Friday, July 08, 2011

Hauling Sunday XLVIII - RWA Special Edition, part II

Onto Part II of my haul! As I mentioned in my previous post, this will be about the books I got at the "Readers for Life" Literacy Autographing!

But just before, let me try to describe the Literacy Autographing event... I think the best words would be: awesome, chaotic and wow LOL. I think you have to see it to know how it feels. This year, the Literacy Autographing event comprised more than 500 authors and took place in the Marriott Marquis ballroom. Wendy and Rosie found the room a bit too small, but I thought it was okay. Obviously, it'd be better if it was bigger... but a room big enough for 500 authors and their fans? Hard to come by.

There were rows of tables and authors sat in alphabetical order. I do admit that they seemed to be a little bit squeezed ^_^; Also, the rows were facing each other, so a fan walking down an aisle would have authors on her right and left. More popular authors such as Nalini Singh, Eloisa James, SEP, JAK, etc. would be situated at the ends of the rows so there was more space for their fans to line up and even bigger authors - Sherrilyn Kenyon, Diana Galbadon, etc. - had their own table at the front (or perhaps it was the back) of the room.

What makes it so chaotic is the sheer number of persons in the room. You have authors, you have fans, you have volunteers and you can't imagine the noise level! Still, it's organized chaos. I mean, the signing last two hours and when I first looked at the schedule, I thought two hours was not enough! I had 43 authors on my list... How was I going to see everyone?!? However, two hours is actually plenty. There is a lot of people, granted, but what happens is everyone goes in and disperses and as a result, the waiting lines are not that long. I think the longest I had to wait for an author was two persons ahead of me. Considering the number of people, that's not bad at all. Even Nalini Singh who I thought would have a huge line-up didn't have any queues half-way in the event. So it really flows and people do move on.

My advice for readers attending a signing this big are the following: 1) Do not lose your authors list and 2) bring a bag big enough for you to carry your books in. Also, if you can have someone willing to follow you to take pictures, that's even better :) But even then, it's not necessary.

All right, I'll get on with the books LOL. So here are my new precious:

Waking Up with the Duke by Lorraine Heath - Waking Up with the Duke was THE book I absolutely wanted during this conference. I read the first two books of this trilogy, Passions of a Wicked Earl and Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman, and absolutely adored them. I've been looking forward to Ainsley book and was really happy it came out in time for the conference :) LOL, I even had a fangirl moment... Prior to the signing, I was riding up or down the elevator with Kristie and my sister and Ms Heath happened to be there with us. After she walked out, I turned to Kristie and my sister and was like: That's Lorraine Heath!!!

Summer at Seaside Cove by Jacquie D'Alessandro - This was pretty high up in my "must get" list of books :) I've read Ms D'Alessandro before, but never her contemporary books and her historicals have been hit and miss for me. However, for some reasons, there was something about the blurb of Summer at Seaside Cove and perhaps the cover that just made me go "must have" LOL. And later, the feeling was only reinforced after reading Hils' post.

Darkness at Dawn by Elizabeth Jennings - This was another book on my list :) I really enjoy Ms Jennings' writing and her last romantic suspense felt very different from most other romantic suspense books on the market and so I was really looking forward to her newest release :)

Scandal of the Year by Laura Lee Guhrke -  I actually read Scandal of the Year and even own a copy... but I really, really love this author :) By the way, for those who are interested... I asked Ms Guhrke about her next release which is the final book in the Abandoned at the Altar trilogy as the H/H are unknown characters to us. I was wondering if there was a mistake ^_^; Because for some reasons, I felt Christian's circumstances were very similar to Paul, Beatrix' cousin... at the same time, I was wondering if Paul would get his own story... Anyway, the short answer is that there is no mistake, the next book Trouble at the Wedding will indeed feature new characters. After that, Ms Guhrke is starting a new two books project at the request of Avon. However, she is hoping to come back to Paul's story afterwards... so fingers crossed :)

Somewhere Along the Way by Jodi Thomas -  Another book that I've already read and own. What can I say except that I really love Ms Thomas' contemporary romance? :P It was also great to meet her and she's really nice.

