Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Almost the big day...

Hey everyone,

I really should be practicing my presentation, but my mind is numbed with stress... so I'll try to relax it with this review (I would start to read, but then, I'll never practice and going to sleep is unfortunately, not an option either)... So this is the book I read yesterday night and I really enjoyed it :D and it made me cry... I think that I needed to cry.

The Return by Dinah McCall (Sharon Sala): 4.25/5

I can't do a coherent synopsis, so here are the main facts that I would put in my summary if I write one:

- the Blairs and Joslins families have hated each other for years. Not ordinary hatred, a hatred so profound that they find ways for the other family members to have "accident"
- Fancy Joslin and Turner Blair fell in love when they were kids. When Fancy got pregnant, they married in secret and planned to run away and start a new life.
- Few hours after Fancy gave birth to Catherine, she entrusted her baby to the witch (Annie Fane) and then died, killed by dogs. Tragedy ensued and the three Blair sons are murdered, and another disappears. The only survivor is paralyzed by a stroke.
- Annie Fane runs away with Catherine and raises her.
- 25 years later, Catherine comes back to Camerune to bury Annie and faces the suspicions and supertitions of a whole town. Only Sheriff Luke DePriest is one her side.

All right, so where to start. Seriously, the beginning was so tragic that I couldn't help and cried. I don't want to give it away, but it's really poignant and touching. I liked both Luke and Catherine and I enjoyed how their relationship happened. Both characters are strong and good and everything, but Sharon Sala doesn't overdo it. You know how sometimes, a book has strong characters which override the story/plot... well here, it's really not the case. There is a great balance between characters and story...

Ok, seems my review isn't that great... All I can say is that I've always liked Sharon Sala's books and this is no exception. So if you like her style, don't miss this one. I guess what I like about her books it's that, the romance is subtle and there's always something happening. It's really not characters-driven and you know, it's plausible and no attempt to be extremely funny and so on.


  1. Some books are just hard to write summaries for. You also have your mind on many other things so that is okay too. :) I have not read anything by Sharon Sala, I might try this one.

  2. I don't think I've ever heard of this author before seeing it on your blog ... may have to check it out. I love a good "cry" book!

  3. She was killed by dogs?! O_o

    Good luck on your presentation!!!!! Do tell us how it goes. Oh and, btw, how is that wish list coming along? LOL ~_^

  4. Was your presentation today?!! Well, if it hasn't happened yet, good luck and don't stress out, you'll do great.

    And if it's over, aren't you glad you're done with it?!

  5. Oh darn! Did I miss wishing you luck since it's Wednesday now? If not - good luck. If I did, hope everything went well!!

    And have you ever read Jackson Rule by her? I love that one!

  6. Kris - yeah... you don't know where to start and how to write the summaries so they are still "true" unlike many blurb on the back cover and how not to give anything away. Ah well, point-form is cool anyway! :D

    And you should try Sharon Sala... I highly recommend it :D Out of the Darkness, Perfect Lies and Mimosa Grove are my favorites.

    Zeek - I don't know why she's not more popular... She also writes under the name of Dinah McCall.

    Mailyn - well not exactly killed by dogs... she was weak from childbirth and I think she was also hemorraging.

    I'm giving you guys an update on my presentation in the next post. and my wishlist as well.

    Jennie - Yep, presentation was on Nov. 29. thanx a lot for the encouragements :P

    Kristie - Oh yeah, Jackson Rule was good too :D I just like her style... Chance McCall was good as well :D and thanx for the wishes :D