Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hauling Sunday XLVIII - RWA Special Edition, part V

Wooohooo, final post!! :) Finally LOL. These are the books I got during the trip, but not from RWA.

First, here are the books I've received from friends, i.e. bloggers :) Tabitha and Kris were nice enough to ship some books to Hils' place for me - cheaper shipping, you know LOL.

Private Pleasures by JoAnn Ross - I can't remember where I read about this book, I know it's a blog and originally, I thought it was Lori - but it wasn't. In any case, this is a book I've had on my radar for years and couldn't find anywhere... except on PaperBack Swap. Only, PaperBack Swap is not available in Canada. Luckily for me, I knew someone who used PaperBack Swap and was attending the conference: our very own Super Librarian Wendy! Thanks Wendy!!

Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning - I read Backstage Pass and enjoyed it. However, I was hesitant to get Rock Hard because I've heard that the heroine is not that great. Kris took pity on dilemma and sent me hers :)

Changeling Moon by Dani Harper - Got this one from Hilcia. I'm not sure whether I'm going to read it, but it sounds interesting :)

Body Master by C.J. Barry - Another book that sounded interesting :)

A Werewolf in Manhattan by Vicki Lewis Thompson - It's always a struggle when Ms Thompson releases a book. The blurbs always sound good, but the writing just doesn't do it for me ^_^; Still, I always hope the next book is going to be the one you know... Anyway, I've been holding off buying this one, cos you know, I'm starting to learn LOL. But when Kris offered it... well...

Hidden Away by Maya Banks - Tabitha has been keeping this one for me for months LOL. Now, if only I read the first one...

Somebody to Love by Kate Rothwell - A few years ago, Ames read Somebody Wonderful and absolutely loved. So of course, I had to give a try and I really enjoyed it as well. But the second book? Somebody to Love? Extremely hard to find... but Hilcia did find it!! And she got it for me!!

Sunset Bridge by Emilie Richards - I've read Ms Richards works before and enjoyed them... and Hilcia was reading this when I arrived to New Jersey and really enjoyed it... So in the end, I got to go home with it LOL.

Okay, so don't I have amazing friends?!? You ladies definitively rock!!

Next are the books I bought at Walmart. Yes, yes, Despite all the books I got at RWA, I bought more. But hey, remember, it's me LOL. At least, I bought them after RWA :) That way, I didn't have to rush back home to go to Chapters for the buy 3 get the 4th free sale. Win-win really.

Any Man of Mine by Rachel Gibson - I was hoping to get this book at RWA, but missed my chance. Ms Gibson did have it at the Literacy Signing, but not at the publisher signing. I've heard mix reviews about this one, so I was debating whether to get it back home... but when I saw it at Walmart, well it was a no-brainer.

Silk is for Seduction by Loretta Chase - Apparently, Ms Chase was in NYC, but not at the conference :( I've been skipping her last few releases, but Holly and Rowena really enjoyed this one and the premises sound different, refreshing. I mean, the heroine is a dressmaker! So I decided to take a chance :)

Lord Langley is Back in Town by Elizabeth Boyle - Hmmmm, I've been hesitant about this one. I haven't loved her last few releases and well, I wasn't sure I would like the H/H in this book... They're, hmmmm, older ^_^; But once again, the great price at Walmart swayed me  :)

Guarding a Notorious Lady by Olivia Parker - Read the first book in this series, but not the second. Enjoyed the book, but it didn't wow me... but this one was on my radar because of Tracy's review. Sounds really good! :)

Lure of the Wicked by Karina Cooper - This is the second book in the series. I got the first one during the Literacy Signing and I wanted this one on hand just in case :P

Oh and while I was gone to New York City, I had a co-worker who spent a week in Paris... and so I asked him to get me some manga :)

And there you have it. My RWA/NYC haul :)


  1. Sounds like the end of a crazy but incredibly fun and bookfilled book!
    I can't wait to hear your thoughts on so many of these titles!

  2. You probably heard me say on the blog how much I love JoAnn Ross, especially her older titles, plus her new series is so full of awesome!!

    I've read the Banks book, and while I loved it, it was a very typical single title military RS. Now, the first one? THAT one you should read.

    Still haven't read the Gibson, Chase or Boyle. Like you, the last few Boyles haven't done much for me. Looking forward to hearing what you think!

  3. You still went shopping after the ginormous loot from RWA? Why am I not surprise? Lol!

    I second Lori on the first Banks book being pretty good read. You should definitely try it first. :)

  4. Great collection Nath! You've got books coming from all over the place. :)

  5. Alex - It was :) It was totally worth-while!

    Yeah, now, reviewing all this is going to be the big difficulty LOL.

    Lori - Probably, Lori LOL. I wouldn't be surprised. I saw the next book's cover and it looks promising.

    Nod nod about the Banks. I have the first one, but I don't know. It doesn't appeal that much to me.

    I read the Chase, but still haven't picked up the Boyle or the Gibson. Might take a while as there are so many good books to read :)

    Tabitha - LOL of course. Well there were books I didn't get, so I wanted them :)

    Leslie - LOL, pretty much Leslie ^_^;

  6. Hand me down books from book-loving friends are the best gifts! I should know--you always pass some to me! xo

    Enjoy all of these books, nath! They ought to keep you busy for a bit.. ;)

  7. Christine - Definitively! :) I think it's nice that the books get second, third, etc. lives :)

    LOL, indeed! :)