Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bruised ankle...

Hello everyone!!

How are you doing? Sorry I've been scarce in the last few days. I've been checking my Google Reader, but just didn't have time to do a proper blog-hop and leave comments. Last week was an extremely slow reading week for me. I think I've read 1.5 books ^_^; So I wanted to use the week-end to catch up... Of course, things never go as planned.

First, my uncle took a few days off last week and came to help my dad re-build the patio. They spent the whole time from Thursday to Saturday doing that... and I only have one word: Wow... because it was hot in the last few days... very hot and very humid. Then, my cousin came with her boyfriend as well... so we hung out a little bit, ate out. I have to say, I love having my uncle and cousin around. I don't have many relatives close, so it's nice to spend time with them. My uncle insists that we (my sister and me) go up to his house before the first snow. I think we will :) We had a nice ice cream outing where we ordered soft ice cream. After receiving his, my uncle kept saying, "I think they made a mistake, Nath. This must be a jumbo size, not medium!" LOL, he's just so cute and so nice.

On Saturday morning, I woke up around 7am and on my way to the bathroom, my mom intercepted me. She told me that the gas BBQ was broken, so could I start the charcoal BBQ so she could prepare some food - we were having guests in the evening. I was like: "Now?!?" and she said, "Well maybe a little later." Sigh. LOL. That's not how I planned to spend my morning!! In the past few years, we had a charcoal chimney starter to start the charcoal BBQ... but the starter belongs to my friend. I tried looking online to see if I could buy it anywhere closeby, but no... So I had to start it on my own ^_^; In the past, whenever we tried just starting the charcoal BBQ in a regular way... well it took forever. Perhaps it was lack of experience ^_^; Anyway, I got off easy this time, LOL, took me about 20-30 minutes. Yay! Though I was lucky there was a good wind, cos otherwise, I'd be sitting there fanning my little pyramid of charcoal. Anyway, spent about an hour to two BBQ-ing, under the sun. It was really humid, about 30C with a very bright sun. So can you imagine what it was near the BBQ?

On Sunday, I had an outing with some friends. We were going to go to the mountain and do a forest adventure - Acro-Nature. You know, where you climb into trees and go from one another with the help of bridges, cables and ziplines. There were a total of 58 stations divided in 4 zones. We were three... So we start the thing and it was fun :) A bit hard for some, but I was okay. Then, at the first zipline (station 10-11), one of my friends got stuck. She braked too early and then, didn't have any more strength in her arms to pull herself. Oups. We waited till she was "saved" and she decided that was it for her. She'd follow us on the ground. A couple of ziplines later (station 17), I put my feet down too early and hit my right ankle on some log... and that was it for me, out of commission ^_^; It didn't swell too much, it didn't even hurt that much, unless I put weight on it and that's on the heel. No problem at all with the upper half of my foot. I could still drive and hobble and we still went out to eat.

So yesterday, I spent a couple of hours at a clinic and then, at an x-ray clinic. Diagnostic: my ankle is only bruised. Yay!! Ah well, that gave me time to read Edge of Dawn by Patti O'Shea :)


  1. That sucks about your ankle. Do you have to wrap it?

  2. Bruises tend to heal slower so take care and enjoy Patti O'Shea :D

  3. I hope your ankle is feeling okay!

  4. Isabel - Nope, no need to wrap it. The swelling is almost gone, so I'm having high hopes ;)

    Leontine - LOL, I finished the Patti O'Shea already :) Hoping that will get me back on tracks reading-wise.

    I'll be careful with my ankle, but now, it only twinges... I think that it should be fine by the end of the week.

    Kate Diamond - Thank you! It is getting better :D

  5. Your adventure sounds fun - up until the bruised ankle. I hope it feels better soon.

    LOL on your mom talking to you about the BBQ before you've even fully woken up. I think when I was living at home my mom knew better than to even glance at me until I'd had coffee! lol

    It's been so long since I've been blog hopping that I'm just now seeing your new layout. I love it! Very cute.

  6. Wow - you've been busy. So glad you had time with your family, but not so happy that it ended with the hurt ankle. Stay off it as much as you can, and take care of yourself!