Blood Ties by Sharon Sala - Meeting Ms Sala was definitively on my agenda for RWA :) Although I totally got tongue-tied when I met her and my fangirliness didn't show ^_^; Perhaps it was better that way? LOL.

Wild Ride by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer - I got to meet Ms Crusie!! Woohoo!! Her books are so funny and most of them are on my keeper shelf :) I was passing by her and abruptly stopped when I realized she didn't have a waiting line! Seriously, can you imagine?!? I got Wild Ride because the other option was Maybe This Time which I already own in HC. Anne Stuart was keeping her company and oh, I would have loved to be there the whole time - Jennifer Crusie + Anne Stuart = hilarious :)

Follow my Lead by Kate Noble - There is something about Ms Noble's writing that sets apart her historical romance from the rest for me. I don't know what, but I really like her writing. I just recently read The Summer of You and was looking forward to Follow my Lead as it is the sequel :)

Money Shot by Susan Sey - Another book that was on my list. This is the second book by Ms Sey, the first being Money Honey. I didn't loooove Money Honey, but it definitively had potential :) Also, Ms Sey has something different going on :)

A Courtesan's Guide to Getting Your Man by Celeste Bradley and Susan Donovan - When I first got wind of this book, my reaction was: "Ms Donovan is going to write historical?!? No!!!" LOL. Turns out A Courtesan's Guide to Getting Your Man is half historical - Ms Bradley, and half contemporary - Ms Donovan :)  And Ms Donovan's half sounds good! :)

Blood of the Wicked by Karina Cooper - Remember my fascination with witches? Well that should explain why I got this book, right? :)

The Accidental Wedding by Anne Gracie - I read The Accidental Wedding last year and I really, really, really enjoyed it :) I realize now that I haven't reviewed it ^_^; but trust me, I loved it :) There was just something about Nash and Maddy that touched me. Loved the story, loved the characters and therefore, had to get a signed copy :)

While I got my copy, I asked Ms Gracie when her next book was coming out as I have not seen any sign of her next release. She told me her next book - Bride by Mistake - was Luke's story and was coming out in January 2012... but best of all, Marcus will be getting his own book!! Woohoo!! Yay!! I definitively can't wait. In the meantime, peeps, you should read The Accidental Wedding :)

Truly, Madly by Heather Webber - I'm in love with this series :) It's fun and fluffy, exactly what I need whenever I'm in a funk :) As a result, I had to meet Ms Webber at the signing! She was such a darling and when I saw her again during the publisher signing, remembered me!! How awesome?!?

In the good news department, there will be more books in the Lucy Valentine series! Yay!! Also, Ms Webber has a new series debuting in January 2012 under the pen name of Heather Blake. Guess what it is about? A witch that has the ability to grant wishes! Seriously, it's just meant to be :)

Nightfall by Ellen Connor aka Ann Aguirre and Carrie Lofty - I've heard a lot of good about Nightfall on blogland. Also, I've been meaning to try Ms Lofty's writing. While this is not exactly what I planned, I do think it's a good place to start :)

Haunting Desire by Erin Quinn - I've actually never read Ms Quinn. Oh I've seen her covers around blogland, but never really paid much attention to it. However, when I was doing my list of authors to meet with Ames, she mentioned that Ms Quinn was Canadian... and thus the name stuck in my head. So when I saw Ms Quinn at the signing, I went to her and got the book :) Canadians have to support each other!

No Souvenirs by K.A. Mitchell - Ames loves Ms Mitchell's books and had me give it a try :) I read Collision Course last month and the sequel is No Souvenirs. I'm really looking forward to it as one of the heroes is Asian :)

The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton - I was debating whether to get this or not when it released and then, decided against mainly because it was in trade-size format and also because the heroine is a single mom. I love kids in romance, but am wary of single mom - go figure LOL. Then, raving reviews started popping up for The Perfect Play and I didn't fold which is a miracle for me... But then, Ames and Monroe read it and really enjoyed it and well, here it is now :)

Also, I'm adding these three books to my haul :) Yes, yes, I cheated and brought my own copies LOL.

