Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wallpaper meme

Huh, it just down on me that last week, at the same time... I was on a train towards Kristie... Today? I'm stuck at work. Time really does fly!!! Unfortunately, it keeps flying in the wrong direction! ^_^;

Today is the TBR Day. Luckily, I have my book read at the beginning of the month, so all I have to do is write a review :) Only problem is I just have so many things to talk about!! and well, I'm trying to space it out, so I don't inundate everyone's Google Reader. So while I'm writing my review and mulling over what I want to say for tomorrow, enjoy an image of my wallpaper :)

Kristie has revived this old Wallpaper meme. I only have a desktop, so only one wallpaper... and nothing as hot as what Kristie has LOL :) By the way, I do not take responsibility for Kristie's laptop wallpaper. She said she wanted Nico Archambault (the winner of Canada's SYTYCD) as her wallpaper and while I was looking for something more sensible, she chose that pic :P

Anyway, my wallpaper is a from Eyeshield21 - a Japanese manga about American football which has just ended last week T_T While I would have preferred to have more characters from ES21 in the wallpaper, this one just grabbed me. It's sooo pretty - look at the colors! Ahhh, I so love manga wallpapers :D


  1. Ah, another manga lover. Abby loves manga, draws it all the time. I like the colors of this one and the expression on his face. :)

    Nath - help me please. What's the coding for having the image open in a new window. Thanks!

  2. LOL - you really did like that Manga story didn't you?? I'm not that familiar with Manga, but that is pretty cool!

  3. Leslie - I take it Abby is your daughter? :P Seriously, manga are great :D

    Love the colors as well! That's what drew me to this one. There aren't that many ES21 wallpapers that are pretty :(

    Kristie - LOL, yes, I did like this one :) Well you know, these series grow on you, especially when you read one from beginning to end... I mean, this manga was serialized for what, over 6 years!

  4. Love the Manga cover...

    So cool, liking the colours as well.