Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hauling Sunday XXXV

Ouf, another really quiet week, book-wise. On all the other front, it was so busy, sigh ^_^; But it's over and hopefully with it, the stress will go away. However, I think that I need to make some changes in my lifestyle. I need to get in better shape so I can deal with stress better. Can't always get health issues when I get stress :(

Anyway, here's my only purchase of the week :P I got it at a used book sale at the hospital. It's weird, because they don't have enough space to display all the books they have, so on the first day, I didn't see the book. Lucky I went by again on the second day.

Texas Glory by Lorraine Heath - I bought it because it's written by Ms Heath :P Yep, I'm a fan of her writing again LOL. She is known for her western, so that's why I got this book :) Hopefully, I'll enjoy it a lot :)

So what about you? Anything this week?


  1. Only one book! lol. Well, I hope you enjoy this one by Heath.

    Find a buddy to do active stuff with. I hear that helps pump up the motivation lots. :)

  2. *grins* I'm about to start Texas Glory of the same series! Even though I'm told is a two-hanky read :P


  3. If you're only going to get one book, a western is a good choice. Maybe Heath is the one to really get you into westerns. :)

  4. Tabitha - Yes, only one book :)

    Well my buddy would be my sister, but we'll see. I don't really want to sign up to a gym, that's the thing.

    Alex - Two-hanky read?!? What does that mean, LOL.

    Leslie - LOL, not biased, right, Les? :) I know you enjoy the westerns a lot :)

  5. I really liked her Texas westerns. Sooo good!

  6. Ok, you're sick. That's the only explanation for you buying one book.

  7. Lori - I understand why!! :) Did you read Texas Splendor, Lori? If yes, what did you think of it?

    Ames - LOL. Yeah, but I think sickness wouldn't stop me :P It's more the stupid release schedule!