Monday, March 14, 2011

Women of the Otherworld series and Canadian Book Pricing...

Sigh. I'm really frustrated and tired :( Tell me, why is it that everything always happens at the same time?!? Why?  As if my presentation was not enough work, my co-worker's great-grandmother is at the hospital and that means we don't know how long my co-worker will be absent. Then, they've been doing some work on the building where I work since November (yes, yes, why do it during the winter?!?) and it hasn't been fun. Because of that, they've been having difficulties controlling the temperature and that means we've got extremely cold and warm temperatures, our pipes have frozen and burst, dust, etc. Now, I'm being told I have to clear the windows (they've been boarded up by the way, so no sunlight since October) so they can start working on it. So I have to clean up the area around which is not much, but where am I going to put all that stuff, no idea.

The worst though? The kitchen faucet at home :( We've noticed some problems with it on Wednesday... it was working for hot and cold water, but not warm (I have the kind of faucet with only one valve, so it swings from left to right) and if we opened too much, it leaked. I figured we could live with it for a while before getting someone to repair it... but I was wrong. Yesterday, it stopped working completely as in we couldn't shut the water anymore... Called a plumber who didn't want to come (fine!), then tried to change the faucet ourselves and seriously, I have no idea how it's been attached, but it doesn't look like I can fix it myself (not fine!). Arrghhh. So right now, I'm trying to track down the man who did the renovations on our kitchen recently and I'm crossing my fingers it can be resolved soon.

Okay, thanks for reading my rants. Enough about it though because I actually have real book news.

Let's start with the Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. This is one of my favorite series - although I still haven't read Waking the Witch ^_^; Anyway, in her most recent newsletter, Ms Armstrong has announced that Women of the Otherworld series is going on hiatus. All the details are here, but the gist of it is that she was considering ending the series after Book #13 - which would also end Savannha's trilogy, but still had more stories to tell. However, she didn't want to reach the point where she or the readers were sick of the characters. So what Ms Armstrong has elected to do is writing those stories as novellas or perhaps coming up with a full-length novel or two eventually in the future. However, for now, the series is going on hiatus.

I don't exactly know how I feel about this news. Women of the Otherworld series is one of my favorite UF series and hearing that it goes on hiatus, my initial reaction was: Oh NOOOO! But then, hiatus is better than permanent end, right? Also, I've always wondered how Ms Armstrong would end this series... The difficulty of Women of the Otherworld series is the number of characters... They are so many and at different age/stage of life. I mean, personally, did I want to see Cassandra die? No, not really. Did I want to see Jamie grow older than Jeremy? Not particularly. Personally, I don't think Ms Armstrong could wrap up everything in a neat, nice bow. Well okay, she could, but would it be really realistic? Nope. So I think Ms Armstrong chose the best option. I'm also happy to hear that she's going to compile all her short stories from different anthologies and include new material :) If there was one complaint I had about this series in the past few years is that it was really spread around and that not all novellas were accessible. So yeah, overall, I guess I'm happy :)

The other news I have concerns the Canadian readers... Prices of books are finally coming down!! Woohoo!!  It seems that starting late April, some publishers have finally adjusted the price, given that the CDN$ is on par (even higher) than US$. Avon books will be 10$ instead of 10.99$ and Berkley books, 8.99$ instead of 9.99$. Okay, it's not much, granted, but it's better than nothing right? Other publishers have already started a while back (Grand Central Publishing, New American Library)... In any case, I hope it's there to stay :)

So that's it for today :)


  1. Sorry to hear about your woes at work - that really sucks. The faucet too.

    I agree - hiatus is WAY better than END imho. Hopefully her brain will be SO filled with stories she'll have to start again soon. :)

  2. I am sad that the Women of the Otherworld series is going on hiatus, but I do agree that it will be hard for her to figure out how to come to an end. I am not keen to see the things that you mentioned come to pass. Hopefully they will be back, but that means that when the new book comes out and I read it, I will actually be caught up in a series! That like never happens...