  7. You're so cool being the BBQ person. We have a gas BBQ connected to the house kind of thing. I don't even want to know how to light it!! I'm a modern woman except when it comes to the BBQ. We are a weird family. In the old days the men were the hunter-gatherers & the woman cooked. In my house I do the shopping(hubby hates it) & he does the cooking.
    Hope your ankle is 100% soon.l

  8. Hey Nath:

    How are you doing? I do hope your ankle improves soon. Sounds like quite an adventure!!

    It has been very hot and humid here too, but hopefully cooling down over the next couple of days.

    Sorry, I haven't be by, your blog is beautiful. You have changed things since I saw it a while back.

    I hope you enjoy your current read and that your ankle is all better soon.

    Best To you

  9. You dare devil nath! Good to hear the swelling is down and your doing better. Hmmm...don't think I've read any Patti O'Shea. Another potential to add to the list. :)

  10. Tracy - Well it was fun, LOL :) It's sad though, I think we were really unlucky :(

    LOL, my mom sees us and she pounds no us. That's probably because I don't drink coffee LOL :P

    I'm glad you're liking the layout :)

    Lori - Yep, yep. Quite busy - no time to read T_T

    The ankle is not bad, the doctor said I could put weight on it. I have to admit though that yesterday, I was really tired at the end of the day ^_^; Sigh.

    Mary G - LOL, when it comes to a gas BBQ, I'm clueless as well!! I only use a charcoal BBQ with my friends because that's what they use in Hong Kong.

    LOL, i think it's a good compromise between you and the hubby :)

    Lea - Doing okay and you? I hope the weather will start cooling down, I mean, so far, it's pretty insane!!! I don't mind the heat, but the humidity? Ugh.

    Don't worry about not coming by LOL. We've all been busy!

    Leslie - LOL, not really. The day before the activity, I was like: no, I don't want to go. We're going to die from the heat and etc. I have to say, I had fun, but I don't particularly like the ziplines :(

    I love Patti O'Shea... although I gotta say, this new series of hers, the Light Warriors I think, are not my favorite books by her.

  11. Nath! It sounds as if you had a wonderful weekend with family and friends BBQng and zipping through the trees... sorry you finished with a bruised ankle! Take care...

    I've only read one book by Patti O'Shea. Last year I read In the Midnight Hour and liked it... meant to follow up, but you know how it is,lol... so many books, so little time. Must look her up again. :)

  12. So sorry to hear about your ankle, but thank goodness it's only bruised! That Acro-Nature adventure sounds like so much fun!!! I would totally do that.

    I think you can make your own chimney starter with a recycled coffee tin. That's what we do in girl scouts. I'll look for a link for you. I'm sure your dying to be in charge of the BBQ again very soon. ;P

    I've never read anything by Patti O'Shea, but that cover looks really interesting.

  13. Hello back at you!! Sorry to hear about the ankle :-(

    Me - I'm finding there aren't enough hours in a day this week!!! I'm up til midnight or later and then up at 8:00 the next morning. Me thinks I should have planned things better.
    I watched SYTYCD last night - Quebec has some MIGHTY fine dancers!!

  14. We are trying to get a hold of you for BBAW!

    Please email mypalamyATgmailDOTcom for information about YOUR Book Blogger Appreciation Week nomination!

  15. Poor, poor Nathie! Glad to see your ankle is feeling better and at least you got to read... something I haven't done much of lately.

  16. Hilcia - LOL, yes, great time :) But I didn't BBQed with friends :) It was me and my sister and lots of meat ^_^;

    I like Patti O'Shea earlier books. This series, I don't know... something's missing imo. Still good though. Edge of Dawn though was better :D

    Christine - Yeah, I really got lucky that it was only a bruise! :)

    I almost used that, but I was wondering if you need to make holes in the bottom? Thanks for the link!! :)

    I like Patti O'Shea. She's an auto-buy for me :)

    Kristie - It's getting better, so no worries :D

    I can't wait to see the top 20 this year :D But we have to wait till Sunday... Nooooo!!!

    Rosie - Ugh my reading is going so slowly T_T