Deep Waters by Jayne Ann Krentz - I've just re-discovered Ms Krentz last year and I really like her older books. However, I knew they were not going to have it, so I brought my own copy of Deep Waters :)

You Belong to Me by Karen Rose - You all know how much I love Karen Rose right? You Belong to Me was released earlier in the UK and so I bought myself a copy and it's hardcover... It didn't make sense to me to buy another one, so I sneaked it in :)

Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh - I already bought two copies of Kiss of Snow, so it really, really didn't make sense to buy a third one right? Actually, I didn't think I'd have a chance to see Ms Singh at the signing so I didn't even bother bringing my copy of KOS. Then, when I came across her table, I realized there was nobody! No line-up! So I sent my sister back to our room so she would get the book :)

And there you have it, my haul at the Literacy Autographing event. Next, the publishers signings :)


  1. Awesome haul, Nath! Just awesome! LOL on your advice, it's right on the money... I lost my list and didn't bring a bag big enough for my books -- big mistake. I know better for next time.

    I still can't believe I didn't go see Lorraine Heath!

  2. *squee*
    So many books!!
    Oh and thanks on the info about Trouble at the Wedding, I love LLG too!

    And i was a bit puzzled about her next book too, because I sort of think the hero of the book was mentioned in Scandal of the year -I think he's an acquittance of the hero -but I might just be mixing everything up.


  3. What surprised me about the signing was the time - 2 hours doesn't seem like enough time for that many authors but it sounds like it worked just fine. :)

    You got an amazing haul! I'm so happy that you got the Heath! Love your story of the elevator ride. :)

    You got some good pics. And yeah for more Lucy Valentine books!

  4. Hilcia - LOL, I indeed did good :)

    LOL I thought of you when I did the advice!!

    Don't worry Hils, there's always a next time :)

    Alex - LOL, yes. But there's more! A lot more ^_^;

    No problem. Oh I think Christian was Aiden's best friend, but we saw him only very briefly in Scandal of the Year.

    Leslie - Usually, authors that still have a line will stay until there's nobody left. They are very generous with their time... but yeah, 2 hours is usually the norm and so far, I've found that it's enough. I think Hilcia was out by 45min!! Guess it's hard to maintain energy so long LOL.

    I'm happy I got the Heath too, because she didn't have it during the publisher signing!! So good thing I listened to Wendy!

    I know! I'm so happy about the Lucy Valentine series! :)

  5. Oh I'm so behind on commenting!!

    I would've wanted to line up at least an hr before it starts if I saw the long line! Lol. How did the line move so quick?! And how did you fit in so many authors within the 2hrs time frame? And how did you carry all the books? And what do you say to the authors? I would've been so tongue tied!

  6. Tabitha - LOL, it's okay :)

    Seriously, you don't need to line up so early... because once it's time, they let everyone go in. And the line moved so fast because not everyone wants to see the same authors... Say you have 10 people coming in, chances are, these 10 people will head to different authors in the room.

    You have to be organized LOL. Keep to your list and be focused LOL. Obviously, I didn't get to chat with authors for long, but enough to tell them that I liked their books...

    As for carrying books, I had a tote bag and a duffel bag.

    I was tongue tied a few times... You just let them know you enjoy the books, ask what's coming next, when, stuff like that :)

  7. Great haul!
    I have to thank you for reminding me when you were at my house the day before to bring a big tote bag. I sort of had it in the back of my mind at one point, but I might have forgotten if you hadn't reminded me.

    I also tweeted about needing a personal assistant during the signing to take pics and tweet for me while I had the fun. We are so funny the way we want to absorb every minute of these functions. ^_^

  8. Christine - LOL, no problem :) Happy to help :)

    Next time, bring one of your daughters LOL.

    Hey, these are rare occasions! Of course you want to make the best out of them :)