Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hauling Sunday XXXVI

Hey there all!! How are you doing? :) This week has been pretty much up and down for me... so to cheer me up, I went a bit crazy on the book buying yesterday :) I think I deserve it and even if I don't, well who's going to stop me? :) So let see what I bought!

I started off the week with these two:

Song of Scarabaeus by Sara Creasy - This has been on my radar for a while... Actually, pretty much since Hils reviewed it :) I was actually going to get it as an ebook, but then, there was a 20% off coupon at Chapters/Indigo, so why not?

Almost Home by Mariah Stewart - I bought this one based on the blurb. It sounded pretty cute and something right up my alley :) Also, that 20% off coupon didn't hurt LOL.

Then, did you know...

Moonlight by Rachel Hawthorne - So I read Texas Glory this week and really, it seems this year is going to be a Lorraine Heath year for me :) I am just enjoying her writing so much :) So what does it have to do with this book? Well did you know that Lorraine Heath also writes YA under the name of Rachel Hawthorne?!? Because I didn't! However, now that I know, I sure am going to try her out! :)

And I bought some e-books. Yes, e-books!! Surprised?

Texas Splendor and An Invitation to Seduction by Lorraine Heath - Yes, I continue by Lorraine Heath's kick :) After reading Texas Glory, I want to read Austin's story :) However, didn't really have the patience to hunt it down, so e-book it is :) After going through Ms Heath's back list, An Invitation to Seduction is the one that caught my attention the most. Seems like the kind of storyline I enjoy :) Also, if I'm going to buy one ebook? Why not two? Didn't hurt there was a 25% off either LOL.

Here Comes the Groom by Karina Bliss - This one came to my attention after reading Holly's review. I made the decision to buy it, but I was hesitating a little bit on format. The problem with category romance is that 1) I don't read much of it and 2) by the time I hear about a good book, they're usually off shelves already ^_^; So I've been thinking about it and decided that from now on, I would buy them in e-book format... that way, I didn't have to go crazy and look for it, plus I get to save a little bit, tiny bit, of space :P

Juggling Baby and Briefcase by Jessica Hart - I was going to buy this one back in October and got wishy-washy and lost the opportunity ^_^; At first, it was okay, but then I read Wendy's review and really kicked myself ^_^; So then, I decided to wait till I'd buy some e-books to get this :)

Demon Kissed and Shadow's Caress by Patti O'Shea - Ms O'Shea is one of my favorite paranormal author. There's just something about her characters and storylines that work for me :P Unfortunately, she's not hugely popular :( And this year, I don't really know if she has a new release with Tor :( However, she's had a few novellas/short stories with Harlequin that I've been meaning to get, but haven't yet, because it was e-book... and so I did yesterday :)

So there you have it, my new books :) I guess it'll be interesting to see if I buy more e-books in the near future or not LOL. What about you? Any interesting purchase?


  1. Always good to see someone buying lots of books - makes me feel less guilty.
    I just went and read the review for Song of Scarabaeus, I am not a huge sci-fi girl but I like the sound of this one. It may be turning up in my next IMM post.
    I've only read one Lorraine Heath book so far but I really loved it I have another one on my tbr list. I had no idea she wrote YA under another name - I may have to check it out.
    Happy reading.

  2. Oooh totally forgot to say that yes The Iron Thorn is CK's new YA steampunk series.

  3. You got a lot of books!
    Hope you like them all!
    And do let me know how the YA Lorraine Heath book turns out! :D

    Have a great week.

  4. I have the Bliss book in my own digital TBR.

    I hope you like the Hart. I didn't lurve it as much as Oh So Sensible Secretary, mostly because I had to "get past" the secret baby stuff. But you've read my you've been warned :) I did end up enjoying it immensely though.

  5. Ohh you definitely went shopping this week! Lots of Lorraine Heath... I loved her books too, so I can see why you bought those. :)

    I have got to read more Pattie O'Shea, I like her too. And I hope you enjoy Song of Scarabaeus, I'm looking forward to reading the sequel in a couple of days. :) I read Here Comes the Groom and have a Mini coming up for it soon.

    Greeeeat haul Nath!

  6. So the Heath got you into the western mood - Yeah! I've got a bunch of hers on the TBR pile that I need to get to. And the Bliss I have in ebook too.

    Nice haul Nath. :)

  7. Sally - LOL, I know what you mean, Sally :) Glad I can help LOL.

    Sounds interesting, Song of Scarabaeus, right? I'm normally not a huge fan of sci-fi either, but that one...

    I remember last year when I went to RT, CK talked about her new YA series... it sounded interesting, but I've never read her books... looking forward to your review ;)

    Alex - I'll let you all know about the YA by Lorraine Heath :)

    Wendy - Well I actually like the secret baby plot LOL, so that shouldn't be a problem :)

    Hilcia - I might not get all her back list though, but so far, I'm enjoying what I'm reading, so it's all good :)

    Looking forward to your mini :)

    Leslie - LOL yes. I guess you need to find *the* book that will start the ball rolling :)

  8. Oh, lots of goodies there! Did all the book buys help cheer you any? I miss shopping in an actual bookstore! And whoa you bought e-books! Did you read any yet on there? Lol.

    So how is the Heath YA?

  9. Wow! Nice recovery from the previous week. LOL

  10. Tabitha - LOL, it did!! :) and yes, I've read some of them LOL.

    The YA is so-so :(

    Ames - Thanks LOL.

  11. YOU bought ebooks??!!!!!!!!


  12. Christine - I know, right?!? :P