Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Want to hear more about my book adventures?

So yesterday, I was in a mood. I just woke up and felt blah... and then, the day proceeded to go oh so slowly!! I think that part of me just want to see my supervisor gone, LOL :) He's going on vacation and this mean, freedom for me. Yes I will have work, but at least, I don't have to linger around the lab afterwards. I can also come later... Shape my schedule more accordingly to the workload. However, for now, I have to suffer through: "You'll be very busy. We need to talk about this, do that, test this... and oh, check that. Do we have enough? Order this, let's wait for that." Simply ughhhh. Also, he had me do BLAST search. I don't know if anyone who reads my blog work in the molecular biology field... but I definitively hate doing BLAST search, unless we're looking for a specific intent. I was checking for the specificity of primers and since they are only 20bp long, no fun. Accession numbers, different name for same genes, location, etc. It's simply madness and a lot of this, I don't get - or don't bother to get.

So yes, the day went by slowly... and I was sooo looking forward to what came after work: buying books and going to the movies. I had a couple of 5$ off if you buy for 35$ and more coupons that I was planning to use... So I went through my list of wanted books and started making a new one: in which bookstore the book was available and the price. So I could plan where I was going to buy the book and make it for 35$.

The plan was simple... Leave work at around 5.30pm and get to Stanley street where I could park for free starting from 6pm. I love free parking since parkingmeters cost 3$/hour and you can only pay for 2 hours at a time... Especially when you go see a movie like Transformers which is 2.5 hours long. So even if it means I have to wait in the car to be sure not to get a ticket, I don't mind. Since it was Tuesday, I only had to get there about 15minutes early... and I got lucky, because turns out that the other street where I could have gotten free parking? Not yesterday, since there's doing construction, so you can't park. So youppi me.

So yes, the plan:

Go to Chapters --> Stop at the bank --> Buy movie tickets --> Go to Indigo --> Transformers 2

All that in one hour, since I could only leave the car at 6pm and the movie started at 7.05pm. Quick, quick, to Chapters. While there, my sister calls me, she just got out of the bus. Where do we meet up? Hmmm, she needs to walk up the hill, so it'll take her at least, 15 minutes. Tell her to call me back when she's closer.

So I found How To Tame A Modern Rogue by Diana Holquist. I haven't enjoyed many of her books, but this one sounded cute. Located The Stranger I married by Sylvia Day and Stolen Heat by Elisabeth Naughton, but I'll keep those for Indigo... Then, I looked into my bag... and guess what? Well yes, of course, I FORGOT MY FREAKING LIST AT WORK!!! ^_^; I mean, it was bound to happen right? Spent the whole day making it, and I forgot it. Shoot. Luckily, I have a good memory. Got to the fantasy section and picked up Greywalker, Poltergeist and Underground by Kat Richardson. I've been on an Urban Fantasy kick lately and lucky for me, I'm getting recommendations from great sources :) So looked down in my hands and made a quick calculation: 8.50$ + 3 x 9.99$ = 38.47$ - 10% = 34.63$ Yep, I'm about 0.40$ short of 35$... so my coupon won't work ^_^; Trudge back to the romance section and pick up The Stranger I married by Sylvia Day. Now, I'm over for sure so rush to the cash.

After getting money at the bank, my sister calls me. I give her two choices: either she buys the movie ticket or wait for me at Indigo. Of course, she elected to wait for me. So I went to the movie counter... Luckily, there weren't that many people yet. Bought the tickets, the guy at the cash told me: "Sold a lot of tickets already, theater most probably will be full. You'll have to sit in the front." Yay - not... but since Transformers is not playing in many theaters anymore, don't have a choice. So got the tickets and rushed to Indigo. Met up quickly with my sister and gave her the ticket. Told her that we might get bad seats - she told me: "Buy your books, I'll go wait." Sometimes, I love my sister :) Sometimes :P

So there I am, rushing through the bookstore... I couldn't find Bad Moon Rising by Sherrilyn Kenyon on display on the main floor - bad sigh. Look around on the hardcovers display - not there either. Shit, are you kidding me? Don't tell me they haven't put it out yet... Look into the romance section under "K"... Ahhhhh, three copies. Grabbed one... then of course, I couldn't find Stolen Heat - ugh. That's what I hate about Indigo. I love the bookstore, the atmosphere, but htey are sooo slow to put the books out. It doesn't matter though because I know they have Homicide by Hardcover by Kate Calisle since I checked last week. So grab that one and went to pay.

Now, I had three coupons and I knew in my head - I could have used them all. But for the life of me, I coudn't remember what other books were on my list. Stolen Heat by Elisabeth Naughton... Dark Time by Dakota Banks (although I'm not sure about that one)... What else, what else? Anyway, I didn't have time to look around once more, so I left it at that. I mean, not bad right?

