Sunday, March 30, 2008

Las Vegas to Los Angeles via Laughlin

Hmmm, Ames went ahead and did a post on the trip... ah well. Not to be outdone, here are some videos of the trip. Since Ames did such a good job summarizing the trip, I'll spare you with my ramblings :)

I have to say I really enjoyed the trip and I was really lucky I made it :) Remember the pre-jitters before the trip? Well it wasn't for nothiing. The night prior my departure, we had ice pellets and snow. As a result, my flight was delayed about 3 hours. I was supposed to fly at 10.15, but I don't think we left before 1pm ^_^; I kept stressing, because I thought "delayed" would just become "cancelled"... and I was really worried for Ames, who got there before me... cos I had everything: car rental reservation, room reservation, tickets for "O"... but in the end I did make it.

Originally, we were supposed to have enough time between our arrival and the show to walk around and relax... and catch a nap. However, because it was delayed, I didn't get a chance to nap... result? I was ultra- tired at the end of the day and I nodded off during the Cirque du Soleil show. Arghh!!!! At least, I tried to limit my nodding off at the clowns and not the acrobats.

Here is the fountain show in front of Bellagio:

The next day, we visited a bit of Vegas. Here are the frolicking dolphins at the Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat of the Mirage.

By the way, the google directions weren't all that bad. I think that out of 5 maps that I had printed prior the trips, 4 were correct. It just turned out that the one to go from Las Vegas to Laughlin made us do a detour. Luckily, we caught it and went straight on the highway... As for the sign, well it was quite small and not well-lit. that's why I missed it. Luckily, we didn't have to drive too long in order to make a U-turn.

As Ames said, Holly and MM's families are very welcoming and friendly. They really didn't make us feel like outsiders and it was great spending time with them :D what was also fun is that we got to spend more time with Holly than I thought, you know, her being the bride and having so many guests. Also, I had a great time with Daphne and P! :) Those two girls are awesome! Too bad we live so far away from each other and can't get together on a more regular basis! I miss you girls!

Oh, just an aside... you know from Isabel and Holly's story about MM and Joey at Outback.. well I always thought that the Bloomin' Onion was a drink... which I mean, ewww! LOL... turns out it wasn't ^_^;

This is the best video I got from the trip :D The groom kissing the bride!!!

See how it's sunny? It was quite warm as well :D Perfect temperature for a wedding :D Meanwhile, in Montreal... they had a snowstorm!!! and the airport closed down. Luckily, I wasn't coming home on that day.

Another great moment of the trip was meeting Rosie, Lori and Wendy at Victoria Gardens Mall! I had a great time, but I wish I had more pictures :) Also wish I could have done some shopping... it's really a nice place. It was also our first opportunity to go bookshopping!!! LOL and I did quickly raid Rosie's favorite Borders :D

Finally, we made it to Los Angeles. It's unfortunate that we didn't get to stay longer :( Since I have family in LA, I had to visit... so I didn't get to hang out as much with Rowena as Ames. Not fair! But hey, YogourtLand was awesome LOL :)

Can you see Rowena behind my cup of yogourt? And the next pic is me eating crawfish... like the bib? Apparently, it's very popular right now... crawfish, not the bib. and LOL, we did indeed spent most of the trip eating... very well :) (except for the first day)...


  1. So, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? LOL
    I have been there 3 times and love it! Need to go back again. *G*

  2. Great pics - and that fountain show is AWESOME!! How often does it run? I think I could stay and watch it for hours!

  3. I love the water at the Bellagio. Love it. I try to go every time we are in Vegas. Love the videos. You two did such a great job capturing the trip.

  4. Katie - I guess... although not much happened, except running here and there LOL

    Kristie - I have no idea how often it runs, Kristie! I only know we were really lucky to catch it right after the show!

    Isabel - Thanks :D at least, you saw the groom kissing the bride :D

    Rosie - It's really nice, the water show :) Can't wait to go back to South California :P