Thursday, November 09, 2006

Chapters online...

Quick, quick question fellow Canadians: did Chapters/Indigo online take down their "availability in store" feature? Cos unless I'm blind, didn't find it! No!! Why did they do that?!?!?! It was working so well!!! What am I going to do? and wassup with websites today?!? My website to check if manga has arrived is also down. GRRRR... I smell conspiracy :P

Oh, about Indigo... You know, I told you guys that an Indigo was opening soon near my house... WEll I went last Friday, went yesterday... and they're making progress... I think they'll have everything shelved by next week. Which is way too long to wait for. So I'm breaking down my ban on books and I'm going to Chapters later today to buy some :P Actually, to be truthful, I already broke my promises and bought more books... turns out that similarly to Walmart, Zellers also have new books at 25% off and they have a great selection (well better than Walmart)... so of course, couldn't resist.



  1. lmao! I am somewhat doing good at keeping my promise of no new books till I finish the TBR. but it's very very tempting. lol.

  2. Nath: I just checked and it looks like Chapters still has it. You have to click on the actual book and it's on the right hand side "Store Lookup" and then go to "tell you your location."
    And which books did you break your self-imposed ban with :)
    You tried, you tried.

  3. Mailyn - I think that's because you don't have enough time to do all you have to do :D and then, you have so many things to worry about, while me... well not so much :P So are you nearly done with your TBR pile?

    Kristie - Yeah!! It's back. I swear, it was either they took it down for a day or the stupid computer at work doesn't work well!