Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hauling Sunday XLIX

A new Hauling Sunday post. Shocker LOL. Yes, despite bringing back so many books from the US, I still went bought books... but not too many :) Hey, if I didn't, you'd wonder if I'm okay :)

Kindling the Moon by Jenn Bennett - A new urban fantasy series by Simon & Schuster featuring a witch. LOL, I think all the words in that sentence are key, except perhaps "a" and "featuring" LOL.

A Lady's Lesson in Scandal by Meredith Duran - Gorgeous cover and sounds like my type of story as well :)

And that's it since I came back from RWA. You have to admit, two books - not bad right? What about you? What are your new precious?

Now, I need to catch up on my Monthly Reads post and reviews... Hopefully, that means you'll be hearing a lot from me in the next few weeks :) Yay!


  1. I thought about buying the Meredith Duran over the weekend, but I ended up putting it back because I still haven't read the last couple of her books!

    Enjoy your books.

  2. *grins*
    I always say I won't buy more books but I'm weak, and I think you did pretty well just getting two :D

    I hope they are good.

    Happy reading!

  3. And here I thought you'd be out buying bookcases. LOL

    Agree about the Duran cover. Beautiful. Sadly, I'm like Marg and still have the last couple of books to read first.

  4. Marg - Good for you, Marg. I've actually been very selective when it comes to Ms Duran's books, because they usually have unusual settings. However, I think this book's story suits my taste :)

    Alex - LOL, we are ^_^; I have no will power and seriously, I don't see why I should wait if I'll get them eventually, right?

    Leslie - LOL, I would if I actually had space for them! Unfortunately, I don't :( Maybe once we paint the basement...

    Do you have many in your TBR pile?

    Hilcia - Thanks :)

  5. OK, OK! I confess. I also picked up some books when I got home including the Meredith Duran book. I also got the Jane Graves one and the latest Elizabeth Jennings.

  6. I have 2 of Ms. Duran's books on the TBR pile - Duke of Shadows & Written on Your Skin. Have you read either? Liked them?

  7. LOL! I can't believe you BOUGHT books after all that!

    I already read the new Duran and liked it very, very much. I've read all of her books, actually and love her style.

    I am late getting up my review and I do have a signed copy to giveaway so hopefully I'll get that up soon! Ack! So much for a laid back summer... I've been as busy as ever!

  8. Kristie - LOL, Kristie, it's okay for you because you didn't bring home that many books. Sigh, still feel bad about the Jane Graves *shakes head*

    Leslie - Hmmm, I have Duke of Shadows as well, but meh, not sure about it, since it takes place in a foreign country. I did read Bound by Your Touch though and it was okay. Not my favorite historical... However I thought the story of this one would suit me... But I don't know if I can recommend her to you. I think Ms Duran has a writing style that you either love or don't...

    Christine - LOL, of course I bought books :) Just couldn't help it LOL.

    Yeah, that's what I was saying to Leslie. I think you either love her style or don't. I thought I would enjoy this book a lot based on the story... but I had a bit of a problem with the heroine ^_^; Love the hero though :)

    LOL and you're soon leaving for Europe, right? It's okay you know, you'll get to it when you'll get to it :)