Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Look

Hello everyone!!

How are you doing? I've been scarce the past 2 days, because I've been working on this :) Yes, another new look!! :)

I don't know, I really liked the previous one... when I did it. However, I think the colors were a little too bright and in your face, don't you think? Or perhaps I wanted summer to come very fast LOL :P Anyway, got tired of it pretty fast. It was just, hmmm, too much. Too much of everything - the colors, the header, the bottom. I needed something simpler, so here it is :)

Of course, I was also influenced by Ames and Breezing Through. I hope everyone likes it :) Let me know if there are stuff I forgot to change or some that don't work anymore. It shouldn't though since I didn't touch much of the body... Just the background and colors.

So what have everyone been up to?


  1. Liked it? Liked it? I obviously meant to say I LIKE it.


    Need more caffeine.

  2. I agree with Wendy, it is purdy :)

    Did you get it yet?? LOL

  3. I LOVE it! Did you draw that yourself?

  4. Oh, nath... I LOVE it! The decorators are working overtime and doing a grrrreaat job!

  5. I don't know about the previous look but I really like this one *smiles*

  6. Nath - I love it!! It's whimsical, fresh & easy on the eyes.

  7. I concur, it's purdy! I like it!

  8. Thanks everyone!! I'm so happy that everyone likes it :)

    Wendy - LOL :) Had enough caffeine now? :) yes, I agree, it is purdy :)

    Kris - Noooo :( I think it's going to take about a week. So either Friday or next Monday.

    Lisa - Thanks Lisa ;) Nah, I took the background over at Shabby Blogs.

    Hilcia - LOL, thanks :)

    Lori - Thanks Lori!

    Leontine - Very bright b4 ^_^; Yellow, blue and green :) a bit too busy ^_^;

    Mary G - I agree :) It looks fresh and simple :) That's what I like :P

    Ames - Thanks :) Thanks for your help and inspiration as well! :P

    Amy C - I'm glad :D

    Isabel - Yay! :P

  9. Adorable! I love to redecorate my blog every now and then too. Sometimes I like redecorating my blog more than I like posting there. LOL

  10. It's a very happy look:) I like it!

  11. Christine - LOL, I know, it's fun :) But at the same time, lots of work ^_^; Finding colors that match, deciding what to do, etc. Although this time, I'm happy, I learn a few new cod! :)

    Mandi - Thanks! Glad you like it :)

  12. I like it a lot! I don't know how you have the endurance to keep on changing it! I am thinking more and more about changing mine but if I do it will only be my fourth design in four years. Too hard to do it any more regularly than that.

  13. I like the new look, Nath!

  14. The look is alot more sedated than the previous. When I first came by today, I had to double check that I was at the right site. Lol. I do like the new look though, very calming.

  15. Oh Nath, I love it!

    You and Ames are making me itch to change my blog template again! I think I changed it 3 months ago?

    I love the colours and the hearts aren't too cutesy.


  16. Marg - LOL, it's fun stuff :) Hard work, but fun and the end result is always reward :) Plus, I get to learn a lot LOL :P

    Amy - Thanks Amy! :) Glad you like it :)

    Tabitha - LOL, I gotta agree, more subdued. I have to say, I'm really liking it. I think the previous one was a bit too much :P

    Cindy - Thanks! LOL :P I think it's a good balance :) I like this one because it's the one that look the least scrapbooking-ish.

  17. Oh, I like the new look! Very pretty and fresh. :)

    And I have to say, I like your reason for being scarce much better than mine.

    With all the new looks, I want to change mine, too (not that this thought is far from my mind at other times either) LOL I love playing around with blog templates (as much as that is possible with wordpress *g*)

    *must resist*

  18. Taja - Thanks Taja :) Yes, it is refreshing... so much better that it's less ornate I think.

    LOL, go have some fun with your template!