Saturday, June 13, 2009

Alrighty... aka Day 2 and Day 3

All right, I haven't been online blogging as much as I think I would be, but Kristie and Cindy have been LOL :) So you can always go to their blogs and find out what we have been up to :) Otherwise, keep reading :)

Day 2 of my trip was a very gray and rainy day... First thing I did when I woke up was to sneak to the basement and shelve books LOL :) Kristie was still sleeping and I thought I'd at least finish what we started the day before. Then I went up and saw Kristie reading on the couch :D LOL, that is the great thing with Kristie. There's no awkward moments and when she can, she'll just whip out her book and start reading. Some people, you always have to be there and "entertain" them... but Kristie is fine if I do my own stuff for a little while.

So the plan for Day 2 was to go to the UBS, then grocery, then FutureShop to pick up Kristie's new toy (her laptop) and get back home to eat. Which we did :) I love going to the bookstores with other readers, because you can discuss books and suggest authors and so on. Kristie asked me a couple of times "Nath, do you read this author?" Yeah, I know... what you want to know is how many books I got... well 18 books for 80$ :) Not bad... and 1 of them is a book that I've been looking for A LONG TIME. Like everytime I go to a UBS in the past 2 years, I'll have to look for it - Calder's Rose by Kate Angell. I also got a Metsy Hingle book that I couldn't find anywhere else. Overall, I did good I think :) I'll compile the list of books I got though once I'm home... so you all will have to be a bit patient :)

Once we got home, we ate lunch - it was a very quick lunch, what with Kristie's new laptop taunting us!! Earlier that morning, I have set up the router and created a network and needed to find out if it worked. Then, there was also the wireless mouse...and guess what? It was all easy peachy!! (well, I thought the mouse was the trickiest thing! ^_^;;;)

We read a little, played with the laptop a little and after that we were off... to go see Star Trek again! :) I say again because it was the 2nd time for Kritie and the 3rd time for me. It's still a great movie, I really enjoyed it :) and since it was a matinee (3.40pm) presentation, it was cheap. Popcorn and drink was double the price of the ticket. Anyway, still love the movie! I really can't wait till the DVD comes out to watch the special features!!!

Once we were back home, we - well Kristie - prepared supper (steaks and baked potatoes, miam miam) and after that, it was time the result show of So You Think You Can Dance. We watched the show with Ames via webcam :) I know, we're dorks, but that way, it feels like she is with us :) Both Ames and Kristie were very disappointed to see Tony go, because they liked him. Ames called out Paris being kicked out. I still think the coverage of the top 20 this year has been unfair. They are many faces that are unknown to the public still because they were under the radar during the auditions. I wonder how that is going to work out.

I also showed Kristie how to upload pictures on her computer - hence the long overdue post on her kitchen :) and I played around a little with Kristie's blog template. I noticed that Kristie would often change the font and color of her post font and wondered why... Turns out she didn't like the default font and she wanted a different color than black. Well Kristie, let me help you out :) Then, Kristie called it a night because the evening before, she stayed up to watch the movie Let It Rain on TV and had gone to bed at 1am :)

I was so relieved that Day 3 turned out to be a gorgeous day! :) We didn't really have a plan yesterday... except getting to Cindy's house. So we laze a little bit in the morning, watching Kristie's cats play and read. Then, we head to the post office to send some books :) Yeah, I know, weird that I would send some books when I'm on vacation... but otherwise, I don't have time when I have to work. Afterwards we went to the mall next to Kristie's house. Did I say I love where Kristie lives? It's like 2 minutes away from the a main street and there's a huge mall as well as a Chapter, FutureShop and all those big stores. It's just great!! Anyway, we went to the mall so I could buy some stuff for my sister. See, in Quebec province, we don't have Bath and Body Works - so my sister wanted me to get her some shampoo (but no conditioner) if it was cheap. Before going to the mall, I noticed that Kristie got a coupon via email (20% off) so we spent 15-20 minutes trying to print it out! For some reason, Kristie's printer won't "feel" the paper and the ink might be dry ^_^; Luckily, Kristie bought a new printer when she got the laptop (it was only 30$) and it was already set up on the laptop... Anyway, long story short, I got the coupon and was really happy... then I got to the store and realized that the coupon was only valid in US stores. Right, it's useless for me then. So the lesson? Read the fine print, it will save you time! Anyway, it didn't matter really because it was the semi-annual sale so they had some great deals (well I guess, cos I don't really know the price of these stuff, so I'm assuming here). Problem is that I was overwhelm and had absolutely no idea what to get... so we had to find a pay phone so I could call my sister and ask her. We grabbed lunch and then, went back to Bath and Body Works. Seriously, even knowing was she wants, it was hard - which scent smelled the best, where was the stuff, what is the difference with these 2 soaps. Ugh. But at least, I got her some stuff, so she can't complain once I get home.

We quickly stopped by Future Shop to get a protective case for Kristie's new laptop. Ugh, couldn't find a 16'' though, so had to buy a 17". It's not too bad though, since the mouse fits in. Then, home again... Kristie packed and we had to get all the books that she was planning to get for the book exchange... and off we were to Cindy's.

The ride took one hour... but I only remember half of it ^_^; Yes, I'm really bad. If I'm not the one driving, then I can't keep my eyes open. Kristie made reallly good time and she remembered how to get to Cindy's house without any directions. Once we arrived, we were warmly welcomed by Cindy and Bob :) You know all of Cindy's pics of her house? All the work that Bob has done? Well it's even better when you see it with your own eyes :)

We chatted, caught up with each other. Went to a nice pub for supper. Quick dip into the pool - it's really a nice pool :) But the bugs were starting to show up :( Then, once we were back, Kristie showed off her new laptop and Ames was actually online so we had a video call and talked... for 3 HOURS! LOL, when we stopped, it was 1am! Definitively time for bed :P By the way, does anyone know how to have video calls with more than one person?

So there you have it :) Detailed summary of what we've been up to. What I need to do now is take more pictures :) I didn't take any of me and Kristie's so far... because, well who's going to take the picture? So now that our number has doubled (Bob), it's going to be picture time!! :)

So now, we're lazing around Cindy's house... waiting patiently for noon time when we'll meet up with Lea and Mary for the official Canadian Blogger Meet :) Can't wait!! :)


  1. I can't wait for the pictures!!

  2. I haven't gotten to Cindy's or Kristie's blogs yet so this is my first accounting of your big weekend. It sounds like you guys are having a wonderful time. Say hi and like Ames, I can't wait for pictures either.

    P.S. I'm glad you liked the Carolyn Jewel book. Wait until you read the next one!

  3. Sounds as though you're having so much fun!

    Am waiting for the pics too...

  4. This sounds like so much fun! Can't wait for pics!

  5. Ames - Sigh, pictures... I'm afraid I'll have to wait till I get home ^_^; Sorry. I wanted to take one of everyone with their new books, but alas, I've packed all mine. Maybe I can take that one home... we'll see... but there will be some up, I promise!

    Rosie - Oh gosh, I love trips like this, Rosie. Where I can laze around and just hang out with the people I'm visiting. No pressure :P

    Oh, guess what I found at the UBS? Lord Ruin by Carolyn Jewel. I was actually looking for The Spare, because you just reviewed it, but I didn't find it :(

    Li - Yes, we did :) Yes, we did :)

    Amy - I'll work on it :) Going to try to get the pictures up as soon as possible :P

  6. I'm waiting for the pics, too! *g*

    It's great that you all are having so much fun! :D

  7. Taja - LOL, the pics are now up :)

    It was great! I hope you enjoy your vacation!