Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hauling Sunday XCIX

Hi everyone!!

How are you doing? First, happy belated Thanksgiving to all my American friends. Hope you enjoyed the long week-end :) Did any good shopping?

Quick update about me. The past week was quite busy at work. Boooo. And then, when I had time, I was busy reading, hence the lack of reviews. Hopefully, this week will go better. Health-wise, I'm still feeling dizzy, although I got to say, the past two days were much better. I saw my family doctor on Thursday and she said the dizziness stemmed from post-concussion syndrome and it usually lasted 4 to 6 weeks. I get to see her again in mid-January and by that time, if I still feel dizzy, she'll send me for scans. After this week-end though, I'm hopeful that it'll go away soon. *Knock on wood* Finally, curling-wise, it was a so-so week. I lost both my games (Thursday and Friday) and played not very good. Very inconsistently. It felt like something was off and I think that on Friday, it was the way I held my broom when sliding off. Too close to myself. I lost my balance (when throwing) quite a few times... Also, my rocks just didn't curl. One of my teammates told me it's because my body wasn't properly aligned. Something to work on next week. It also seems that very soon, I'll be playing on Wednesday instead of Thursday, as we'll most probably drop section. Ah well LOL.

Now, book-wise. There was a Black Friday sale at the bookstore, "Buy 3, get the 4th free," but after the two last weeks, I really have no new books to buy. Sigh. Seriously, they should space out the promotions a bit!! I did get a book though and it's been one I was really looking forward to:

Did You Miss Me? by Karen Rose - Yep, it finally came!! And yes, I finished reading it :) This is the UK edition of the book. The North American one comes out in February, so keep your eyes open for it :) I just can't wait because I'm such a huge fan of Ms Rose. I really love her writing and this book was totally worth getting the UK edition. Not only the story and characters were great, but you really get your money worth as the book clocks over 500 pages! Been a while I haven't read such a thick book!

That was it for this week :) Luckily, this week will be as exciting as there are some books I'm really looking forward to coming out. What about you? Good week?


  1. That's really cool! I actually love getting the UK editions! I often find they got better paper, plus they usually put the paperbacks out first.

    I'm glad the book was worth it :D

  2. I'm actually waiting foe the american edition because I have her books all like that and I'm a bit anal in how I fix my shelves lol
    I also love her books, I'm always very eager to get them too. I'm glad you enjoyed it...please, please would you just say if it's likely that Clay's the next protagonist??? Does he show up? Does Stevie? Because I'm dying for their book, they HAVE TO be together! lol

  3. Oh, that's too funny! Do you pay xtra $ for the UK edition? We do! I've only done that a couple of times, and that's because they were available through and not in the US. But that's a last resort for me...

    I'm really glad you got the book early, and that you enjoyed it!

  4. Alex - Hmmm, in this case, it's hardcover, so I don't really see much of a difference. Anyway, just glad I got the book and yes, it was worth it! :)

    Sonia - LOL, I understand. I have friends that are anal about format too. Me, I just want the books ASAP. Don't care about the format LOL.

    Well, actually, I thought Clay and Stevie were supposed to be the H/H of this book, but I guess there's been a change in plans. However, both appear and have a somewhat big part. There's a really big step in their relationship... so you should be happy about that :)

    Hilcia - Didn't really pay more. The trick with Book Depository is to pre-order the books. If you pre-order, you can really get a good discount. Once it's released, the price goes up for some reasons. Anyway, I paid 20$ for Did You Miss Me? which is about the same price I pay for any hardcover here. The great thing is I didn't have to pay shipping... I ordered a few years back You Belong to Me from and had to pay shipping and it came up to 26-27$... but you do what you have to do to get the book right? LOL.

  5. Ahhhhh I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait....

  6. Ah-ha! You finally got your book! Let's hope this timing isn't their new norm. That's going to drive you nuts!

    I've known of people getting concussions and dealing with dizziness and tiredness for a couple of months, so just pay attention to your body and ease up with activity when you're feeling the symptoms.

    Enjoy the Rose book! I was hoping to organize a challenge for that series for 2013, but since I didn't make as much progress in the In Death series this year as I'd hoped, I may wait for 2014. Gah!

  7. Sonia - I hope you get it soon!! It's good :)

    Christine - Yes, I finally got the book!! I was so happy. And I sure hope that's not their new norms! But I don't get it... if it was already dispatched, then it'd be in the mailing system right? so the delay shouldn't have anything to do with the company...

    Nod nod. Thanks for the advice, Christine!

    2014?! Seriously?! LOL, that's way too far!