Monday, June 01, 2009

Re-Read Challenge: May Winner :)

LOL, I gotta say that yesterday morning, I was a bit worried because they were about 5 bloggers who seemed to have completed the challenge ^_^; but in the end, we had a very decent turn-out: 15 reviews are up! :) I'll take it, I think it's a very good number :)

Contemporary and historical romances seem to dominate the list this month, actually I think that half of the reviews were historicals and the other genres were left to pick up the crumbs :P The author of this month is Judith McNaught who got three reviews, mine included. Funny coincidence, no?

All right, so enough babbling :)

The winner this month is:


Congratulation Kristie!! I'll give you your prize next week when we meet :P (This was absolutely not set-up! Total coincidence, but a happy one :P)


  1. WOOHOO! BIG Congrats My dear!

  2. Squeeeeaaallll - now another reason I can hardly wait until next week - just think - NEXT WEEK!!

  3. Kristie - LOL, I know!! I can't wait either!!