Thursday, March 24, 2011

Review: Treachery in Death by J.D. Robb

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing well :) I went to the doctor yesterday and got some answers. Turns out I'm suffering from BPPV - Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. The good news - it's not life threatening and there is something that can be done, a maneuver; the bad news - no magic pill to make it go away, highly recurring and basically comes and goes at it pleases :( But at least, I know what it is and so, it's not as scary anymore and I'm actually feeling slightly better.

I was wondering how I got BPPV, because it usually comes with age or head injury/trauma... and I don't recall any head injury. However, my co-worker mentioned the car accident I was in a few years ago and while I didn't feel pain, the impact and all might have made me more at risk for BPPV. Sucks :(

Anyway, life has to go on and as I said, at least, now I know :) For today, I have a buddy review over at Breezing Through. This time, joining me is Leslie and we're buddy reviewing the In Death series' latest installment! Click here to find out how much we enjoyed it :)

Treachery in Death by J.D. Robb
published by Putnam in February 2011

Detective Eve Dallas and her partner, Peabody, are following up on a senseless crime-an elderly grocery owner killed by three stoned punks for nothing more than kicks and snacks. This is Peabody's first case as primary detective-good thing she learned from the master.

But Peabody soon stumbles upon a trickier situation. After a hard workout, she's all alone in the locker room when the gym door clatters open; and-while hiding inside a shower stall trying not to make a sound-she overhears two fellow officers, Garnet and Oberman, arguing. It doesn't take long to realize they're both crooked-guilty not just of corruption but of murder. Now Peabody, Eve, and Eve's husband, Roarke, are trying to get the hard evidence they need to bring the dirty cops down-knowing all the while that the two are willing to kill to keep their secret.


  1. I'm so glad you've some answers! It's the uncertainty that is the worst. And good to know there is a treatment.


  2. I'm so glad you got some answers, and that you feel better - at least more comfortable knowing what it is. That makes a huge difference. Hang in there.

  3. Glad you got some answers. Unknown medical questions suck. At least now you know what's going on!

    Yeaaaa, I still need to START this series. I'll get around to it...someday! ;)

  4. Glad you found out some answers. Hopefully, in time it will all go away. Hang in there!

  5. Thanks everyone for your concern :)

    Li - You're right, Li. It's not knowing that is the worst. Now, all I can do is endure, but good thing it's not life-threatening :)

    Lori - I am hanging in there, Lori :) However, it's really annoying, sigh.

    Mollie - LOL, indeed you do!!

    Tabitha - Nod nod. It should with time... *crossing fingers*

  6. Bob had the exact same thing a few years back - before that he had vertigo a few years before that. I know the procedure - did they do it for you? They did it at the ER the night I called because Bob's eyes were bouncing in his skull and I immediately thought stroke.

    I know it's like crystals building up in the ear canal - Bob was fine after the doc did it once - doing a lay back position while dropping the head down below and to the ear causing the problems.

    I told him if he ever gets it again, I can help him ;) I just remember Bob being the same way with it because you never know when the symptoms will come on. Very frustrating. And I have heard of people who have vertigo for years and have others think they are drinkers because they can't walk a straight line. Definitely not good stuff.

    So hope you feel better!!


  7. I went and found the blog post about Bob's ears and it was Benign positional vertigo so yours might end up being something completely different.

    cindyS being helpful as ever

  8. Sounds like a good book - I'm off to read your review.

    Sorry to hear about the BPPV.

  9. Cindy - Hey Cindy, it is the same as Bob, Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo :( It really sucks ^_^;

    They did the procedure... for Bob, was the result immediate? Cos for me, it wasn't... but there's been improvement. Although I'm not going to say more - afraid to jinx it ^_^;

    Nikki-ann - Welcome to my blog! And thank you :) Hope you enjoy the review!

  10. Bob says it took 5 to 6 weeks before it was truly gone so no, no immediate improvement but at least he wasn't having the room spin on him and I didn't see his eyes bounce again so it was better but not over - good luck hon!


  11. BPPV sucks but it should get better. :)

    Love doing buddy reviews with you! I always feel like I should be a little tougher on the grade. *grins*

  12. Cindy - Nod nod. Must have been scary when you thought it was a stroke. At least, now you know.

    I've seen improvement :) But I'm looking forward for it to be gone, gone, gone!!

    Leslie - Yes, it is :) Thanks a lot, Leslie!! Without you, I think I would have panicked and worried a lot more ^_^;

    LOL, it's fine :) No need to be tougher!! Just to be you :)

  13. Glad to hear you're improving Nath!

  14. Jennifer - Thanks so much Jen!

  15. Ooooh! I can't wait for this one. It sounds good. I'll let you know my thoughts when I get to it. Say... December 2013 ?!! ROFLOLOL.

  16. Christine - LOL, at least, it's in your future!! :)