Friday, November 17, 2006

tired of checking emails...

Hey girls :D

nope, no book review, no new books to share :P I've started London's Perfect Scoundrel, but I'm not done yet :P Probably this week-end.

No, this post is going to be a mini-rant... I'm thinking maybe I should get a personal blog, but don't really feel like it... and anyway, this is a bit book-related. So, what's been up? I've been checking my emails a gazillion time/day this week. Why? Because I'm waiting an email from my supervisor... I sent him an email on Tuesday, and still haven't gotten a reply. Guess what, my presentation is in 2 weeks. Sigh. Major SIGH. I mean, I do understand I'm at the last minute and yeah, he's in France, so there's the time difference... but 3 days! Well according to my prof who got news from my supervisor last week (so I'm guessing he didn't die in the past week), my supervisor found a house... Grr, does this mean he's in the process of moving and he doesn't have internet connection? I hope not.

In addition to this, I went to see if the new Indigo has opened yet. Guess what? It's opening today!!! Youppi! I really got lucky. After seeing that the Indigo wasn't opend yet, I went to eat in a cafe and then, when I came out, I caught 2 employees and asked them. They told me it was opening today, but they were having an event on Sunday where everything in the store will be 15% off. Did I want an invitation? Hell Yes! So the girl took my email, told me that she would send the invitation tonight and I would have it. Guess what? Still didn't get it... now, I'm wondering if you really need the invitation or not? What if I show up on Sunday? Anyway, I'm going to pass by tonight and see if I can get someone to send me another invitation. This really sucks....

Oh by the way, I need some books suggestion :D Everything at 15% off and I'm hoping that with the I-rewards card, I get an additional 10%... that would be 25%!!! with a vast variety of books... so guys, any book I should really invest in? I'm thinking the third book in the Tir Alainn trilogy by Anne Bishop... going to see if they have manga too. Oh, and anyone who read Glasswrights Apprentice by Mindy Klashy? Saw them at the UBS, but wasn't sure if it was good.

anyway, that's it for now... so I'll see you guys latah :D

ps - what does skanky mean?


  1. LOL Nath. Skanky refers to the behaviour of someone who sleeps around. Skanky ho, for example. :P

    I hate waiting for emails myself. And I'm sorry I haven't been around in the evenings this past week, I've been busy. But this weekend I'll be around.

    I don't have any recs for anything new because I haven't read anything new in a long time. But have fun looking around and shopping.

    I'm going to get a chapters card today. I might as well-I spend so much money there, despite my cheap ways. LOL

  2. The bookstore here is having the same sale. It's customer appreciation day. I thought anyways. I think it is only 20 percent off, though. Not sure. All I know is that it is just a way to encourage people to shop there, as far as I know, no invitation is needed. I intend to go...

  3. I'm stopping by Chapters today, so I'll see if the same thing is going on here too.

    And I got a coupon with my book order that just came in. yay. :P

  4. I have never been so glad that anyone doesn't know what skanky means. You are too cute! ^_^

    Skanky is a ho. Think Anita Blake. Sorry Ames, couldn't help it. LMAO. I still love you. :-)

    Books, well, reading slump! I can't rec anything other than Fantasy so, er, yeah. LOL.

    I have my blog with rants and Romance book reviews but that's because I read little Romance so there isn't much I review there.

  5. Have you read Judith Ivory Untie my Heart? Its good. Can never go wrong with that one or the Proposition. How about Marsha Canham? Have you read any of hers? The Iron Rose has got to be one of my favorite 'unusual' romance adventure novels.
    Have fun!

    You can 25% off at Walmart all the time eh?

  6. Bad Girls Don't is my suggestion. The book made me laugh my fanny off.

    I've just about finished all of Lora Leigh's Breed books...they are, umm, not reviewed yet. Sigh. I'm getting to it!! Time is flying right past me this month! EECK!

    Sucks about the email delay. I hope he gets back to ASAP!

  7. Yeah on the new bookstore!

    I can't think of anything to rec either? ::frustrated look::

    I think a mixeture is good too for blogs! That way you pull in different kinds of people. You wouldn't need to seperate if you don't want too...

  8. Whoa Sandie I'm jealous I LOVE the breed series! grrrr Baby! Can't to read the reviews!

  9. Ames - thanx for the definition ^^; It's okay, don't worry. I haven't been on msn either... my sister's been monopolizing the computer.

    What do you mean, get a chapter card? Like the Ireward card or a gift card? it it's the Irewards card, I think it's worth it. At least, for me it is... :D Cos in the end, if you buy a lot of books, you do end up saving a lot of $$ By the way, isn't it cool to get coupons? :P

    Kailana - Right, it's the customer appreciation day. I guess the new Indigo timed their opening with that day so they wouldn't have to do a grand opening day. ah well. However, here, we do need a coupon... but I got it :D Not by email tho... Anyway, I intend to go too :D Hope you'll find books that interest you :D

    Mailyn - blame it on english not being my first language :P Anyway, fantasy is good too Mailyn! I'm um, how you say, expanding my horizons? so trying out more fantasy :D and you know, we LUV your rants so keep them there :D

    Laura - thanx for the recs... going to look out for them. As for Walmart, yeah, 25% off always. but you know, don't envy me, because very little choice available. Envy Kristie... her Walmart sounds really awesome :P

    Sandie - thanx! That book was on my short list already because of your review! Hopefully, they'll have the first book of the series too!

    Zeek - I'm so excited to go! It's kind of stupid, since it's just a bookstore... but yeah, it's almost like X-mas in my head ^^; and that's a good suggestion for the blog, I guess I'll keep it as it is :D