Went to the movies, my sister was lining up and not many people in front of us, that's great :) Went to the bathroom - hey, the movie is 2.5 hours long! Then, got out - my sister was still lining up. Okay, went to buy food: popcorn and bretzels... Bretzels are not as popular here than in the States... I know that when I go to California, I love eating Bretzels with the different topings. Miam miam... and drink lemonade. We used to have a Bretzels place, but it didn't survive... so now, the only Bretzels place remaining was in the movie theater and it was so so only ^_^; Anyway, of course, their machine for jalapenos cheese is broken, so I had to go to another concession stand. Got my cheese and then, went to sit... My sister got some good place, so we were not in the front, youppi :)

And guess what time it was? 6.45 only :) Time to spare!

So to sum it up, here are my new beautifuls:

Once I got home, I went blog-hopping and ended up on Kristie's blog... and damn, I know which I'm missing: Fire King by Marjorie Liu! Shoot! Do you think I'll have time to sneak to the bookstore at some point?

Yes, I know, I'm obssessed... but that's me LOL :P


  1. How To Tame a Modern Rogue was a cute read. I think you'll enjoy it.

  2. LOL, nath, what a day! Yet, you still managed to get almost all your books... you did great. Only one more book.

    How to Tame a Modern Rogue definitely caught my eye. ;)

  3. What a day! So glad you got all those books! I've been looking at the HOlquist. Let me know how it is.

    And I can't wait to hear what you think of the Day. I loved TSIM.

  4. "I FORGOT MY FREAKING LIST AT WORK!!!" I swear we're related. LOL I print author booklists, excel lists - then forget to bring them with or don't update them and end up with duplicates. :)

    I've been eyeing the Kat Richarson series, so I'm glad you're giving those a try. :)

  5. Katiebabs - Thanks, I hope so too. So far, the author's been hit and miss, so I don't know... but still willing to try it out, so I guess can't be too bad :P

    Hilcia - LOL, I know! What I wouldn't do for books ^_^;

    Lori - I'll try to read it soon, so I'll let you know :)

    Ames liked TSIM a lot as well... but knowing you liked it as well, sounds like it's going to be a good book :D

    Leslie - LOL, happens all the time no? So frustrating sometimes, LOL :)

    I'll let you know for the Kat Richardson... I've been eying it for a couple of years... so glad they're being printed in mass market format :D

  6. Great collection, nath!

    The list thing is why I keep mine on my blog. I can check it on my Palm and don't have to remember to bring it with me. :-P

    That Sylvia Day looks really good.

    I really like the Kat Richardson's. Good series, but I think the 3rd book is the best! :-)

  7. Nath, I so like to hear about your book hunting adventures! :)

    "Well yes, of course, I FORGOT MY FREAKING LIST AT WORK!!! ^_^; I mean, it was bound to happen right? Spent the whole day making it, and I forgot it."

    - LOL! I'm the same. Or when I go grocery shopping because I've run out of one item I really need, and when I'm back home I discover I've bought all kinds of things just not the one I went out for in the first place. *headdesk*

    But you still managed a very nice haul. I see you got a Kenyon. *g* (Did you already see the comment Christine's left for you re: Kenyon on my blog?)

    Oh, and how was the movie? :)

  8. Renee - LOL, I don't have a Palm or any portable devices on which I can go on internet while I'm in the bookstore :) So that's no an option for me... and I like writing things out LOL :P

    I'll let you know about the Sylvia Day - if I read it soon :)

    I'm glad you like the Kat Richardson series, I've been wanting to try it out a long time ago... are you getting the 4th book soon?

    Taja - LOL, that's what I thought since so many people thought my previous post was funny LOL :P

    Isn't it annoying? I mean, I did the same thing, exact same thing that morning. I went to the garage to get a water bottle for lunch - I got 4, one for everyone in the family... and then, I get to work, open my bag to get the water... and it's not there! *headdesk* indeed, LOL :)

    I intend for Bad Moon Rising to be my last in this series. No more! but of course, you never know ^_^; I think I read Christine's comment, but now, I can't remember...

    I went to see Transformers 2.

  9. What we do for our precious books ;) I always forget my book list and apparently the books I'm looking for don't stand up and whistle to get my attention.


  10. I am so FRACKIN tired of bookstores and all their bullshit, so I'm going to try and stick exclusively to ebooks and ordering online.

    As much as I love brick and mortar bookstores, the inconvenience is just too much.


    Hand up here!! I spent weeks before I went to DC doing research - checking to see which authors would be there - which books I would get at the literacy signing and which at the publisher signings, went and bought ink for the printer the day before when I should have been packing, printed list, put the list down on the table at the second author I went to get a book at - and promptly forgot just about every one I had on there! I'm still playing catch-up *g*.
    And if you see the lengthy list I just posted about books I bought - I still feel as if I just HAVE to get the Diana Holquist book!

  12. Cindy - LOL, I wish they would!! But then, LOL, if books could stand up and whistle, they would all, no? Not only the ones you want to buy LOL :P

    Ames - LOL, good girl. I'm too impatient for ordering online. If I can find it in-store, I'm going to try :P It's not too bad when you know which bookstores to go...

    Kristie - LOL :)I wish I could see your list :P Going to buy ink just for the list!! :) I think you should have printed it more than once! LOL :P

  13. Yeah, ALL the bookstores in my town are NO GOOD.

    So there is no where to go but online.

  14. Ames - Online is a good option :) If you don't mind waiting, I think it's really the way to go :)