Saturday, August 01, 2009

Re-Read Challenge: July!

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The end of another month, woohooo!! LOL :) Personally, I can't wait for August and September because there are some awesome releases coming out :)

So what did people re-read this month? Are you curious? LOL, I am wondering... Did the nice weather (well someone is bound to have some nice weather), heat and vacation cramped your reading time? :P

Well, let's find out :) For those who want to be eligible for the 10$ gift certificate contest, you have to leave a comment in this post with the link of your review. You have till August 1st to do so (the whole day). I'll draw a winner on Sunday, August 2nd.

By the way, even if you don't make the deadline for the contest, feel free to post your re-read review and a link here :P

Kris: Psy-Changelings series (1 to 5) by Nalini Singh
Lori: Lord Perfect by Loretta Chase
Taja: Courting Trouble by Nonnie St. George
Isabel: Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase
Ames: Open Season by Linda Howard
Tracy: A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole
Kat: Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh
Nath: Sweet Baby by Sharon Sala
Leslie: A Heart So Wild by Johanna Lindsey


  1. Alas!! I don't think I'm going to make it for this month's challenge. I lost two prime reading weeks - one while I was in DC and the next week I spent recuperating. But I will try and do 2 for August to make up for it!!

  2. Mine's posted. Kept my theme, too :)

  3. Mine's posted:

  4. Ahh, I'm not the only one who didn't complete the challenge for July! I feel so much better.

    I did reread two last month! But only used one for the challenge.

  5. mine is up

  6. Kristie - It's okay, kristie :) You have extenuating circumstances!! Very good reason why you haven't completed the challenge :)

    LOL, that would be fun if you could do a twofer next month, but no pressure!

    Amy C - You're definitively not the only one Amy. Kristie didn't make it and Jill either. Anyway, this is just for fun :P

    You could write-up a review for your other re-read from last month, but do you mind if I don't enter you in the draw for the gift certificate?

  7. Oh no, that's okay, Nath :). I actually did do a review for the second book and posted it like right at the end of June. I thought about using it for my July reread but felt like I'd be cheating since I didn't actually read it in July! :D

  8. ooo I MUST get mine up this month!


    That's my review for the month of July! A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole. :)

  10. Here's mine - Johanna Lindsey's A Heart So Wild.

  11. OK, totally fell down on it this month. :-(

    Looking forward to making the rounds of reviews, though, and I'll be back on the horse in August!

  12. Renee - I'll look forward to it, Renee! :D