Monday, June 15, 2009

Canadian Blogger Meet 2 pictures!!

All right, so here is what everyone has been waiting for... Pictures!!

Admittedly, I didn't take as many pictures as I should... and I realized that I don't have a picture of me with only Kristie :( However, I still have some and they'll be nice memories :)

So first, Kritie's books room... or, as I like to call it, every romance reader's dream room :) Kristie has posted pictures of her books room in the past, but here are some updated ones :) Also, as a bonus, here you get a little video :)

Gorgeous, isn't it? I like to compare it with a wine cellar, except for books :) It's even better than a wine cellar when you think about it, because it's more colorful. Check out the miniature boat models in the first pic!

Here is part of Kristie's TBR pile that I helped her re-organized...

It's just too bad that I forgot to take the final result! Kristie, maybe you can take a pic of it! :) Also, what was fun in Kristie's books room is to find the duplicates! :) It was like playing "Memory"... you know the game where you'd have cards and have to remember where the pairs are? Well here, you would spot a book and be like, "Hmmm, where have I seen you before?" and there were quite a few duplicates :) The funniest was when we went to the UBS and Kristie bought To Have and To Hold by Patricia Gaffney... When she showed me, I was like, "Kristie, I think I just saw it yesterday..." LOL, she still bought it, just to be on the safe side :)

So when I went on the trip, I had a few pictures request by Ames and Cindy. First was the books room, so that's done. Second was the kitchen and I did take some, but then, Kristie went and did a post about it... so I won't post them again. I really like her kitchen (especially the blue) and quite frankly, anything is better than what she had before :) Cindy and Kristie had a discussion when viewing the pictures and I have to say, I was completely lost LOL :) Finally, the last request was Kristie's new kitten, Cali the Calico Cat or as Kristie likes to call her, the Destructo-Cat :)

I'm not really a pet lover and I'm allergic to cats... but Cali was a very cute kitten. Very playful and energetic :) I tried taking a pic of the two cats playing together, but didn't work very well ^_^;

So for the official Canadian Blogger Meet #2, I don't really have pictures. Cindy and Lea have a few and Lea did a post here. Still, I was able to snap one or two or four :) These were taken when we got back to Cindy's place...

So here we are, at the end of a great and memorable day...

LOL, these are nice pictures... but they aren't the ones you want, right? What you really want... is to know which books we bought, right? :) Well here it is...

Doesn't Cindy look like an author in that pic? :) So those are the books that Cindy got at the UBS, Chapters and through the book exchange. Here is Kristie's haul in Ancaster. She did score a few books in the London UBS, but LOL, of course, she didn't bring them to Cindy's. Overall though, Kristie was a very good girl :) Since she's going to the RWA, she limited herself...

LOL, quite frankly, I was very impressed at everyone's restraint - especially Lea and Mary. Everywhere I went, I just kept piling the books. Ames says I don't have much restraint... and that's true ^_^; Thing is, many books I found in Ontario were rare books to me, real gems! So I couldn't pass right? In addition, I think not buying books the month just before the trip just added to the impulse/binging. All right, all right... here they are:

The books in the first pictures are the ones I bought in Chapters. The second pic are the ones I got from Kristie, the 3rd pic - from Cindy. The 4th and 5th pics are books I got from the UBS, the first one in London and the second one, in Burlington. In total, I brought back 58 books... LOL, total score!!

So yeah, imagine fitting all those books in the suitcase ^_^; It wasn't easy!! And the last picture has all the books in it :)

A very fruitful trip :)

And there you have it, all the pics...


  1. Ok Nath
    I'm totally impressed. That pile of books is bigger than you are LOL!

  2. Holy cow! 58 books! You make me look sooo good! I just told Bob - I have never come home with 58 books, LOL!! So thanks!

    I am sooo jealous of Kristie's book store... errr book room.

  3. *lights cigarette*

    Thanks for the Book Porn! :-)

  4. Nath, thanks for the pics and the video. It was great to hear your and Kristie's voices. I really like your "Ohhhhhhh" in the video. *g* And Kristie's book room - fabulous. I'm jealous.

    Now your pile of books...LOLOL! Are you sure you didn't need a second suitcase for them? ;) Anyway, good for you! And yeah, I'm jealous again. *g*

  5. DOH:

    I didn't know you bought that many!!!

    This post is a book addicts paradise. :)

    Thank you for the Kristie library tour - I am in awe.

    Awesome post Nath, thank you.


  6. OMG! Kristie has a BOOK STORE! LOLOL! I'm so jealous... I only have three measly book cases that I have to keep cleaning up (I have to give away my books to make space) :( It's TOUGH deciding what to keep and what to give away let me tell ya.(The miseries of apartment living)

    But, nath! 58 books! You lucky girl... I see you came home with some treasures. Enjoy, enjoy!

  7. What I wouldn't give to spend a few hours (OK, days) in Kristie's book room! If only to get my Old School Romance Love fix :-)

    Out of your haul Nath I saw Connor's Way by Laura Lee Guhrke - which is very hard to find (at least in the states) and I know it's one of Kristie's faves. Alas, my copy is still in the TBR. Also, I LOVED Bad Moon Rising by Katherine Sutcliffe. LOVED IT! She's retired from writing now, which is a massive shame, because I really enjoyed her romantic suspense titles.

