Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Travelling pre-jitters....

Ha. I bet everyone was expecting to see the word "jitters" appear in one of Holly's posts, considering that she's the bride. However, the future Mrs. MM is not nervous, because she knows they are right for each other. Instead, I'm the one who has a bad case of travelling pre-jitters. Sigh.

It's always been that way. Ever since I can remember travelling, i.e. leaving home for a few days, I get travelling pre-jitters. Which is sad. I spend months planning, getting my spirits up, getting excited... and then boom. Few days before the trip, I don't feel like going anymore. I'm asking myself, "Why did I want to go?" I think it has nothing to do with the trip, but everything to do with leaving home. I get anxious... and I'm a worrier... so I'm worried about all kind of things... I mean, I know that I'll have fun once I get there and all... but I can't help worrying.

My biggest worry right now (aside from never seeing my parents and sister and the house) is the weather. They are forecasting ice pellets... like 15-20cm of snow and 15mm of rain. Ugh. However, it's been snowing and raining so much and this is Montreal, in Quebec. So they should be used to it...right? right?

anyway, on a lighter note... SoCal bloggers. Any books you'd like for me to bring?


  1. No books cookie...just you and Ames in one piece please! Besides to tell the truth I'm so excited to see you and my sisters in the same weekend I can't think straight to see what books I might want you to bring.

    Be safe. Try not to worry. I do that whole travel jitters thing all the time.

  2. You'll be fine. Just have fun and relax. :)

  3. travel safe! we'll see you next week!

  4. OMG!! I thought it was only me - I thought it was my anxiety. I get the pre-jitters also and you know I'm still around ;) I look so forward to going away and then three days before I start to get antsy and not want to go anymore either.

    But, I've met you sweets and you have so much energy and joy I know you'll have a great time once you get there.

    Heck, I'm excited for you and Ames! I keep thinking 'if only I had taken a train out!'.

    Have fun and many happy thoughts for you!


  5. I love to travel. Hope all things pan out smooth and safe!

    Have fun everyone- wish I could be there too!