Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hauling Sunday XCVIII

Hi everyone!!

So I'm switching my Hauling Sunday post with the WEM feature this week because as you can see, it's quite late and I didn't have time to write a mini-review LOL. I had a curling game today, part of an inter-clubs tournament :) And guess what? We won our match!! Yay! LOL, we won't know the official winner (which club) until tomorrow. Look forward to a curling recap later this week :)

As for my health, I still have dizziness. It's a bit worst, but probably because I played curling three days in a row. I know, I know... Going to take it easy for the next few days. On Friday, I met a lady who had a severe concussion back in June-July. She said she had dizziness for two months and even now, she had spells from time to time. Sigh. Anyway, seeing my family doctor this week, so definitively going talk to her.

Now, onto books. I'm still waiting for my copy of Did You Miss Me? by Karen Rose :( I pre-ordered it on Book Depository and it says it was dispatched on November 2nd. Sigh. Hopefully next week. In your opinion, when should I contact them about not getting a book? Because usually, the shipping only takes a week. Ah well... I wasn't going to have any books, but the bookstore had another promotion this week: Friends and Family Event, which gave 25% off on purchase of 50$ and over, in addition to the i-rewards discount of 10%. So here is what I got:

A Duchess to Remember by Christina Brooke - I read and enjoyed Ms Brooke debut novel, Heiress in Love. I decided to give A Duchess to Remember a go :) In addition, I wanted to support the author since I got Heiress in Love for free at RWA in 2011.

Outlaw Derek by Kay Hooper - I'm a huge fan of Ms Hooper's FBI SCU series... as you all know LOL. And because I love Ms Hooper so much, I collect her backlist, which turns out to be easier than I thought since it's being re-printed LOL. However, I admit being way behind on this series ^_^;

Don't Cry For Me by Sharon Sala - Another book I bought to support the author. I have loved some of Ms Sala's older books. Unfortunately, her couple last releases have been underwhelming as I found them a bit repetitive. Let's hope this one will be different.

My Kind of Christmas by Robyn Carr - LOL, here's my review. All you need to know about me and this book, you can found there :)

Scorched by Laura Griffin - As I'm waiting for Did You Miss Me?, I've been in the mood for romantic suspense. There are really few out there though it seems. Ms Griffin is a hit and miss author for me, but guess what she writes? Plus I've read good reviews for this book :)


And there you have it, my haul for this week. I have to say though, my book buying habits are starting to change... I think I was at the bookstore for almost an hour before I came up with these 5 books ^_^; In the end though, it was worth it as I save 16$ which is 1.5 books.

What about you? Any good deals and good books lately?


  1. Congratulations on the win, Nath! Sorry to hear you're still suffering from dizziness, I hope it doesn't take two months to get rid of it.

    I see you're shopping again and got some great reads! The Laura Griffin looks good... Let's see if I get in the mood to read more romance suspense. I have it in my list of books to buy. :D

  2. I think I remember you talking about Heiress in Love before, I need to look into that. I hope the dizziness goes down a bit when you have a chance to have proper rest after the games. And that the spells don't get to bad.

    *hugs* Congrats on the win.

  3. Hilcia - I hope it doesn't take two months either, Hils... but to tell you the truth, I'm not that optimistic... It usually takes me more than a month when I have the vertigo, sigh.

    Yep, shopping again :) It cheers me up LOL.

    Alex - I actually quite enjoy Ms Brooke's historical romance. I know you don't loooove them, but you might want to give them a try, Alex :) I think you would like these :)


  4. Hi Nath!
    Congratulations on your win!

    About the time it takes to deliver books from BD...well, I think the usual time of delivery was changed since BD was bought by amazon...for me - and I'm in Europe so... - it usually took a week too and now it's two and sometimes even more than that...for instance, my copy of Perfect Hope by Nora was sent on the 3rd and it's now the 21ft and it still didn't arrive. I also think it depends on the publisher, another example, books from Piatkus publisher (it's an UK one) usually arrive much faster here than books by american publishers, something that didn't happen before BD was bought...ah the strangeness of business deals.

    I have three books by Kay Hooper in my TBR list and somehow neither makes me eager to get to would you "sell" her skills for a non believer, lol, considering you enjoy her books so well?

    Books I've been buying...well, this month I had to pay the car's insurance so not much to spend in books I'm afraid, but I managed to buy three, all to be Christmas gifts to close friends who happen to read in English, thank God, because books in Portuguese are the double or triple the price, anyway, I bought a book by Zoran Drvenkar, another by Joy Fielding and one by Deborah Smith.
    Sorry for the rambling.
    Have fun!!

  5. Sonia - Thanks Sonia :)

    I had no idea that BD was bought by Amazon!! Oh gosh, that makes me sad. Most of the books take about one week, but for some reason, the Karen Rose... Sigh. That really sucks anyway, the new delays.

    What books of Kay Hooper do you have in your TBR pile. If it's the FBI SCU series, I highly recommend you to give it a try. I really loved those books because Ms Hooper's approach to the paranormal is more scientific than feeling-based. Also, she does it really well.

    Nod nod. I hear you on books being more expensive in other languages. I'm glad I switched to reading in English. Oh, what Deborah Smith did you buy? I love some of her books.

  6. Hi!
    the books I have are Out of the Shadows, Touching Evil and Sense of Evil...really, the covers don't help in making me want to read them lol. Are these romantic suspense

    I love most books by Deborah Smith, and I decided to offer my second favorite, When Venus Fell. Which ones did you like best?

  7. Sonia - Hey there ;)

    I actually enjoyed all the books you named. Out of the Shadows is really the start of the FBI SCU series in my opinion. There's two Shadows books before, but they are more prequels. The FBI unit really shows up only in Out of the Shadows and as I said, I really liked it. Touching Evil is one of my favorite book ever :) And Sense of Evil is another good one as well :)

    The books are more mystery/thrillers in my opinion. There is some romance, but it is very light... Although you're still early in the series, so it's actually more prominent. Out of the Shadows could be considered borderline RS. But in any case, I really hope you give them a try :)

    My favorite Deborah Smith is Blue Willow. I love the saga-like feel of the book.

  8. Hey nath,
    I would definitely contact BD if it's been two weeks since the book was dispatched and you haven't yet received it. It can't hurt to inquire, anyway! I'm replying so late, maybe you got it already..

  9. Christine - Well lucky me, I didn't have to :) I did check out their website and they ask that we wait 2 weeks - open days - before and to check with the post office as well.