have a background in biochemistry, a master in biotechnology and I'm doing mainly High Throughput Screening. Boring.

    I only like the first season of Heroes. The second is boring imo.

    Isabel - Hmmmm, that's a tough question LOL :) Depends on the kind of ice cream... If it's soft ice cream, I like vanilla and chocolate together. For gelato - I love pistachio and lemon and also vanilla... Regular ice cream then anything's good LOL :) Have to say though, lately, I've really been into green tea ice cream. and you?