    And, I am very happy book prices are coming down!

  3. Awe, Nath. It sounds like you need a break. That work environment has got to be stressful. Maybe when things slow down you can take a few vacation days.

    A good plumber can be expensive but so worth the money. Hope you can track down the guy.

    Agree - hiatus is better than ending. Maybe you can get Waking the Witch read during the hiatus. LOL (Can't believe you still haven't read it! Confession: I still haven't read Brook's The Iron Duke.)

    No wonder you don't like to let those coupons go to waste! That's a lot for a book. Good to hear they're coming down in price. :)

  4. Wow, that's pretty big Kelley Armstrong news. I'm glad she'll continue to write shorts and hopefully the series will end on a good note. And I'm excited to see what she'll write next.

    I had one of those tap drips before (I think we're talking about the same type!) and had to splash out on a special umm... disc cartridge?


  5. Now if only they could get the price of gas to go down! It's funny that it goes up so quick and comes down (if it comes down) so s l o w

  6. *gives chocolate*
    Sorry, it sounds like you have had it rough for a few months now.

    And YAY for prices going down.

    As for The Women of The Other World Series, well, I'm a huge fan of Mrs. Armstrong YA series, Darkest Powers, but UF isn't really my thing so I haven't read her adult books. However, I can totally see where she's coming from, and I think a hiatus is good news over all.

  7. Nath! You need a break from all the madness!!! Get a plumber ASAP... and get that off your mind at least. Nothing you can do about the rest. :(

    Whoo Hoo on the book price reductions for you! Now your Book Haul Sundays can get bigger, lol! But seriously, I still can't believe you pay so much more for books in Canada.

  8. When it rains it pours. Hopefully things will settle down for you.

  9. I am a bit disappointed that there is going to be a hiatus, but relieved it is not the end.

    Really, the series still feels fresh to me as a reader, possibly with the exception of Waking the Witch.

    Oh well, whatever Kelley Armstrong comes up with next I will be on board for.

  10. Tracy - I hope so to. Although you know, I like the idea of having a story from time to time :)

    Kailana - Yeah, that's what I was thinking as well. It's not a series that you can wrap up neatly, because there are so much characters, so much storylines and their goals and objectives are quite different.

    And yes, finally, they are coming down! :)

    Leslie - Yeah, Leslie, I think I do need a break. I don't actually know though whether it's the stress. I've finally narrowed it down and the dizziness is actually vertigo, I think... so hopefully, it'll just go away.

    I was able to track him down and hopefully, he'll be coming by before the end of the week. Can't wait!

    LOL, I still haven't read the Iron Duke either. Mental block. Sigh.

    Li - I know! I was really surprised, but at least, it's her decision, so I'm happy with that.

    In my case, I think the faucet is just completely broken. Just going to change it.

    Kristie - Oh so true!! It's really expensive right now.

    And I know, Ames said the same. They're fast to up the price, but so slow to decrease it. So unfair.

    Alex - Yeah. Well recently, I thought things were going well... and it just hits you.

    Really? Did you give the series a try, Alex?

    Hilcia - I know!! I just want to be the week-end ^_^;

    I understand the pricing when the CDN$ is so low, but right now? Yeah, doesn't make sense to me.

    Isabel - True, true.

    Marg - I think it's the change of narrators that helps this series and the fact that not all storylines of these books are connected.

    Me too :)

  11. Yeah, I'm glad the book pricing is going down even a guys pay so much for each book!

    I'm still not caught up to the Otherworld series yet....remember I bought Frostbitten? Yeah, haven't cracked it open yet. But I'm still sad that the series is on hiatus. I understand why but sad nonetheless.

  12. Tabitha - LOL, I buy so much book that even a little is going to amount to quite an amount in the end ^_^;

    Oh, you gotta read Frostbitten, I really enjoyed it :)

    I'm sad too about the hiatus, but at least, it's on the author's own terms.