    And I have come home with 58 books before! Usually when a UBS is having a going out of business sale. I can't help myself. I have to rescue the Harlequins....

  8. What a great haul, nath!

    I see you got both old (Lord Ruin) and new (My Forbidden Desire) Carolyn Jewel. Lucky girl.

    Thanks for the pics and video. I loved seeing Kristie's room!

  9. 58 books to pack home? That's my kind of shopping! I would be so giddy and anxious to return home to read the books. hehe!

  10. Mary G - LOL, no it's not :P Close though...

    Lori - Glad I could help you out :) Ain't Bob just happy to have you LOL :)

    LOL,Kristie's book room is just so awesome :P and with the multiple copies, it could pass off for a bookstore... but then, it's more of a collection :)

    Seton - LOL, you're welcome :) Any wet dreams? :P

    Taja - LOL, it's just something when you get in. I mean, most of us have a lot of books... but we don't have enough place to display it!

    Nope, didn't need a second suitcase... and everything would have fit perfectly if I didn't buy two pairs of shoes (me and my sis).

    Lea - Kay, gotta ask, what does DOH stand for?

    LOL, they were upstairs in the guest room :) LOL :)Was too embarrassed to show them off, especially given the amount you and Mary bought.

    Hilcia - LOL :) You're good, being to weed it out. I can't, I try... but seriously.

    Wendy - LOL :) She does have so many books!! and everywhere as well throughout the house!

    The only reason I know Ms Guhrke has written a book named Connor's Way is because Kristie has mentioned somewhere that it was her favorite book. I was going to borrow her copy, but then she had a duplicate... so lucky me :P

    LOL, thank you Wendy! You make me feel so much better LOL :)

    Renee - I know, Renee! I'm quite proud of myself!

    Yep, Rosie just made me discover Carolyn Jewel, so I took advantage of my trip :)

    Tabitha - LOL, I know!! I was so worried on my way home that they would lose my suitcase ^_^;

  11. I am in awe!!! I normally squeeze quite a few books into my suitcase when on hols, but you beat me hands down.

    Love the pics - thanks for posting!

  12. Love Kristie's book cellar. Gives me some ideas...

    Thanks for sharing the great pics. You all look like you had a great time. :)

  13. Nath is crafty. I had no idea she had 58 books. That would explain Bob's look of sheer terror when he went to lift her suitcase. And yes, she made them all fit!

    I love the picture of Cali and Zina - Cali is like 'I'm the Queen of Books!' and Zina all 'Like whatever'.

    And was that Kristie's new couch in the TBR picture?


  14. I didn't realize you had taken so much video *g*. And I loved your moan of delight when you walked in. I knew you had gotten quite a few - but I didn't know you had got that many!! And to think - you walked around carrying that many books. You're strong for a little one ;-)

  15. Li - LOL, I have a lot of experience packing. You know when they say light traveler? That is so NOT me LOL :P It's always a headache when it comes time to go home... and you know what? I like it :)

    Leslie - Do you have a book room? Or do you plan to have one? :P

    and yes, I definitively had a great time :)

    Cindy - LOL, I only counted them when I got home. I didn't want to scare myself or anyone :P and LOL, yes, that would be why Bob thought my suitcase was a little heavy LOL :)

    Ames said Cali and Zina looked like gladiators circling the ring :) and they kind of look like it too :P

    Yep, that's the new couch in the TBR pic.

    Kristie - LOL, anticipation! It's like "Tada!"

    I know! Me neither! I mean, you put them in a pile and you don't really count right? :P

    And like I told everyone, I just have lots of experience when it comes to carrying books :P

  16. Oh wow!! First off Kristie, you have the most awesome book collection!!! Holy Cow, I could spend weeks in that room and be in paradise.

    Secondly, I love seeing the pictures of your book haul!! I see many of my favorites: Lucky's Lady, Bad Moon Rising and books I have been wanting to read: How to Score, Daring Time...

    How fun and thanks for sharing with me!

    Now the only question remains: What will you read next?!

  17. How cool are these pictures?!! Again, so exciting that you all got to spend time together - and more than a few hours.

    Kristie's book room is amazing! I could spend hours in there. :)

  18. Jill - Isn't it awesome? My parents have offered me to take the basement... after seeing Kristie's room, I'm thinking about it :D

    I don't know what I'll be reading next ^_^;

    Tracy - Very cool LOL :)

  19. Nath, That's cool. Sounds like your parents are pretty supportive of your reading habits, LOL! That would be awesome if you got the basement. I live in Florida and we don't have basements. So jealous! I am working on my reread challenge for this month. It's a Jayne Anne Krentz.

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  21. Nath! I love the pictures!!! Wow Kristie has some room! I completely green with envy!! Ugh, I wish I had a basement to doll up and make my library. But I think my husband knows I'd probably never leave, lol!

    BTW, sorry about the last comment that I deleted. My hubby had been updating his softball league blog, and it wasn't until I posted that I realized I was still signed in as him, lol.

  22. Jill - Right, you're re-reading Trust Me right? :)

    Well, they are kind of supportive. They'd like for me to stop buying books or at least, buy less... and I don't like how my mom eyes my books when she's annoyed at me LOL. However, I am running out of place and they figure my room would be cleaner if I took the books downstairs.

    Sucks that you don't have a basement!!

    Barbara - Kristie sure has a nice room!! Isn't it awesome? It would be heaven, right? :)